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  1. Thanks, but... im a beginner. I got the gpu gems example working right. That sample is a bit more easy. Mine has a difference, the (K/k) * wave, and the movement both in XY and Z, not just the vertical (z for me). Its just a math thing.
  2. Hi there, I have read some threads here asking a similar question. But the examples are different, or more easy than this. I have tested first the most simple wave and I got the normal working properly. For me this is the case: float k=2.0*3.1416/L; float3 w=sqrt(9.81*k)*t; float theta =dot(K, wp) -w; float2 XY=(K/k)* A * sin(theta ); float Z= A* cos (theta ); return float3(XY.x.x,XY.y, Z); As explained in tessendorf, K is the wind vector and L is lambda. So the question here would be how to derivate this and finally how to get the normal. Thanks!
  3. DavidM

    Paradox Interactive publishing Armored Warfare!

    Congratulations Danny, you have big balls
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