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  1. Hi, Since Microsoft enabled indie developers to target their console as a mean to distribute their games, a lot of the Xbox 360 dashboard updates made it more difficult to find their games by players. A lot of Xbox Live Independent Game developers commented on the issues brought by Microsoft deciding to push indie games visibility deeper and deeper in the navigation hierarchy affecting sales. While I do understand their point, it always has been clear that Microsoft wouldn't consider marketing XBLIG and it would be indies' responsability to market their games. However, since Xbox 360 is a close platform, being able to direct potential customers to your game on their console isn't an easy task as it's very difficult to explain them where to find their game. We still have the ability to direct potential players to the game's product page in the Xbox.com marketplace and ask them to order it and place your game in their Xbox 360 download queue but it isn't as friendly as doing the same directly in their console the same way they'd do with Xbox Live Arcade games or established publishers' games that get a higher visibility in the Dashboard. I therefore brainstormed about this issue and I believe I found an interesting idea to help market games on Xbox 360 that could serve not only indie developers but also the whole game developers ecosystem. I explain this idea on my blog and I'd like to get as much feedback as I can and potentially reach one of the Xbox 360 product managers so they include this simple suggestion in their features list. Here is the link to my blog entry: [url="http://indiefreaks.com/2012/02/07/marketing-games-for-xbox-360-a-suggestion/"]http://indiefreaks.c...0-a-suggestion/[/url] Thanks Philippe Da Silva Indiefreaks studio [url="http://indiefreaks.com"]http://indiefreaks.com[/url]
  2. Making some really good progress with IGF & #SunBurnEngine instancing. But issue with Material getting more light as SceneObjects are added
  3. RT @indiefreaks: Hardware Instancing with #SunBurnEngine R&D for the Indiefreaks Game Framework blog entry just posted http://bit.ly/ey9uc1
  4. I think I have a good abstraction design for #sunburnengine hardware instancing while preserving ease of use. Implementation difficulty: 5/5
  5. Hey, that's what I call customer care: Pivotal Tracker just commented on my blog ;) http://bit.ly/f783rp @MartinCaine
  6. Just released small fix update v0.1.1.0 of the Indiefreaks Game Framework for #xna & #sunburnengine http://indiefreaks.com
  7. Must have: Visual Studio 2010 Shortcuts #xna http://bit.ly/ewwi3n
  8. When can we expect #xna #kinect indie games in such situations http://gizmo.do/dRourR? Would be fun to see people playing it outside :)
  9. Just registered for the Microsoft TechDays 2011 in Paris, France. Focus: #Xna, #WP7 and the Cloud.
  10. Wow! That's cool! Already 45 #xna developers downloaded my IGF library. Quite proud to see some interest :) http://indiefreaks.com
  11. RT @indiefreaks: released version of the Indiefreaks Game Framework for #xna & #sunburn, get it here for free http://bit.ly/byY4BL
  12. Pivotal Tracker will become a paid service on July the 20th 2011 http://bit.ly/byY4BL
  13. Just blogged on my framework's application infrastructure I plan to release to the #xna #sunburn community soon :) http://bit.ly/byY4BL
  14. Windows 7 Update badly communicated? Sure thing :) http://bit.ly/eNYM9p