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  1.     Dungeon Burglars is my first complete game for iOS. It's FREE to download here. An update is already in review and I will continue to update it if any bugs raise their ugly heads. As I said this is my first game and I don't deem it perfect in any way! However I am proud of my achievement, as I have been trying to finish projects since I was a kid and have struggled to maintain focus. I have already made lots of progress into my second project which is another simple concept, but there is a lot less work 'under the hood' than there is in Dungeon Burglars. So this game will be in development for a considerably shorter period. I have learnt a fair amount from a design perspective, and about what game mechanics work and what don't.   Any feedback is welcome and I will take it all on board. I won't be altering the build in response to suggestions as I want to move on and upwards, but if you discover any bugs then let me know and I will do my best to fix them. Again this game is FREE so please give it a go! Also thanks goes to my brother for his bit of testing. -oP
  2. Thanks! No demo yet, by the time I'm ready for a demo it'll be pretty much done anyway. It will be free when released :)
  3. Dungeon Burglars DevLog: 5   So here's a bigger update to my free mobile game in development! If you are new to this then please check out the previous devlogs if you're interested. In short this game is a free quick-to-play mobile game for when you're bored on a commute. You must protect your dungeon and treasure from pesky burglars using traps which you must buy and place. Treasure is therefore your currency and also your 'health'. When you run out of treasure, you lose. This game is all about being frustrated and beating that high score. There will be a set number of levels, so it's possible to win but the high score is the important factor!   So what have I accomplished? Well I have also completed all movement, status effect and death ('fainting') animations and have done some initial balancing; I am quite happy with what I have so far. Thats the short of it, but the video really shows my progress. This time I have made a video with commentary showing off all the burglars and how each trap affects them. Please have a look!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRy3frX4l1o   Next on the agenda: Audio! Build the first few levels Make extra death animations based on what trap dealt the killing blow Any feedback is welcome! Thanks for reading! -oP
  4. Dungeon Burglars DevLog: 4   Hey so this update is a small but significant one in terms of early 'polishing'. I have made animations for the 7 traps and status effects, all of which are simple and pixelly just as nature intended. I am happy with the way it looks at the minute but I need to make progress on the animation of the other burglars and working on the level design (that term may not seem appropriate for this game but I consider the 'design' of each level to be all about balancing and stats). Once I have finished the other enemies I can begin to iron out any balancing kinks and see how the game will actually play - and then I can consider any drastic changes. Fingers crossed it'll turn out the way I hope! See the video for the animations.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJozO6HAxqU   Next on the agenda: The other burglars! Any feedback is welcome! Thanks for reading! -oP
  5. *EDIT: Game Complete!*     Dungeon Burglars is my first complete game for iOS. It's free to download here.   The Wizard-King is bankrupt, and wants to steal your gold to pay his debts! Get ready to defend your dungeon with deadly traps because his army of burglars are on the way!     Dungeon Burglars is a 'manual' tower defence game with a minimalist pixel art graphical style. Gameplay involves buying and placing traps and then tapping to activate them. The normal mode is quite short, so it's perfect for killing time on your commute.     Your treasure is your currency, score and life all in one so try not to spend too much if you want a high score. If burglars steal your treasure, then killing them before they escape will return it to you once you've completed the level.     Play through 12 levels and defeat the thieving Wizard-King. Then try to endure the 'endless-ish' mode!   Thanks for playing!   INITIAL DEVLOG POST:     Project: Dungeon Burglars by www.outlandishpixel.com   Hi guys, I have been working on a quick-to-play/easy-to-lose mobile game for the last couple months. I have just posted my third devlog so I thought I would create this post for future updates. To see the previous updates please see the links below.    Dungeon Burglars is an iOS game currently in development (approximately 30% complete).   This game involves defending your dungeon and treasure against would-be burglars of varying types. It has a simplistic pixel art style and is designed to be a quick to play, easy to lose game involving frustrating, yet enjoyable gameplay. Burglars will attack in progressively faster and more numerous waves with occasional random bonus rounds. Burglars will vary in type and some will be resistant or immune to certain traps. Traps will be bought and placed by the player to defend your dungeon. Once all your treasure has been taken you lose the game. This means your 'health' is also your in game currency, so an element of strategy is needed.   This latest video shows a demonstration of purchasing & placing the 7 traps used to stop burglars from stealing your treasure. These burglars add 10 treasure to your total when killed, but when they get to the right hand side they steal 100 pieces of treasure then attempt to escape to the entrance. Burglars that are killed before they escape will drop the treasure stolen and it will return to your total at the end of the level. All assets are subject to change, game balance and spawn rates shown are for demonstration purpose.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tmsr1LpXgME   To see the previous devlogs and chatter please look at the many links in my sig, many thanks in advance -oP