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  1. What is best for me?

    Noted, Tom, sorry for that @ Cummunist Duck Yes, i am very aware that taking only Game Design / Dev wont guarantee me in the Industry, i am, trust me and i do understand that there's more than the " i have passion in games and like games " Honestly, [font="arial,helvetica,sans-serif"][size="2"]Though I haven't always known that I wanted to create video games for a career, although i have been thinking of it since i was 13 or 14, playing games has been one of my passions for as long as I can remember, and it's the only thing i like to do, i like analyzing games that i play with my 2 big brother, [/size][/font][font="arial,helvetica,sans-serif"][size="2"]we talked about everything from storylines to gameplay dynamics, and i always have ideas that i would love to implement on a certain games, and even i have created many stories for my dream MMO, and yes i have this obsess on making my own MMO Also, i agree, there are many things i can take other than the specific Game Dev / Design Course, which might also take me into the Industry, but let say i am using this opportunity for me to be able to understand and operate my own Indie Studio in my Country where there are less than 2 available at this time around, and the game Industry here is wayyy behind US and Europe, though it's growing. I wont know what will the outcome be, but while i have my parents backing up my dream job and giving me some funds to go study, i feel that i should take it, even if it's the only shot that i've got i was about the same age as you when i wanted to jump into this industry, even younger, i was 13, but my parents were still not very supportive about my career path, and called it bullshit, but now that i am 21, i feel that i must execute it as i have been wasting a lot of years doing what i didnt like. in the end, the decision is in my hand, but my original intention is to ask which of the following school that i listed, would you take, and why would you take it based on your perspective ? Thanks [/size][/font]
  2. What is best for me?

    Guys, anyone? i just want to know what would people choose, please help =)
  3. What is best for me?

    Ok, i have another question, it's just to see what people will choose You are only given 1 chance to take a Game Design Degree, and only 1! which of those 6 schools would you take? and why ? lets not go for the sloperama's article, i just want to know your choice of the school that i listed, which one would you go? thanks =)
  4. What is best for me?

    Thank you Frob that is one amazing piece of compilation of all the answer to questions that even i never think about!!
  5. Hello Gamedev! 1st of all sorry if this is not in the right place, but i do believe that beginners starts here! Anyway, before i ask you guys the question i am about to ask, i think i should just explain a bit about myself of what i want to do. Well to get started, i still have not decide as whether to take a Game Design Course or Game Development, because as a person and a gamer who really have an interest in Games and it's community, my wishful plan is to create a 2d and 3d games for Mobile and Web platforms, as the market for Web and Phone is rapidly growing, i feel that it's a challenge for me to enter this industry as a game enthusiast, to be able to participate and know how to in making better games as well as to learn it's mechanic, and to improvise the current genre, we are all gamers, we have passion for games, but making games is another level of challenge for me, which is what i have never done before and hope to create my own game for other people to play, be it on Web, Phones or Console, or even PC. so i am not sure which course is right for me, a Game Design, or Game Development? Also, just for reference, i do have a 3D Animation background in me, as i have took College for 3D Animation back in 2008 and have worked for several Local Animation Studio for International Clients. i dont know if having an Animation background would benefit me on a Game career. Ok, so after a thorough search, i have filtered and listed down the possible School that i might take It is: [url=""][/url] or [url=""]http://www.fullsail....logy-PPE%202110[/url] or [url=""][/url] or [url=""]http://recordingarts...rse-description[/url] or and [url=""][/url] ----- Ok, some of you might ask me why i didn't include Digipen and Tribeca Flashpoint, well, the reason is simply because of Budget, and the length of the course for Digipen, and as for Tribeca, they cant accept International student yet Ok with that 6 college i listed, which one according to you, experts, are the best for me to take? because i honestly dont know which one to take, which course out of the 6 list i give, will allow me able to make a Complete game from the Course? like from Zero to a Finished Products like let say, i take Fullsail's Game Development, will i be able to make a Web/Mobile games as opposed to the one the Recording Arts Canada offer? please, i need some guide, this will be a very vital decision in my Life, this is my only chance to enter this Industry, My Parents are only going to give this one chance with that huge tuition fee, and i cant afford to take the wrong Course I hope you guys can help me! Thank You! Oh, if you guys have another recommendation of Game School for me, go ahead, it will be much appreciated, and i could even expand my choices!