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  1. [b]iPad 2 A5 Chip and SIO2[/b] With the arrival of the new iPad 2, new frontiers can now be reached! We had the the opportunity to test the whole SDK on the platform and it works great with a huge performance boost! In addition, special modifications and optimization have been made to SIO2 v2.0.11 (and up) to extract the most from the power of the new iPad 2 A5 chip. Theses changes are now available and included inside the latest version of the SIO2 SDK, accessible from our "SDK Download" section inside your SIO2 Developer Control Panel.
  2. SIO2 News: SIO2 v2.x Exporter for Blender v2.56a is available for download! Since now the Blender v2.5x Python API are near stable, it was time to port the good old Blender v2.49b exporter to the new and amazing version of Blender v2.5x. You can grab your copy of the exporter in attachment to this forum post: http://forum.sio2interactive.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1151 as it is currently maintained on the forum and will be integrated as a part of the next SIO2 SDK revision that should be out soon. An online manual is also available, please take note that there is quite a few changes compare to the Blender v2.49b version, make sure you read the manual before porting your SIO2 Scene to the latest Blender version.
  3. Hey Guys, I'm writing this post to give some news about [url="http://sio2interactive.com"]SIO2 Engine[/url] if you are interested: First of all, the new version 2.0 was released about 2 month ago. It's a complete reconstruction of the core API with alot more features and it performs alot faster too. For details you can visit the [url="http://sio2interactive.com"]SIO2 Engine Website[/url]. Then a couple of new tools were released in the past weeks. There is the SIO2 Live, which is a real time TCP/IP protocol that allows you to "Live Edit" your scene, so no more back and forth export! And there is the Maya Exporter to export the scene using Maya, one more option than using Blender. And the last tool is the Mac Appstore migration kit, which is to help migrate SIO2 iOS applications to the new released Mac App Store. And now the Android platform integration is on the way. Hope you find this post useful. Thanks!
  4. Unity

    You should definitely check out the [url="http://sio2interactive.com"]SIO2 Engine[/url]! A cross platform 2D/3D game engine framework uses OpenGL ES as its core to deliver fast graphics and provide all the modern game engine functionalities. You can use this engine to develop on MacOS and/or Windows. http://sio2interactive.com