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  1. Regardless if you manage to get away with it or not, do you really want to risk it being shut down?   Imagine you work on this for a year, and then release it, and then be forced to take it down. All your hard work for nothing.   This is one of the reasons it will be difficult to recruit good members for a project like this.
  2. Over 2 and a half years ago I saw a post here on gamedev; a small indie studio was looking for programmers for their MMORTS. I had recently quit my former job, so I contacted them to learn more about it. The project sounded promising and I joined immediately.   It has been tough, but today we are very close to release. We just need a little help to fund the last phase of development.   Please go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2122031929/novus-aeterno-a-true-aaa-mmorts and support us!
  3. The overall scheme sounds good, but do NOT put toggle weapon on R3. It is likely to happen, and most likely to happen in tense situations. That is also when switching weapon would be most devastating. Sprint on L3 is alright, because I don't think it would be a problem if the player accidentally sprinted a bit.
  4. RPG/Simulation game idea ("Life Expected")

    I think it's a great idea. My interpretation of this is a game a little like Fable, but bigger and more complex, and with no main goal. "You can do whatever you want" kind of game. Work a little , slay stuff, buy houses etc., create a family. I like the fact that the player is not "the chosen one". As you said you face severe technical adversity. At least you are aware of that. There are too many out there who has the best game idea ever, which often is more or less impossible to make. I would love to play this kind of game. Go for it!
  5. My game ideas

    [quote name='Cap'n VG' timestamp='1301655955' post='4792993'] Well becoming famous as a game designer is one thing.But also obtaining a career in game design is also another thing, and I want players to play my game.I'm very confident that If I had a team that can understand me, then I can make real great games, but the thing is after I've asked for a team, many members stated that I should train myself in creative writing and hone my skills.Can a college degree train me in that? or should I go to game design schools? I've got lots of ideas and I feel them coming to me when I dream.[/quote] As others have said, it is extremely difficult to get people to join you because you have an idea. My tip is to write a complete GDD (game design document) of your best idea, post a "Help Wanted" thread (and follow the template), and hope that people join you. Or you can post the design document here and hope to get feedback. A degree can help you improve your skills and maybe get a job, but I don't think it's needed to get a team here. Read a lot of other GDDs, read and watch "game design tutorials". I've seen some freely available university lecture videos. www.sloperama.com has a lot of information. Just keep at it!
  6. Free Game Music for developers!

    Thank you very much for sharing. I've only had time to listen to some of them, but they are really good. I might use some in my upcoming game.