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  1. Need savings on your electric or gas bill? Contact me for more details! $$$
  2. Looks like ill never be able to achieve this... Moving on
  3. 10-20 years? 15-30? an entire life time (Which the acomplishment of an entire fps now wouldn't be anything then...) Just wondering . A game like bf3.
  4. I need some advice

  5. I need some advice

    None of the links work on that page so i can't really get any info out of it. Thanks anyways.
  6. I need some advice

    I want to attempt to make an isometric based game. I sooner or later would like to also make a isometric online community (Sort of like habbo or any other isometric game you can think of). The problem is I have no past experience in any of this. I want to build it in C# the only language i've ever tried was python but didn't get too far with it. I've only copied examples out of books none of it was my own. So I guess you can say all I know about real programming is the logic that goes into it. I know it takes time to build what I want to build. I know I'm not going to be able to do this for maybe years but i would like to atleast get some book names maybe for C# that could help me begin programming it. I have all the necessary tools to start. Just don't know where to start. Please help
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