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  1. HighTreason

    Critique this Trailer, please

    Thanks Michael. Your comment has been the only really useful one I have gotten anywhere so far to be honest. It gave me a new perspective on what kind of trailer I might make. I did look at numerous trailers for adventure games on Steam, and even modeled the one above closely after one of them in particular. However, I hadn't thought of looking at Telltale games trailers even though I am a fan of their work. One thing that Telltales Games has that I do not have is a large following already in existence, and because they only make games based on existing IPs, they have that following as well, so they basically always have a built-in guaranteed audience for their games. Their trailers need not show very much about what the game will be like, because everyone already knows. Their trailers are basically just reminders about the game for people who already plan to buy it. Also my games do actually have a game to play while Telltale really just makes minimally interactive stories. That said, it is an interesting perspective to consider that maybe the most powerful trailer is not several short clips from the game as I have in my current trailer but actually a longer clip of only one scene. In that way the pacing and timing and real feel of the game can be portrayed. I think I'll probably make such a trailer and see what people think of it. Thanks again
  2. HighTreason

    Critique this Trailer, please

    Thanks for your opinion. If you have time, would you mind elaborating on why you believe I am not ready to submit to a publisher at this time? Is this simply because of the VO quality and after getting that recorded more professionally then it would be ready? Are there other reasons you believe this to be the case? Other than the recording quality of the VO, I don't see any other critiques of this actual video in your original reply. Thanks for your time.
  3. HighTreason

    Critique this Trailer, please

    Thanks for your comments. You're right that the video doesn't attempt to answer any of those questions. In fact, I think it would be a terrible idea to put that information in video format. That sort of thing is better written down. This is supplementary material to give them an idea of the game. I will keep your comments in mind when writing up the pitch though. You are right that it is a point and click comedy adventure game that is a surrealist parody of dungeon games and the genre of fantasy in general. I think it's a good sign that you have correctly gotten the gist of the game from the trailer. All the dialog for the game hasn't been finalized, so it doesn't make sense to have the VO professionally recorded yet. I would hope any sensible publisher would understand that. It seems to be your contention that they would not? In that case, do you think it would be better to not send a trailer at all and just a text description?
  4. I am at the point where I am looking for publishers for my upcoming game series. I have created a trailer to show to potential publishers along with the pitch to gain their interest in publishing the game. Keeping in mind that the trailer is aimed at potential publishers, I'd love any critiques on it before I start sending it out. Thank you!
  5. HighTreason

    Is this idea too offensive ?

    As others have implied, I wouldn't be as concerned about it being too offensive as I would that it is too unoriginal. There are already plenty of games out there like this, some having been mentioned in previous replies. There's even a game where you're the Columbine killers and the objective is to kill as many students and teachers as possible before time runs out and you kill yourself. In fact I think there's even another one that's more of an RPG made in RPGmaker or something. So, yeah, worse has already been done. Whether or not you can get in any legal trouble for it completely depends on what country you're in, but as long as you're in a reasonably free country, I wouldn't be too concerned about that.
  6. HighTreason

    Sharing my ideas

    My opinion is that Spool's opinion isn't actually an opinion but rather a belief (there is a big difference between a belief and an opinion) ;-P
  7. HighTreason

    heart-wrenching historical event simulator

    Narrative-based story-focused games are in fashion right now, so you're in luck. However, most of these games... well... suck. There are certainly some notable games that stand out for not sucking, but it's a very hard thing to do well. When you set out to make the story the main focus and the gameplay only secondary, your story and characters better be damn good and exceptionally well written. Besides just being poorly written, one mistake this type of game often makes is being too heavy-handed. You can't cram empathy down people's throats. For this reason, your example of Auschwitz makes me cringe. It sounds far too easy to make this too heavy-handed. Tackling current events problems sounds more promising to me, but you better be very, very familiar with the issue from all sides to pull it off, or else you risk just making a propaganda piece. Also, I agree with Freefly that i would not make this a 1st person game. Maybe make 1st person an option? Everyone has different opinions, but for me making it first person would do the exact opposite of what you want. games in 1st person further remove me from them, make me feel less connection because I can't see my character, it's like I'm a floating observer. Think about it, movies are all about creating a connection between the character and the audience. A movie that fails to do that is a failure no matter what else it does well. Yet how many movies have been made in 1st person view? Because your games are historical pieces based mainly around story you would have to be very careful to get all the historical details right. Much more so than if your game was more fictional or more focused on game play so people could more easily ignore inaccuracies. So you are open to a lot of criticism there too if you get it wrong. In conclusion, your idea is not a bad one, and even follows a certain current fad for games that are very light on gameplay and instead story-focused. But there are a lot of things you have to be careful of, and it can be hard to get right. However, if you do get it right, it could be a great experience.
  8. HighTreason

    Looking for Game Testers

    I have no idea if this is where this goes, but I can't find a better place. I have written an online poker game, and need people to help test it. It is pre-beta stage at the moment. There are likely to be tons of bugs. I have been putting together testing games once a week on Tuesdays at 9:30 PM Eastern US time. It would be awesome if people who understand game development, software development/testing, and poker would be willing to come to the weekly games and help test. Looking for true bugs and also suggestions about usability and so forth. The site is but the site itself is only minimally functional as I am concentrating on getting the game itself working correctly. PM if you are interested and give me your email address as all communication about the test games will be through email.   Thanks, Vance
  9. HighTreason

    Opinions on my game features

      That's the good thing about The Sims. there are lots of different play styles available so it can interest different kinds of players. I certainly don't go around killing off sims. In fact, I'm often a little sad when they die. :-( But that's life. I just recently had a guy die right on stage right after just getting married and having a new baby. It was very sad. I had such plans for him, but now he's dead. But life moves on. Now his son is a successful private investigator and has a girlfriend he intends to marry soon, and life is good. It's the ups and downs that make the game for me.   Personally, I do a few things every time I install it. 1. Turn off all occult types and set the moon to be one phase to avoid that full moon silliness. 2. Install the nraas Story Progression mod so my NPC sims actually do reasonable things with their lives. 3. Install nraas Mover mod so sims that leave home and become the new active family don't take all the family's money with them. They take a reasonable percentage. 4. Sometimes install the nraas Traveler mod so they can visit other neighborhoods on vacation, but this mod breaks the Into the Future expansion :-( 5. Sometimes install the nraas Woohooer mod so adult sims can date and woohoo with teens, and sims can enter the prostitute profession as well as provides the possibility for accidental pregnancy.
  10. HighTreason

    Opinions on my game features

      That's why it's the job of the developer to not give them possibilities they shouldn't have, hence that whole conversation. Anyway, this is not the type of game it is possible to win anyway. There are no levels, no points, no win criteria whatsoever. It's a sim game.     Indeed. That's why it seems that random characters and no inter-character breeding is the best option.     Maybe, maybe not. But then it would be really boring if I just designed games that have already been made now wouldn't it? What would be the point of that? The fun of making games is to try out new and interesting things. If I wanted to retread old ground, I'd just play games that already exist.
  11. HighTreason

    Slavers in Caveman - what if you're captured?

      Cave people did not have slaves. It is theorized that they would sometimes capture members of other tribes, but those people were eventually integrated as full members of the new tribe.
  12. HighTreason

    My Post-Apocalyptic Life - Game Design Document

    @zebrakiller: I'll try to type up an overview and post it when I get the chance although what I'm looking for now is really for people who want to invest a little bit of time reading through it and spotting glaring problems with the game which would be hard to do from an overview. But I realize there aren't many people who are going to be willing to dedicate the time to do that for some stranger on a forum. :-)   @ivan.spasov: Thanks for your comments. I will be sure to add those things on my next pass. I knew there were things very clear in my head that I forgot to write down. A lot of the reason I posted it here is so people can tell me what I am missing, so thanks. I'll answer your questions here as well as put them in the next document.   is it a 2D or a 3D game? What is your navigation tool inside the game world - are you using a first person camera, are you going for an over-head position with a point-and-click control scheme or is it something totally different ? It is a 3D game. 3rd person RPG style. So WASD for movement. Mouse pointer for selecting and interacting with items.   How is the player going to transition from states? If states means modes, then simply by pressing a key. Not sure of the default key bindings for this yet. maybe F1, F2, F3 or something like that.   How will the player be able to interact with intractable stuff? Usually by clicking to select the item and choosing the interaction from the action bar.   Another thing I was really missing in your document was the basis of the atmosphere, look, feel and aesthetics of the entire world. This is planned for another document. This document is how the systems will operate. The story and look and feel will be separate. It might not even be written by me if anyone else joins me and is better at that kind of thing. I'm more of a systems guy. But in short, the world has been in shambles for generations. No one has any hope that things will return to "how they used to be" or even has any memory of how they used to be, maybe they've heard stories. The objective is to be happy right now with what is available, build your own place in the world and your own friends and family. Hope comes from within. There will be small towns and nature mostly.   You should really add the platform that you are striving to develop for as well as your target audience. The target platform is computers: Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. Client will be downloadable. Target audience is people who like games like Wurm and A Tale in the Desert but find they don't have enough action or want more clear goals. Also possibly people who like The Sims but wish it were more difficult and/or multi-player. Ultimately, the game is for somewhat serious gamers who like a challenging game and are willing to put time into it, which is not a huge audience I know, but a dedicated one if the game gets their attention.   Of course this game isn't going to be made any time soon. It's far too complex. But it's my dream game. Well, the first version of my dream game. I have even more stuff in mind that I cut out because it was already so complex. :-)
  13. Hello!   Well, here it is. The game design document I have been working on obsessively for over a week now. I realize there are a few holes still left to be filled. Some of them will be filled on the fly and some will be filled in as a I think of them and hopefully some can be filled in by suggestions from helpful folks like yourselves.   I know it's long and involved, but I would be very appreciative if people want to take a look at it and give me some feedback. Does it seem like a game you might want to play? What seems fun about it? What aspects do not seem very fun. What needs to be better thought-out or changed? etc etc.   I also know the name is kind of goofy and will probably be changed. If you have any suggestions for that, send 'em along. :-)   This game is about overcoming the challenges of living in a post-apocalyptic world. It is designed to be challenging and therefore maybe not designed for the casual gamer in mind. Although I hope it's tons of fun.   The specific numbers given through this document are starting points and the real numbers will be determined by testing and creating a balance between fun and challenge.   I hope some people will read it and give me some advice on how to make it the awesome game I envision it being.   Thanks!
  14. HighTreason

    Opinions on my game features

      Interesting. I've never heard of anyone doing that although I'm sure there are some people who do (especially since you mention it). Wouldn't it get really really boring? It would basically just make it the same as The Sims 1 which was fun for a little while and then got old after a while and you'd have to just start a new family.
  15. HighTreason

    Continuous Play Experience

      So... um... sorry what are the supposed advantages of this way of doing things? It sounds like pretty much exactly what you could do right now if you were silly enough to not want your computer to be located at the place where you use your computer...
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