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  1. ForbiddenX

    Windows 8 Game Development

    Thanks! I'll definitely take a look at marmalade as well! The perks are very interesting ;)
  2. ForbiddenX

    Windows 8 Game Development

    Awesome, thanks for the explanation.    I may choose to go with MonoGame as it seems like it would give me better practice and a better understanding of making my own engine. I don't mind spending the time trying to write my own since it'll be good practice!   Are there any suggestions between other than MonoGame or Unity? 
  3. Hey guys,   It's been a while since I've been doing game dev but I've decided to get back into it. I've mostly been doing webapps, and mobile apps but have done some game dev in the past.    I am looking at creating a 2D side scrolling game for Windows 8 and was wondering what engine would be best to do it in? I'm leaning towards either MonoGame or Unity. Any other suggestions are welcome   I'm pretty comfortable in developing in any language but may need to ramp up a lot with C/C++.    Thanks!  
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