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  1. http://t.co/ITzyYLBV had a lot of boardgames for 1.50 this morning each. I picked up Thurn & Taxis, Ad Astra, 2 de Mayo and a couple more.
  2. Why Bundles and Steam Sales Aren't Good for Most Indie Developers: http://t.co/fAJDOf83
  3. Woohoo, our Kickstarter is on the IGDA website: http://t.co/ts12dugu
  4. Just want to say thanks to those who have donated thus far! We're working on an update now for the Kickstarter video to improve it.
  5. Hey! Guess who has his very own Facebook page now? It's Auro! http://t.co/8C4dsKYx
  6. Our kickstarter has LAUNCHED! Please support us, and tell some friends! http://t.co/BZrHEL0k
  7. My Destructoid article covering the PRACTICE event went up today: http://t.co/tPJWMsuR
  8. Some UI design tips for those of you designing iOS or Android games! Also an AURO SCREENSHOT! http://t.co/tO3V9hCf
  9. DinofarmGames

    Idea to App Store in ONE week

    I think that's just what the app stores need. More throwaway trash that's made in a week. Am I the only one who's tired of all the high-quality? I say nevermind a week, we should be pumping out 2-3 iOS apps PER DAY, minimum. We can do it as long as it's just a single screen with a red button that increases a number.
  10. We're looking for a programmer for AURO! Anyone interested? jobs@dinofarmgames.com!
  11. Our new game, "Auro" has been announced over at Pocket Gamer! http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Android/Auro/news.asp?c=28766
  12. Version 2.5 is coming soon, with lots of goodies! Keep an eye out!
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