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  1. Balancing game development stuff with marketing and web development is... hard! Much harder than I thought it'd be!
  2. I find it funny to talk to less-than-stellar developers about things that they stubbornly refuse to acknowledge. Like why we all can't run Crysis on that '07 laptop your grandma bought you with a GMA-chipset... okay, no, it's just annoying...
  3. Working hard on getting the website 100% functional now... going to be a very long day!
  4. So it would seem we've entered the Year of DOOM -- hopefully, we will recall this event as "glorious" while time ceases to exist and our bodies are transformed into esoteric particles.
  5. Merry christmas to you all and happy holidays! :)
  6. Great, half my journal entry was just wiped out for no apparent reason while I was finishing up by a "database error". UGH.
  7. DarklyDreaming

    First BETA Test Session Results!

    Stockholm?! Hell yeah! Come right to my doorstep, we'll make sure to visit your booth :-)
  8. Having fun with breakable actors in Unreal... wondering if I'm going to have to use APEX; was going to, but didn't think breakable actors were this customizable...and good.
  9. I think our mail server has problems... missed two e-mails from the tax man and another one from PSN. Strange.
  10. DarklyDreaming

    Why Small Companies Succeed

    Good advice. Game development favours parallelism in the development cycle; interdependency introduces a big communicate hurdle if you constantly have to check "are you doing this? 'Cus I'm doing [i]THAT[/i]" kind of thing. So, yeah, smaller teams certainly get a big boon from not having to deal with that particular problem set. However, manpower does have it's advantages and, if used correctly, you [i]will [/i]be able to do [i]more [/i]and [i]faster[/i] than if you had a smaller team. The obvious conclusion is that you don't get things done "easier" if you have more people working on it, but you can get [i]more [/i]if you can get several people working on multiple (different) parts simultaneously. Motivation is a given whether it's the paycheck or the game itself that provides it - I would agree that the latter motivates innovative behaviour more often than not (which small companies often find useful; larger companies rather want work churned out than argumentive employees trying to 'change stuff').
  11. Shipment of iPhone 4S:s delayed due to "technical error"...oh, THIS is going to be fun. Let's hope it doesn't take another four weeks! :x
  12. Zero doesn't make "threats" - he just makes very accurate "predictions" and once he does, he's never wrong.
  13. Good programmers don't boast... they deliver.
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