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  1. I got Eror(]No matching signatures to ... )with this code. why it's not working? class IInt{ ... virtual void regFunctions(asIScriptEngine*_engine)=0; ... }; class Core:public Iint{ ... virtual void regFunctions(asIScriptEngine*_engine){         Warning("regFunctions");         int r;         //         //!Logging         //         r = _engine->RegisterGlobalFunction("void LogPrintf(const string val)", asFUNCTION(ScriptLogPrintf), asCALL_CDECL); assert( r >= 0 );         r = _engine->RegisterGlobalFunction("void Warning(const string val)", asFUNCTION(ScriptWarning), asCALL_CDECL); assert( r >= 0 );         r = _engine->RegisterGlobalFunction("void Debug(const string val)", asFUNCTION(ScriptDebug), asCALL_CDECL); assert( r >= 0 );         r = _engine->RegisterGlobalFunction("void Error(const string val, bool val)", asFUNCTION(ScriptError), asCALL_CDECL); assert( r >= 0 );        }; }; class Engine:public Core{ ... virtual void regFunctions(asIScriptEngine*_engine){Core::regFunctions(this->mASEngine)} } };
  2. [b]LibName: Squal[/b] [b]Russian Site: [/b][url="http://astralax.ru/projects/squall"]go[/url] [b]Samples: [url="http://astralax.ru/projects/squall/example"]Playing MP3 file(C++)[/url][/b] [b] [/b] [b][code] 1)Free 2)Simple API 3)support wav,mp3,ogg 4)Support Creative EAX™ 5)C++ and Delphi versions[/code][/b] [b] [/b] [b]Download: [/b] [b]1)Version [url="http://astralax.ru/download/programm/squall_1_48.zip"]1.4.8[/url][/b] [b]2)Version [url="http://astralax.ru/download/programm/squall_1_47.zip"]1.4.7[/url][/b] But all documentation and site in Russian Lang. [b]LibName:Caudio[/b] [b]Site and src(English): [url="http://sourceforge.net/projects/caudio/"]go[/url][/b]
  3. Hi,guys I'm a novice in shader programming,and i have some problems with porting shader on sdk 2010 from 2007 fragment: [code] float4x4 textureProjection = {1,0,0,0, 0,-1,0,0, 0,0,0,0, 0.5f,-0.5f,0,1}; float4 GetSpotProjection(in float4 Pos, in float3 LDir) { float tileVal = tProjectionTile/2.f; textureProjection[0][0] = tileVal; textureProjection[1][1] = tileVal; float4x4 mat2 = mul(LightProjection,textureProjection); return mul(LDir,mat2); }[/code] I get error x3025-"global variables are implicitly constant" [code]on fragment textureProjection[0][0] = tileVal;[/code] I not want use "compatible mode"(i want use new SM models),but i want fix this error,can you help me?-Thanks In this is moment I try compile in SM3 and SM2
  4. Flash GUI in Direct3D

    [quote name='Evil Steve' timestamp='1296661091' post='4768536'] It doesn't matter if it's an indie game or not, it's still illegal to pirate software. And advocating has earned you a warning level increase. [/quote] IMHO:\/ use abstract thought. if company not agree with use product in project they contact with team. If team need get Eval-they contact with company and in email agree with license/ correcting for individual Why you is very correct on Copyright? For Example: I have Unreal Engine 3 source ->i use this is engine only for my NOT commercical projects-this is my right,udk me not interested.=if i not get money=i not have problems-i dont have publisher,not share Engine src and etc. If i not right.please correct me
  5. Flash GUI in Direct3D

    [quote name='Madhed' timestamp='1296653144' post='4768474'] ...and illegal. I'm not sure about the forum rules but maybe you should stop promoting pirating around this board. If one can't afford to buy a product there are always cheaper alternatives out there. [/quote] [quote]-if your team get publisher-buy him. [/quote] For indie games it's not important-you not get money-no problems
  6. Flash GUI in Direct3D

    [quote name='sipickles' timestamp='1296643761' post='4768413'] [quote name='nikgastovski' timestamp='1296630658' post='4768364'] why not use gameswf/scaleform?[/quote] Thanks for the suggestions. I had come across Scaleform but its very expensive. Not heard of gameswf before. Looks good but not in active development - a bit of a turn off but I'll give it a try. Any others out there? [/quote] maybe you will use pirate edition?-if your team get publisher-buy him. Or you get evaluation kit-and will find keygen I dont know how in Europe,but In Russia it is normal practice
  7. OpenGL Target OpenGL version

    i selected OGL2-3.3 - in my Geforce9800, not supported 4x
  8. Flash GUI in Direct3D

    mmm,why not use gameswf/scaleform? i bad speaking English,and not all lines in message was reading
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