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  1. thanks guys for your suggestion ..    I am creating this using OOP approach ... my main concern was how to create and handle multiple maps         agreed. also, potentially, for a 2D game, creating a level editor might be a learning experience or help give ideas for how to structure the game proper. a few questions to try to answer in advance: does it use tiles or polygons? what sorts of things can go on in the world? will it be side-view, top-down, or isometric? how will things like enemies spawn? ...     blueshogun96 , I really liked your idea of creating a level editor but could everything be done within 2 months . well the game will contain 3d objects viewed from top and have orthographic projection  and the movement will be in 2d sorry , my mind gets mess up when I think whether i call it 3d or 2d game  . it  but yeah that's the type of game i am creating ryt know .      
  2. hi guys , I am programming a 2-d game in c++ using opengl gfx . the game I am developing will contain a lot levels to be precise maps . can anyone advise me some nice way of creating them ? One thing I thought was to put all the levels information in one class (i.e. where to put walls or doors) then pass it to class where the evironment will be created  . or can we use Blender to create the maps ? I would love to hear your thoughts ....   thank you.