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  1. I am one of the creators of journey east, a browser based rpg game!  We are currently in beta and looking for testers.   In order to play please visit.   You should see a yellow box and a load game button, type a username into the yellow box and hit load game!   If you have any bugs/suggestions please go to and post on our forums.   This game is networked so we are going to add multiplayer battles and pvp coming soon.     Thanks for looking
  2. really nice graphics, i had to stop playing because its only running at 8fps on my computer.
  3. Hi,   I met a few people from gamedev and we are creating a web rpg. I am just posting here to keep people updated and possibly get some feedback on the project.   We have been working on this for a while, not sure what date it started but here is the technology we are using   Technology    -Flash, (As3), all info loaded from xmls.    -Server (java), smartfoxserver    -Data Layer, nosql, Couchbase   Server runs on ubuntu linux      Keep in mind a lot of the art is still being revamped, and there are placeholder/unfinished art in game.   Game Objective           - Level up your generals, grow your generals to make your character better.           - Quest through the map to obtain experience and items etc...           - Basic rpg objects, but providing a more customized user experience with unique abilities and battles.           - Cooldown based combat like WOW, not turn based.   Starting the Game You start off the game as a commander, so you can choose an insignia when creating your character, and a commander name.         - (character creation screenshot)   Main Map /Questing The Main Map area has chat for world chat, and links to the general and shop page.         - (Main map screenshot)   Questing is started by clicking a node on the main map which initiates a conversation if this is your first time into the area. (conversation screenshot)   General Setup/Inventory Each of Your generals can have their own equipment setup.  Each of the generals also have 4 abilities which can be changed from a pool of abilities available for that general. After level 20, there is a plan to create classes which will allow a general to unlock new abilities after he levels up.   Game Battles    -Start a battle by clicking on a node from the submap.    - Click the green "fight" button    -You will be sent to a general selection screen where you can choose to battle with up to 3 of your generals. (Quest node menu) (General Selection)   Click Your ability you would like to fight with, then select the enemy you would like to attack. Abilities are all based on cooldown, so battles are not turnbased but just based on the cooldown. (Battle Screenshot)
  4. Browser game programming languages

    Hi, I would actually not recommend using javascript because you will run into a lot of browser compatibility issues that need to be ironed out before you can really have a cross browser game. Flash definitely helps solve this problem and gives you a much better coding environment that javascript can provide. The company i just work for released a game similar to what you describe, and it took 4+ months with atleast 12 people working on it. Im sure you could get a prototype up by yourself and not have a problem it really depends on what features you need. There are a variety of socket server you could use such as electroserver and there are a few other options out there. If your worried about price could build your own server using apache Mina or Red5 which is open source but that will take more effort. Hope this helps... (javascript can be very good for games and i have seen it uses but for heavy tweening and artwork it takes a toll)