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    Lua scripting woes

    Things like this are why I have a love/hate relationship with Lua. You might want to add validation checks for your function arguments and throw errors when something goes wrong. You'll want your host application to print out the call stack on errors so you can track down where the problem occurred. Ultimately, though, you need to exercise all your code (whether at runtime or as part of a test framework) to make sure everything is sound. The problems you're experiencing seem common to all dynamically-typed languages (including JavaScript) since there's fewer ways for the language to help you out than with statically-typed languages (like C). I don't think there's an easy solution aside from being careful with your code and disciplined with testing. Dynamically-typed languages usually work great for small things but start getting harder to use as projects grows in scope. (Background: I worked on several commercially-released titles that used Lua extensively and added Lua scripting to an older game as part of an unofficial patch.)
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