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    I have a game story current in my mind. When I think about it I don't write down cause the words will not come out correct. And sometimes I can see the movement of the character, but i haven't or can't define who there are. Sometime I walk around to get idea for this story. ~ RPG Project ~ Elementium: ???? ---------- This is world where a race of beings came into the world. This race was call Elemtium there people born from the certain element with a birthmark will give off. They look human, however, the elements can give a physical or nature change with them. Each birthmark will look different to the each race element, not one will look the same. The fantasy world timeline I dont know yet because it hasn't reach me. After the elementium came into this world there was some wars and some country welcome the race. Then they were welcome to the world and ruins that not been discovered been open. Later after those event there were some that were not please with it and create group which grew to the point where they create chaos where ever they been searching for something. This is what affect these five individual character that I want to use for this story. Each character is soldier, princess, medic, history teacher(with a hidden agenda), and a fighter. The main character the soldier she wants avenges for what this group has taken her parent lives. The other characters beside her were effect in different ways princess had to go become someone else cause of fear that the group will get her like they killed her mother. Tentative - Elementium: ???? ----------------- Part 2 - That I am not do that one, but its a continue Introducing three new character. Tentative - Elementium: ???? ---------------- Part 3 - The Finale All the character from part 1 and 2 are in.
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