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  1. Hi, I have been working hard to bring some hand drawn textures to the community. Something I hope I will continue doing for awhile. the address is   www.sli-ts.net   And feel free to click a texture, download and use, I would only like SLI in part of the credits     PS- Not all links work yet, about half do
  2. Galgore_Graphics

    Indie studio logo feedback

    I love the last one, with the Horse in middle and black font
  3. Galgore_Graphics

    Are my graphics good enough, Please comment

    Thanks, and whats your project about?
  4. Galgore_Graphics

    Are my graphics good enough, Please comment

    I can google search for deviantArt, polycount, I know here didnt know you could use it for payed work.. but any other links wouid be great thanks
  5. Galgore_Graphics

    Are my graphics good enough, Please comment

    Thanks Riuth, Where would I find freelance opportunities?
  6. Galgore_Graphics

    Are my graphics good enough, Please comment

    Thanks Buster, thats the most encouraging fact i've heard in years.. Was gonna zone out and play MMO's but now want to draw.. Much appreciated
  7. Galgore_Graphics

    Are my graphics good enough, Please comment

    well thank you, confidence has always been a issue of mine. I think I'll push forward and dive into art.
  8. I have been dabling with computer aided graphics for over 10 years but never got to serious about it. I have done alot of 3d graphics in the past but now am really into Pixel art, and with the growing popularity of Tablet PC's I can see a good market for it..  But I just don't know if I am talented enough to make any kind of income from my art. So a link below is to my website where I have several pixel art drawings of mine. Please tell me if you think I am good enough to make it, or if I should do something else and forget art. Thank you   https://sites.google.com/site/matherhornpixelstudio/home/building
  9. Galgore_Graphics

    Notable Software for Game Design

    Hi Hexagon I just want to share some of the rare software gems I've stumbled upon. I know for free the Blender program is main stream and is a good program. But theres also a program from DAZ called Hexagon that is for free download and in my eyes is very superb and I would pay hundreds to get it if it wasnt free.. Heres a screenshot from the web <img src="http://forum.unity3d.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=7594&stc=1&d=1254876766" /img> DeleD 3D Theres also another App called DeleD 3D that seems is also free and also seems to be a kind of copy of Gmax.. I don't think this software compares to hexagon but I know alot of people despretly try to use Gmax for game design but because of its limited export feature it never works. DeleD 3d is a good one, has alot of the same tools and layout. heres a screen <img src="http://i1-win.softpedia-static.com/screenshots/DeleD-3D-Editor-Lite_1.png" /img> And for 2d I find a good program is Paint Shop Pro, its not free like gimp but its a good one. thanks, hopes this helps people with design needs.. and def try Hexagon
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