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  1. I'm about to start the development of a RTS game, mainly to make some experience in the field of game programming. The first and most important decision I've to make is the choice between isometric 2D and 3D. In your opinion what are the pros and cons of the two? Which has more free resources on the web? Consider that my game will be cartoon styled, so the graphic detail isn't so important EDIT: The art isn't so much important for me, I'm just interested in the game programming. So please don't mention art in your replies: I will use placeholder graphics taken somewhere.
  2. The game I've in mind is something like warcraft, aoe, etc. Realism isn't so important, because it'll be cartoon-styled. I know it's really difficult to find the art and artists, it's for this reason that I don't worry about the graphics, because I yet know it will be awful, but it doesn't matter for me Sorry if I seem aggressive, it's only my bad knowledge of English
  3. I think you've missed the point of my question. I don't need so much art, I'm interested only in the graphics engine. I'll use placeholder art not only at beginning, but also at the end. If I'll casually find some artists the game would be more beautiful, but I'm not interested in this, I'm interested only in the game programming. enjoycrf, why Adobe Flash makes you laugh? However I won't use it, because I don't like it. The main point of my question is: what are pros and cons of 2D and 3D approaches for a RTS?
  4. I'll download the graphics I will need, but at the beginning I won't need so much resources. I can't create anything, because I don't know how to use any graphics software, and I'm not interested in this. However the problem isn't this, because if the project will go well, I will contact some artists to help me. The question is about the pros and cons of 2D and 3D approaches for a RTS. For example a 2D cons is the difficulty in camera rotations.
  5. In Physics normally the z axis is considered the height (at least here in Italy). But however there isn't any difference, it's only a convention.
  6. I'm starting to develop a simple RTS game (I don't know if it'll be isometric or 3D). I know it won't be simple, but I don't want to finish it. I want only to learn more about game programming (until now I developed only some really simple games using SDL or OpenGL). I need only to choose between isometric and 3D and to solve a problem, and I can start coding (I think i'll start from terrain rendering and camera handling, what do you think should I start from?). The problem is (i think it's related only to 3D): if I need to place a building in real-time over the terrain, how can I get rid of the different heights of the terrain? Should I flatten the terrain or ...? I don't know if I explained well the problem, there is a screenshot of 0 A.D. (http://wildfiregames.com/0ad/) that shows perfectly what I don't want to achieve:
  7. abral

    Question about RTS buildings

    I think that what you are describing is simply flattening the terrain, or not? I thought about this solution, but I don't know if it is the best solution.
  8. abral

    Question about RTS buildings

    I want to develop a cross-platform game, possibly in OpenGL (so that i could use the knowledge i make to develop also games/software for handheld devices with OpenGL ES and for the web with WebGL).
  9. abral

    Question about RTS buildings

    I'm interested on more or less every aspect of game programming, but above all the engine, the AI and the networking. I don't know what to choose between 2D isometric and 3D, because I've read somewhere that 3D is simpler than isometric, above all when you have to zoom, to rotate, to move the view. And also if 2D is more detailed than 3D, for my game I don't need so much detailed graphics. And another problem I have is about the graphics (i'm not an artist, and I'm not interested in drawing), do you know any place where I can find some tilesets or 3D models? (I would prefer cartoon-styled, as my RTS will be like this)
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