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  1. Trying to spark some interest in my 3D multi-player arena browser game. You all are welcome to experiment with it. It is more fun with two people or at least two web browsers open. Note: I know the terrain destruction is off. If there is interest, I can fix that and get the enemy waves working again. As of now it is only a fun twist to death matching your someone. Keep in mind to hold the shift key if you wan't to stop mouse actions. Shift key is gold in there Also, read the controls at the bottom of the server launch page. Let me know what you all are thinking...
  2. Hello, my name is Robert Steckroth. I am willing to invest in a start up game developement team with my time. I am looking for a start up game operation (preferably using HTML5). I expect to have voting rights and other partnership in the organization. I have many strong skills to aid in rapid development. I will list a few here: Certified in Linux System Administration (SMTP, DNS, Logging, NAT, Accounts, etc..). Strong suited in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS Know CMS with Django, Apache2, wsgi, MySql In-depth capabilities with Bash Scripting Networking with the ISO model relating to System Operations and services. WebGl Good working knowledge of Gimp NodeJs server with clients Some knowledge with (Ajax, XML, C/C++, Perl, Awk) Some experience with Blender Any ambitious team leader can contact me at or skype: surgemcgee P.S. I have built a large 3D multi-player JavaScript game as well --> My resume here --> http://www.pbdefence...ages/resume.pdf
  3. Ya, I can understand the resume confusion. It is not as professional as it should be. On that note, there is coherency in what I have stated there. For starters, there isn't any relevant past employers. My stated work projects will have to circumvent this lack of "corporate" experience. I have made money and gathered vast experience with them. This is why I state the following: "Providing a successful outcome under minimal supervision regardless of complexity or happenstance detractor" [font="helvetica, arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif"][color="#282828"]It is my way of saying "When the going gets [/font]tough[font="helvetica, arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif"][color="#282828"], the [/font]tough [font="helvetica, arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif"][color="#282828"]get going". Also I do this alone and successfully despite[/font] any unforeseen obstacles in the path[font="helvetica, arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif"][color="#282828"]. It is coherent and if anything, [/font]boastful. As far as this goes: "An unwavering integrity keeps servers running and uncompromised and users in a working state." Uhhh, I probably should change that soon (It may help)... I am a success story and will not let any pessimism lower my head. If there are some who make $1000's a week from a conglomerate, than congratulations. I will be happy doing what I have been for the past 3 years. Also, I plan on attending community college for the remainder of my decades and will never consider my education dropped. With one finger toward the skyscraper and the other on my keyboard, ha.
  4. "Fair assessment?" Allow me. It's obvious that you were employed by your professors at your college. Thus raising your ego to a "Douche Bag" elevation and allowing you to feel comfortable in tearing down others who are in your field of work. I don't know who pinned a first prize to your behind, but your current work ethic is counter-productive. While it is not my personality, it would feel good to watch you slip and fall into a mud puddle. Why no go about being better than everyone while keeping it to your self? Did you catch the important "Buzz word" in this?
  5. Well needed critique as well. As the saying goes "you run with wolves, you'll soon learn to howl".
  6. Well that's strange. It doesn't really mean much anyways. If you are currently assembling a Game Development team than further communications with me will be necessarily. The post was for a quick reference point to my background. Ohh ya, what was the error message? There is no reason I can see for the broken URL.
  7. surgemcgee

    Programming game engine camera's

    Why can't you use the desktop output and capture your game that way?
  8. surgemcgee

    Looking to assemble a team

    Hello, I am looking to assemble a team...
  9. surgemcgee

    Come and try my browser game

    @Rajaat The game requires Firefox version 4+ to work. You might be using 3.6 or lower. I apologize if the error messages aren't as help full as they could be. @j-locke The game client is only compatible in opera 11.50+ in Windows only. The error about remote server connection is odd to me. Also, after testing with Opera I found that there needs to be a priority other than web sockets. The standard web socket in Opera is yielding considerable network lag on my machine here with Opera. I know that flash sockets and others are working well with Opera but do not have the patients for a fix as of right now. Thank you for tying out Pure Breed Defence.
  10. Well, after 2 years my game is finally show worthy. As of right now it only supports two players so if no one is around then you will need two computers to play, sorry. There is a basic registration to play with username, email, and password. This is the only way to get to the server page. Please do not hack the game. It is a pure javaScript game so I am sure there are ways. This is a demo anyways. --> Let me know what you think. It is fun to mess around in!
  11. surgemcgee

    Come and try my browser game

    Ohh sorry. It is fixed now. Keep in mind that it requires two clients connected to play. Also the Browser window cannot leave focus after you start playing with another person. So you will need either two computers or two people to play. If you leave window focus then the other player will over back log data and you will be disconnected.
  12. surgemcgee

    Come and try my browser game

    Sorry about that and thanks for the reply. It is working now.
  13. surgemcgee

    Pure - Online Hacking Game

    Haha, what is it supposed to do? Is it simulated Hacking?
  14. Well, Pure Breed Defense has reached it's prototype phase and therefor has been put on For anyone with a well developed game project I highly recommend checking it out. A donation would be awesome as well. This is the Kickstarter site here --> http://www.kickstart...yer-tower-defen
  15. surgemcgee

    First Duality Demonstration

    Wow, the camera and object manipulations look and work great. If that is OpenGl than good work! Will it have Linux support?
  16. A video of Pure Breed Defense with two players networked from the same pc. This is being prepared for a four player demo. This can be tested by anyone with WebGl enabled in there browser. Needs funding.
  17. I am about to create some texture coords for a large grid. Can someone direct me as to how these are created. The texture coords are in 2d. i.e This will texture one of the squares --> [color=#5B5B5B] 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1.0, how then to apply a texture to a 3x3 square? You can see the little tiny textures below on the terrain. The terrain is 100x500 quads and the textures need to cover more than one quad, thanks.
  18. I thought many people here would find this video interesting as it is our dream. This was created by only me with no help in WebGl and Javascript. -->
  19. surgemcgee

    A amature Production Game Video (Spam, Ohh well)

    Here is my latest YouTube video as well. Anyone else think it is worthy?
  20. surgemcgee

    Space partitioning algorithm

    Looks like a fun project... Ohh ya, I think the above poster has over-estimated things.
  21. Also, your use of arrays makes the project hard to develop and error/bug prone. If this is going forward than you need to use dynamic array allocation. This is pretty simple --> http://www.fredosaur...dynamalloc.html This is less scary here as well, I am pretty sure it is legal. [color="#000000"] srand[color="#666600"](([color="#000088"]int[color="#666600"])[color="#000000"]time[color="#666600"]([color="#006666"]0[color="#666600"])); [color="#000088"]const [color="#000088"]int [color="#660066"]Mapsize [color="#666600"]= [color="#006666"]25[color="#666600"]; [color="#660066"]MapInfo[color="#666600"][([color="#1C2837"][color="#000000"]rand[color="#666600"]()[color="#666600"]%[color="#660066"]Mapsize[color="#1C2837"][color="#006666"])[color="#666600"]][[color="#000000"]([color="#000000"]rand[color="#666600"]()[color="#666600"]%[color="#660066"]Mapsize[color="#006666"])[color="#666600"]] [color="#666600"]= [color="#006666"]255[color="#666600"];
  22. surgemcgee

    Timer Objects

    This one works in JavaScript as well. But I think that the poster want's to omit the use of a system time variable. This would require some rather clever mathematics. var keyPressed = Object(); var timers = new Array(); // Store as many timers as we need var milliSeconds = 0; function delayCommand(miliSeconds, id) { // gets passed the time delay amount and the timer id number // use this way --> if (delayCommand(20, 14) == null ) 14 is the id, it could be anything var tempTime = new Date().getTime(); if ( timers[id] == null ) timers[id] = new Date().getTime(); if ( tempTime - timers[id] >= miliSeconds ) { timers[id] = null; // Label this timer in the array as done return timers[id]; // Done if this is null } else return tempTime - timers[id]; // Return the time left to execution } // End of delayCommand
  23. surgemcgee

    New C++ RPG game

    Hmmm, I think that guy is a fool --> "[color=#1C2837][size=2]Ok, I have a few drinks, so please don't be presumptuous" [color=#1C2837][size=2]Ya, don't want to be combative, I apologize . And in the context of hastily spoken words, I couldn't [color="#1C2837"]help but laugh at this one. --> "[color=#1C2837][size=2]how fun would a game be if you were able to kill every boss on a level just by spawning ur friken marvelous self"
  24. surgemcgee

    how to normalize a vector

    Do you need help converting x,y,z coords normals?
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