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  1. Finished Ocarina of Time... Again :D
  2. Do I buy Crysis 2 today or not? For 360.
  3. So I stayed up to finish the Shadow Temple in OOT. Mistake? Maybe the lateness, but not the progress :3
  4. Realised, I went to reply to someone there, but I didn't want to type their name. Couldn't find a tweet, so Ct… (cont) http://deck.ly/~pKu18
  5. Had some good news this morning. :)
  6. Sometimes, Hollywood needs to just leave well alone. Point in case; if this ruins The Hangover, I will be cross http://youtu.be/aKacS3nYXdE
  7. Flashed @fitsnugly's latest nightly. I didn't think CM7 could get any better
  8. Feeling a lot more human today. Knackered after work, but what's new XD
  9. In the Denki presentation in uni.
  10. Does anywhere in Dundee city centre sell butteries?
  11. Test tweet, trying out a new android keyboard
  12. DCOneFourSeven

    DX9.0c HLSL SSAO

    Yes BonBon, the screen is always divided into the pink, baby blue, dark blue and white sections.
  13. Ace, ned fight starting outside
  14. Sod it, staying off uni today as well. Feel better but not 100%. Should be able to at least get some work done
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