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  1. Website | Music | Youtube | IndieDB SCREENSHOTS What is it? Nanoforge , is a first-person, sci-fi sandbox-adventure game, built in Unity (C#). Target: Digital Distribution (Steam, Humble, etc.) What have we accomplished? Greenlit, and approved for distribution on Steam Detailed GDD, narrative, and gameplay documents (27000+ words) to make development simple Established code base: All of the basic gameplay mechanics are in place, and usable! We've developed custom tools to make the level creation and modular level design a snap! Proper management: We've successfully used project management tools since the project's inception, that allow us to complete tasks, communicate, and see the big picture. Modular from the start: We've developed custom tools to facilitate rapid creation of levels that are rich in detail! Perseverance: The game began (as a concept) in 2011, and has been in development since 2012, through multiple project management tools, programming languages, business models, and countless Skype calls. Detailed analytics: Every play session is tracked extensively via custom metrics, allowing us to view heatmaps of player movement, monitor enjoyment, and optimize the game to eliminate confusion Music/SFX: Over a dozen tracks posted on our Soundcloud page, as well as several custom SFX, made exclusively for the game. You can play it. Right now. Fully-functioning first-person sandbox gameplay, in fact. What do we offer? Credit in the game's credits, powerful portfolio pieces & references Welcoming and determined team members: Ever lost track of time and stayed up late creating art? We're like that. Flexibility: We've worked with team members from China, Italy, the U.K., Germany, Canada, the U.S., Poland, Russia, and Libya, in countless time-zones. We value your time, so we have no weekly hour requirement. Consistency: We've easily passed our two hundredeth sprint review/planning Skype call. Simple, efficient tools: In-house tools empower you to produce art that looks fantastic, whether in-game or on news sites. Industry experience: Many of our contributors have worked on major titles in the past, or have had professional development experience, including work on titles such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Prince of Persia,Thief, and Halo 2. Our former members have gone on to work on Forza Horizon, THIEF, and Crackdown 3. Minimal revisions required: We use a multi-stage process to minimize revisions to work, making development far more efficient! Presence at prominent game conventions, including PAX South, PlayOnCon, EGX Rezzed, and PAX East: We've showcased the game to YouTubers at these conventions and have received universally positive feedback. We are part of the 5%: Virtually all remote-work-based game projects fail within the first six months. We didn't. What do we need? C# Programmers C# experience required Prior experience with Unity a plus Communication skills Note: Other programmers, LEVEL DESIGNERS, and other roles are also invited to apply! JOIN NOW FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Where's the gameplay footage? Just as AAA studios do, we keep our gameplay footage closely guarded, as it reveals our innovative take on sandbox gameplay. Additionally, releasing pre-release footage with non-final visuals could confuse potential players into believing that the footage is of the final version of the game. That said, here's a tiny look at our teleport effect. How does the game compare to games like GMod or Minecraft? We've surpassed Minecraft's Creative Mode in terms of functional features, and are closest to Garry's Mod in terms of planned feature set. I'm not experienced enough to join this project. That's not a question! There's always a place on our team for someone passionate about game development. Willing to learn? Any questions? Ask away!
  2. Hey, sent you a PM just now.
  3. Just sent you a PM.
  4. Programmer looking for team to join

    Just sent you a PM.
  5. Seeking talent to polish sandbox game [GREENLIT] [UNPAID] [HOBBY] Website | Music | Art | Chat | Contact | Twitter | Youtube | IndieDB | Reference Imagery SCREENSHOTS What is it? Nanoforge , codenamed Facade, is a first-person, sci-fi sandbox-adventure game, built in Unity (C#). What have we accomplished? What do we offer? What do we need? C# Programmers C# experience required Prior experience with Unity a plus Communication skills Lighting Artists Level Designers Anyone who fits Note: Other programmers, LEVEL DESIGNERS, and writers are also invited to apply! JOIN NOW
  6. 2D Game Engine for Linux (or Windows on VMWare)

    I'd tend to recommend Tululoo or ImpactJS. Both of them will run natively on Linux.
  7. Working on @Facade3D ...hopefully we'll have some kind of demo out soon.
  8. Which Country Should I Move To?

    Antarctica. Sure, it's cold, but it's also classified as international territory. Provided that a game company allows remote workers, it'd actually be a pretty reasonable place to live. [list][*]Sensible leaders and politics [b](More or less)[/b][*]Good education system [b](Extremely hands-on learning)[/b][*]Good social opportunities for my future children (China and Japan sound cool and all, but there's too much pressure on school work there IMO; somewhere where a kid can be a kid, but still gain a good education) [b](Probably)[/b][*]Good standard of living for someone in the CS industry [b](Probably)[/b][*]Good work opportunities for someone in the CS industry (I haven't decided a particular area in CS yet) ([b]Probably, working remotely would cover this)[/b][*]Not over populated (I come from mountainous Utah, so I like a decent amount of space between two houses) [b](Definitely, in fact, it's one of the most sparsely populated places on Earth)[/b][*][size="2"][color="#1c2837"]Safe (both protected by the government and from the government) [/color][/size][b][size="2"][color="#1c2837"](Quite, actually. Who would attack Antarctica?)[/color][/size][/b][*]Speaks English, since that's all I know and the only languages I enjoy learning are programming languages [b](The majority of the population speaks English)[/b][*]Anything else you might think is important [b](Internet access, unspoiled natural beauty, fresh air, hot springs on Deception Island...[/b][*][b]Oh, and the satisfaction of picking "Antarctica" as your country when creating accounts for web services.)[/b][/list][left][size="2"][color="#1c2837"][b] [/b][/color][/size][/left][left]The only caveat is that you have to join a research team/group attached to a country/organization.[/left]
  9. RT @kendalltristan It should be criminal to have a UI design website that's left justified. #justsayin
  10. Tempus fugit...frittering time away, twittering... *sigh*
  11. RT @joshtpm Much MUCH harder to start a fire with old webpages than old newspapers
  12. Just posted: 2 Outrageously Awesome Android Phones - http://t.co/mkobUKPb
  13. Canada’s new copyright law punishes blind and visually impaired people: http://t.co/mPITf7QM #c11 #billc11 @JamesMoore_org
  14. #MayIhaveyourattentionplease STOP DRACONIAN COPYRIGHT LEGISLATION IN CANADA, protest #billc32 Please RT this, @leolaporte
  15. Just bought a "magic" trackpad. Multi-touch works great on Linux!
  16. Full-fledged street-racing (cars) has just been developed by the @Facade3D team... It will not be used in Facade. #sigh #facepalm
  17. DailySteals.com is giving away a prize every ten minutes. Just tweet at them using #TCDisrupt and #DailySteals to enter!
  18. Remember the EEE PC? I just realized what it stood for: EMBRACE, EXTEND, EXTINGUISH. Microsoft, your secret has been revealed! Great job!
  19. "Anything is better than nothing." -Unknown
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