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  1. Why RPGS?

    Quote:Of course, the critical difference is that it's much, much, much easier to make a working version of Press Your Luck and Wheel of Fortune than a MMORPG I think part of it is the nagging "would someone want to play this?" factor. Sure you could make another tetris or jeopardy clone, but all it'd be good for is showing off to people "hey I made a tetris clone." I agree that an RPG is hard (in the sense that it takes so much time, art, etc.) but even a primitive one with a system the style of dragon warrior or final fantasy can be fun. Perhaps the problem is not so much people wanting to make RPGs as it is standards being set too high when making an rpg. An rpg can work with minimal graphics, animations, and sound (remember castle of the winds anyone?)
  2. Eek, I don't recognize gamedev

    Ah, so much better. Now I can take a look around without destroying my retinas. Danke
  3. Eek, I don't recognize gamedev

    It's been almost a year since I last looked and boy has it changed. I distinctly remember gamedev having a dark background... so shock and surprise... it's all bright now. What a shock to the system.
  4. So I know how to code...

    Yeah, practice makes perfect as the old saying goes. One thing to try, is maybe make an entire program in psuedocode. See if you can describe every important little detail. Then try to convert into code. You should see which spots your thinking is too vague on and be able to improve them.
  5. Why did you first join?

    I think it would be interesting to hear the stories of everyone of how they came across/joined gamedev's community. As for myself... I was looking for places to spa.... er I mean advertise... my need of a sprite artist. Never did get one that way. Almost, but they always lost interest. So be it :P. I stick around because it's nice being able to post when you're totally stumped on some code problem. (like the time I learned F10 is a system key)
  6. Best Compiler for C and C++?

    I also use borland c++ builder. You can use it as a standard plain vanilla cpp compiler, or you can take advantage of the drag-and-drop visual-basic like stuff which is really helpful for making certain types of programs (like data editors and things who you don't want to waste time designing interfaces for) The only thing though... (I'm using version 5.0, so they may have fixed this) there's this annoying "code insight" thing that gives you info on anything your mouse highlights, and you can only partially turn it off. Occasionally while I'm scrolling my code it'll lag for a second as it searches through the files for related info. Of course I code on my old computers and do everything else on my new ones so I'm not sure if it would stall on a reasonably fast machine. (Difference is Like 2 GHZ win XP vs 400 MHZ win 98)
  7. Merry Christmas

    I got what I wanted..... a japanese PS2! There's a surprisingly large number of english words in those japanese games. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays.
  8. Teh spyware cleaners

    What are your favorite spyware/adware/antivirus type programs? I like adaware, spybot search and destroy, and hijack this.