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  1. Hello there!   I'm loooking for a pixel artist capable of making sprites and/or animations (frame-by-frame, sprite sheet)   Criteria: - Zootopia style body proportions (large expressive eyes and ears, lanky/slim body structure) - The game screen will be 800x600 (flash/browser game), so character sprites won't be huge (150x150 max is my estimate, but don't quote me on that) - Slightly faded colors (Papers! Please mood, also how the old Disney animations looked like (Robin Hood is a good reference))   I am willing to compensate you for your time (monthly budget is around 200$), but this is not a commercial project.   If you're interested or need more details, reply here, via PM or to zethariel@gmail.com   Thank you for your time!
  2. Updated the project a bit. Added a second mode, fixed the wrong rotation. Still mourning lack of art assets ^_^
  3. Zethariel

    Should I learn how to draw?

    Then again, some don't draw pleasure from drawing :( I wish you luck however, it is a skill that will elude me forver, due to a lack of passion and patience for it.
  4.   I tried that on a first pass and found that I was too focused on the corner piece and wasn't paying attention to the missle at all. I heard it was bad design, and I learned to rely on it much more than the actual model (which was made by a horrbiel, horrible model maker, namely me xD).     Yeah, pretty much what I was going for. At first glance I was unsure whether or not it would be fun for me too, but I'm the kind of person who likes to master a certain mechanic and then perhaps compete at "who does it better". A scoreboard system seems like a logical follow up, so I'll add it to my list of "to-do"     Luckily, this isn't the only level available for the player's amusement. A little ways from there, but I'm working on a campaign mode (where flying the missle serves the purpose of defeating enemy structures on a strateguc map), an additional Star Wars themed map (one in a million shot anyone?) and a mode that makes the game easier/harder depending on selected properties (wind, controls that work like you mentioned in your first post, more realistic physics perhaps even).   I sincerely thank you for your time and creative input ^^ Despite this being just a small project that will be free to play and perhaps live no longer than an hour on a player's HDD, I'd like it to be as enjoyable as possible :)
  5. Zethariel

    My Games Design Portfolio

    Your portfolio needs a bit of a face lifting and work. As a school project it might have been okay, but if you wish for it to represent you, you should consider something more than a basic template layout and functions :3   The Home and About pages are redundant, they each only have 1 sentence and are a waste of link/space. Glue them together, add a handsome picture of you and write something about yourself! Show your passion for game design, your spirit, the reason why people should continue looking through the site!   Same for your CV. Why would you put a block about using the Office packet and Internet before ActionScript, UDK, CSS and other things? Knowing how to use the internet isn't a skill worth even listing, while the list you have BELOW that is gold.   The flash game project needs a link to the actual game - screenshots don't look so hot :V   The presentation had like 1-2 pages about the game itself, and the rest was about Buffy. It felt more like a presentation of the series rather than the game - not something you'd want to send to the IP holders for them to approve   The game proposal document does not adress how you will obtain permission to use a copyrighted character for a video game - this can be a big issue to some developers. Unless this is a document you'd want to send to the IP holders, in which case disregard this point.   Sorry for not having the time to read the articles you had there, but the gmae document for the Time Keeper looked solid, something you could actually show more of on the page (notice how I had to go through a lot of pages before getting to the good bits).   In general, I'd switch around the page a bit and think about the composition - you need a quick jab at the viewer's attention to keep him on your homepage, then present to him what you want him to see.
  6. Zethariel

    Making an ambience that is actually immersive?

    For atmosphere, I believe that both things should be considered as equals. Ambiance isn't only music - it's the subtle sound effects, rocks crumbling, birds chirping, wind rustling the leaves.   You will need to close your eyes and listen through a library of sounds. Imagine the scenes you want to portray - if it's an open world exploration game, setting the correct mood might be a bit difficult than a linear path, since you have to account for the player roaming around.   IMHO, if you want the player to trully feel the desolace and weight of the tragedy, background music should be very sparse, set to a few key points. Let the player focus on his surroundings and natural sounds of a place long gone, where you can feel the eyes of those that passed follow you around.   There is nothing more ominous than silence.
  7.   Thank you for your robust input! Allow me to adress a few points:   Controls are awkward on purpose - this is not a real-life simulation, it borrows its spirit from Surgeon Simulator 2013, amongst others. I believe that having simpler controls neglects the purpose of the game, which is to fly missle from point A to point B without crashing. A player can learn this control scheme fairly easily, but mastering it takes both time and precision - a sense of achievement is gained when you manage to consecutively hit the target square on.   Each fin is controlled separatelly for the exact same reason. The backstory/explanation behind this is that this missle isn't military grade, but a kind of home-made-contraption-that-can-fly-somewhat. The player has to manually turn the fins in the opposite directions to achieve rotation.   Thanks for the tip with the flying! I was never sure which way it was. I will deffinetly reverse it.   Real physics is a thing worth investigating, but then with the current control scheme it would make the game hardly playable. I believe that I can somewhat sacrifice realism to achieve a sense of fun.   The HUD piece is too big? Hmm, that might be an issue. I think I'll add an option to scale it down a bit. I found it a very important thing to implement, since the wings do not return to their starting position and even the slightest rotation can put the missle into a spin. Would you have any suggestions on replacing it with something more aestherically pleasing, while at the same time informative?   Good thing the graphics are invisible, they definetly need some work xD   Quit doesn't work simply because Unity3D does not support quitting from a WebPlayer :)
  8. Hello everyone!   I am finally getting around to semi-completing a game project, one quite simple but IMO quite enyojable. While I do lack a lot of assets such as textures, sounds, some models, the game at its base is functionally complete, and I'd appreciate any feedback on it :3   https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44621472/Public.html   I try and update it every other day, according to friends' suggestions and ideas I have for it. It would be very nice if I could receive some feedback on the project - what feels right, what feels wrong (apart from the mentioned lack of textures and proper models, things that are, sadly, out of my talent reach).   Thanks in advance! Cheers!
  9. Zethariel

    Another update

    The past week was great -- I took a leave from work and was coding the whole day, each day for a whooooole week. The game progress is great, but the lack of properly animated assets still bugs me. I realised that making games is challenging not due to the difficulty of coding or designing art assets -- it is because it requires synergy from all these fields (plus audio, marketing and whatnot). And actually, coding isn't even in the top three most important things -- well, not MOST of the time. Nowadays, games seem to be all about visual sparkle. There are only that many mechanics you can come up with, and rarelly any player stops, looks at the game enviroment and thinks "Wow, this must've been such hell to code! I really appreciate all the work the people who made the game put nito it so I can have an enjoyable experience!". Yeah, I'm no better, started appreciating it all quite recently. Back to the game however. Most of the progress is visible on my YT channel (handle Zethariel), although it gets old quite fast (spending whole days on code really works wonders). Other than that, I believe that soon I'll be desperate enough to dive into blender myself and at least rig and animate the models I have already. Later, maybe I'll even alter then to look like they are supposed to.
  10. Zethariel

    Moving on to the next project

    Yeah, it is kinda crazy. 5 years ago, if anyone told me I'd be psyched over small horses in a cartoon show, I'd prolly point them in the direction of the nearest asylum. Too bad that NYC is so far away -- oh well, maybe in Europe there will be a similar event soon
  11. Zethariel

    Unity 3d question

    Unity has its own Mesh Collider that mimics the shape of the mesh and changes that into a collider. Works fine, but as said, convex shapes are better for large objects. Truth be told, you can do anything with most Game Engines -- the monumental question is usually "How?". With Unity that question can be answered via the helpfull forum and robust reference pages. Still, some questions are tougher than others, and whether your game will work or not depends on your experience, the design itself (clever design will not bump against limitations while still being awesome) and the dedication you put into your work.
  12. Zethariel

    Project continues + some thoughts

    Yesterday the main menu scene was brought to the point it only needs models, some particle textures and sounds. Think I'll be able to find most of that in some free online resources, then post an update with a nice screen-shot. Still, the problem with lack of animated organic models bugs me. Placeholders it is... As I go deeper into the rabbit hole and learn new techniques, tools and arcane magics of programming, I find myself enjoying it more and more. Maybe even to the point of obsession -- My average day consists of an 8-4 job, coding, talking to people and sleeping. Where does all the time go? The most irritating part of this whole project is deffinetly lack of art assets -- I can create some simple 2D stuff, like I did for the GDD (playing around with GIMP was a barrel of laughs in its own right), but 3D modelling is just too time consuming. Guess that explains why no-one wants to do it for a project they are not certain will get finished. Oh well, the best thing I can do is prove my spirit and determination by finishing the demo, posting it and waiting for a passionate person to trot along. Another annoying thing is the string of game designs already waiting and trying to break free. There is just not enough time in the day to do all these things in parallel. And not enough Mountain Dew as well, probably. Hopefully writing them down will ease their spirits.
  13. Zethariel

    Moving on to the next project

    Epic got to see its finish, albeit without models and textures (lack of interested artists, huh). I'm not posting it up anywhere, as it doesn't look as impressive as it should. Maybe someday someone with whom I'll manage to collaborate will lend their time towards improving the game and releasing it to the gamers In the meantime, I'm starting to code a fan game based around the show My Litte Pony -- Friendship is Magic. As always, modellers, texturers and animators are warmly welcome to help out, really any form of support would be wonderfull! For those of you that are interested in reading the GDD, it is available in this Unity forum post: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/136736-RPG-Action-game-recruiting-artists Have a nice day everyone!
  14. Zethariel

    Work continues

    The work on Epic continues: * Added a few new models and animations * Added Pause menu, ability to reset game * Levels now affect eachother -- the mineral you get from mining defines the quality of the weapon you craft, which then in turn defines how well you fight in level 3. * The boss at level 3 has 1000 HP -- will add a HP bar soon. At this moment he isn't challenging. DropBox .rar standalone Link WebPlayer hosted on DropBox (I would still advise to read the ReadMe.TxT in the dropbox game folder) ReadMe.txt -- a direct link to the ReadMe
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