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  1. I'm trying to research the development cost of my game project that I have designed with GDD, other doc, spreadsheets, etc but could use additional input. I'd like to know the salary cost mostly of different skills and fields needed for each art, programming, ai, etc. Some of these things I can do myself but not any of the advanced AI programming.   It's a 3D action adventure game Graphics are to be reasonably good but not aiming for AAA Medium sized playable areas (size of about 8 fps game maps) detailed with 100-200 props per area 14 3D characters, 30 animations across most of them 40 game items 6 NPC Factions Advanced AI generation system (6+ Faction AI behaviors, many AI behaviors responding to player action, simulated world AI) UI/Interface for notifications and manipulating items Combat in different forms   If anyone with experience in working on these should shed some insight on the cost and time to do any of these that would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I found this to be quite interesting and informative since I've been pondering what it takes to not just become a producer but to be a great one.
  3.   Well, the avoiding suppressing fire would actually be a good side effect because it would reinforce good decisions. Who wants to not avoid that sort of stuff lol. Also, not looking at the dead allies makes sense as well and I find it a perfectly acceptable way to avoid the penalties. If they do something odd like look straight up or down to avoid it, then they don't have eyes on the enemy which is a bad thing. The player would also be more fragile than other games, similar to what Norman describes.    The setting would also be a multiplayer setting, such as an MMO or a large scale battle.   Feeling out of control is exactly what I'm after really, but not actually being out of control. That is pretty much how a person feels when they are panicked or experiencing a large amount of fear or an adrenaline rush; out of control. They aren't actually out of control, they just feel like it and don't act.       Can you be more specific in what you mean here?     I know you said no RNG from RPGs but I'm not sure what exactly you had in mind. If a medium explosion goes off from 10m away, what happens? If you have 20 courage, does that give you a 60% chance to be paniced and suffer -15% to _ stats or do you always have a X amount of temporary loss to aiming and movement with stats mitigating the penalty. If that explosion goes off I don't know if I will be combat effective or not...maybe I should go hide in a corner until the war is over.   I was also going to suggest instead of simply penalties to stat, but other visual impairments. Such as when reloading, you may fumble the magazine, have to pick it back up ,and then reload. Or hallucinations (false enemies or gun fire, seeing an ally as an enemy, explosions, etc) but that is probably taking it too far and more of something you would expect in a sim and not an RPG.
  4. I would tolerate this a little were it a FPS combat sim but not if there are lot of unpredictable RPG factors that would get me killed or slow me down. A turn based tactical shooter seems more ideal for simulating combat stress and can have RPG stats. Otherwise it feels too much like an arbitray restriction on a player because they happen to be in a paniced situation. In several FPS games they already do emulate such effects with blurred vision, ringing sounds, and inaccuracy under fire but not to the point where the player feels out of control with the character. Will the player feel more paniced and connected to the character in that way? Or will it cause players to behave differently to avoid the penalities? (keep from getting under too much suppressing fire, don't stand near or look at the characters that die, etc)
  5. Now we just need a flood of all kinds of broken games to pirates to make it so undesireable to find one that works that they will learn to play the legal way.
  6. razorclaw

    Who are your developer heros?

    Everyone that is in the know has someone they admire, right? Who is your game developer hero(s)?
  7. razorclaw

    Reason for TPV + a gameplay mechanic

    It may be done well but there is no explanation as to why you can see from that view. Is nobody reading what I wrote?
  8. razorclaw

    Reason for TPV + a gameplay mechanic

    Yes, it would be for a more serious, maybe more immersive game. The drone would be controlled by your TPV camera or loosely follow it.
  9. FPV feels normal because you are looking through your character's eyes, right? But what about TPV? I know it doesn't have to make sense but why not give it a reason to exist. The reason would be that you can see from that view point because you deployed a Follow-cam Drone(or seer's eye if you prefer fantasy). This drone isn't some artificial construct either. It exists in the game. Other characters can see it or shoot it. If it takes damage the vision through the drone may be impaired but you can always return to FPV. With TPV you can see an enemy around the corner without them seeing you(however some do show the character barely sticking around the corner). But with this, you can both see each other but you aren't at risk of being hit. If the enemy were able to shoot down this small drone you would return back to FPV unless you deploy another.   Anyone know if a game that has done it this way? Did it work very well? Or would you like to see this exist in a FPS game?   Perceived Pros: Optional TPV which is well suited for short range combat that needs more situational awareness. At the same time it could be a melee guy's vulnerability. Observe surroundings without being vulnerable. Good for sneaking, granted the "eye" isn't very noticeable unless close up. Cons: Redeploying drones after being destroyed quickly could be aggravating. Drones colliding with surrounding objects. Difficult to make the drone look animated when in movement and not fixed in the air. Drones could be expensive to replace.
  10. razorclaw

    AI Bots- Why are they hardly used anymore?

    I may be crazy to think this, but why isn't there an AI sort of toolkit that can used for a variety of games. Something that can start as very basic but be expanded on based on whatever unique gameplay elements the game has. It would be like the speedtree of AI.
  11. You forgot one other way. With a ship load of money and become the producer :P
  12. razorclaw

    MMOFPS Concept

    It sounds like one of my concepts or at least the nuts and bolts of it. I wonder though, is it too much to have 4 'bars' to keep up with? Health, Armor, Shields, Energy
  13. It is an interesting idea but when comparing the two (yours and traditional WoWish gear) I'd still prefer the old way of having gear. Why? because with gear you often(but not always) have interesting choices. Do I want to do more damage and resist fire or do I want to do reflect % damage and do a % knockback on counter attacks? Or sometimes they are tradeoffs with a substantial bonus but with a moderate penalty. With your applying cores to gear it sounds more like you are creating the character to the slightest detail instead of upgrading it. Playing a character and upgrading +1-5 to stamina and strength on each item at each level doesn't sound very fun. But, with this lets say you have 50 character levels, and 10 pieces of gear including two weapons. Wouldn't that mean you 'd have 500 cores in your equipment. Or maybe only lvl 20 is the max, thats still 200 and would be very time consuming thumbing through all your infinate cores to swap. How many cores at the most would you have at max level? Also what would be the likely result of a dps or tank's gear look like?
  14. razorclaw

    MMOFPS Concept

    If one faction owns a lot of territory then those could be scaled down so they are less defense or easier to capture. Also I'd suggest always having a faction capital that can never be taken. (don't give up)
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