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  1. Publishing a demo

    If someone does infringe the license, do you have the money to go after them legally? Piracy is good an bad. If it's just the demo, let it go out into the world, so the word can spread.
  2. Breaking Even

    Plan your marketing up front. It's just about getting your name out there. If you can create hype around your game while it's still in development then you have a winner. Perhaps that's how to do it then, release it in phases.
  3. Awesome Puzzle Game

    Not sure if anyone has seen this game yet? It's called Circus Pomché. You can check the video out [url="http://www.bashgames.net"]here[/url]. I just thought I'd mention it because it's really cool to see devs coming up with really different ideas. So many people just fall into the standard genres. I think I read somewhere it uses Ogre3D. Looks really good. Kinda inspires me to make something simple Use it, don't use it.
  4. If you are intending on selling your game, you should also be thinking along the lines of who your target audience will be, and what their PC specs will be. But otherwise, 3D is actually easier at the end of the day. And with the likes of good engines like Ogre3D, there's no reason not to go 3D. The pros and cons of RTS games are similar to that of any other games (expect FPS's of course). You have so much more freedom in 3D because you can actually use the "3D space" as if it were real, and it's all taken care of for you. Say for example you want to add a particle effect to a weapon, in 2D you would have to put layers in and all that to make it look like the effect is wrapping around the weapon. In 3D, you just give it the necessary rotations and wala.