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  1. Learning as much as possible!
  2. Thank you both Tom and Azgur for your advice. It was all extremely helpful and exactly what I was looking for. The road has been a little bumpy for me so i wasn't able to reply soon enough, but now everything is great and I am hoping to be more active/particapate on this website. To Tom: I'm glad you responding immediately to my question. The link to the video that you sent me was a little cheesy and funny, but the message was clear and probaly could not have been said any better. It truly feels good to know that more experienced people in the industry are here to help and answer questions. To Azgur: Thank you much for your insight. I believe that you saved me a load of time and grief. At first I was considering the indie route, but after doing further research I believe what your saying about the indie game way true. I know now that I want a solid foundation in the required skills. Again I thank the both of you and I hope you guys continue answering questions for new members like myself. It makes us feel acknowledged, supported, and motivated. Now its time for me to get to work!
  3. Hello GameDev members! This is my first post and I'm glad to officially becoming an active member. Before the question let me tell you a little about me. I love video games (obviousley), and I am willing & ready to learn anything, meet anybody, solve many problems, sacrafice many things, and fail many times, all to become a Great Video Game Designer in the long-run. I am In my early twenties with only my high school diploma. I can draw pretty decent and I have a creative imagination. I work and with time off I have been focusing/researching/reading about game design. What I want to know is what would be the best course of action In terms of learning the process of making a video game with a team? In NY there are no schools that specialize in game design. Schools around here only offer programming, graphic design, & things of that nature. Can I become a successful game designer without school? What should I begin learning? What is the best way to find passionate team members that are great at what they do? Should I enhance my drawing skills? I don't want to be just another illustrator working for a Big Game Company for the rest of my life. I want to be able to create my own games, with my own ideas, with my own studio. What should I do? Please Help!
  4. I Need A Passionate Team
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