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  1. Not as amazing as other people's accomplishments but I recently figured out how to make characters in my game shoot lasers. That, and I'm also almost done finally completing my first game :)
  2. Pretty awesome \m/ 
  3. Personally, I use a Surface Pro 2 when I want to program on the go. However, if you go that route, I wouldn't suggest the Type Cover. I use a bluetooth keyboard that works well with it. Plus a mini bluetooth mouse if I ever find the need to use it. It might not be the fastest machine, but it works for indie projects. Plus the touch screen/pen combo is great if you make your own art resources. So far, my Surface Pro 2 can play most modern games at medium to high settings so developing on it shouldn't really be a problem. It's worked for me thus far.
  4. Sounds like an interesting idea, I'm willing to join too  send me a PM when you get a chance
  5. CPU:               i5 4670k @ 4Ghz GPU:               NVIDIA EVGA 760 4GB RAM:              4 x 8GB @ 1600mhz HDD:              2TB Motherboard: MSI Z87-G55 PSU:               Corsair 750
  6. Just curious, are there any developers in the South Jersey area that might want to meet up or just get a cup of coffee and talk? I don't really have any other friends or people I can talk to about computers, technology, gaming, or programming so this will be a nice change if possible. Who knows? Maybe we can even work together on a project   
  7. So are there any parts of Australia in particular I should try and avoid so I won't be stuck with a bunch of racist people?
  8.   Good to know lol    And I'm looking around the Australian citizenship site. It's pretty hard to navigate on there    Edit: After doing a little research, it appears that they're not taking applications for the type of visa I would apply for? 
  9. @ChaosEngine Well for the past few days that I've been looking into moving there, it seems like I'll be happy there. But you're right I still have A LOT of research to do before I decide anything. And again, it's not like I'm going to be packing my bags next week or anything; I'll be making my decision in a few years time. Who knows? Maybe by then I'll decide I want to go live in some small village in South America? ( Although that's HIGHLY unlikely lol   )   As for the citizenship thing, I wasn't aware of that. I guess it's a bit easier over here huh?  I'll definitely have to look into some sort of job security for myself if that's the case.    And as for the whole thing about being disappointed by society, I understand that it's a little like that everywhere. However, based on what I've see everyday the US seems to be the worst. You can go online, look at the news on TV, or just step outside and go to the store and you'll see what I mean. "Why Australia in particular?", you ask? As I said earlier I've always had a fascination with going there. I also hear the economy there is great right now, and didn't suffer much during the recession. Also from different forums that I looked at, most people say the culture there is better than the American culture: People are more polite, less hostile, and act decent. I don't know how true all of this is since I've never personally been there but that seems to be the general consensus. 
  10. But I'm assuming all of that stuff about Visas and work permits won't really matter once I get a permanent citizenship there right?   And I want to move there for a few reasons actually. Ever since I was younger, I always wanted to go there to visit. I actually plan on taking a trip there to see for myself first how life is like and if I would actually like being there. Second, I'm just not confident with the USA anymore. The government seems to be going no where, and although the unemployment is at an all time low in years its still tough to find jobs. Plus, where I live the general public and society in general just disappoints me. People have really changed for the worse over the years here, especially my generation. I don't know if that's the case in Australia as well but I got nothing to lose if I do end up moving over there. Worse case, it's exactly like it is over here, in which case i'll be ok but very disappointed. Even my professors at college tell us to get out of here while we can, because the direction this nation is heading in isn't all that great. I'm just hoping to get a fresh start over there and get a nice change of scenery in terms of culture and people.
  11. Lol, good thing I'm not going in the water when I get over there. Looks like not knowing how to swim is gonna pay off ;)
  12. Wow for some reason everyone else's replies didn't show up till now lol but you guys gave me a lot of excellent information and I really appreciate it. So far, Australia seems like the place I'll be going to in a few years :)
  13. Well from what I gather its actually pretty similar to over here in terms of living, besides a few minor differences. And I actually have a few years to really think about this before I do anything. But thanks :)
  14. Dont know if any of you can help me out with this, but I'm hoping you can. Currently I'm in college studying to get my degree in Computer Science. However after I get my masters, I'm thinking about moving out of the United States and go to Australia. I don't have any family there and it would be a fresh start for me. Few things Im worried about: - How hard is it to get a Computer Science related job there? Namely as a programmer or Software Engineer? - Do they make enough money to live comfortably? I know the cost of living there is higher. - How big of a transition would it be moving from America to there? - How does the projected job growth for Comp Sci look over there? I've been looking at some information about it for a few days and some of the sited I looked at said that computer related stuff was being moved over seas for cheaper labor, and that sort of worries me. Anyways I'm hoping some of you are from Australia and maybe could help me out with this. Also feel free to include why maybe I SHOULDNT move there? Thanks :)
  15. Hey awesome game man, might pre-order it :) Quick question about your previous comment about learning game programming from GameInstitute. Is it worth enrolling? Do you learn anything about making 2D games with it? And also how easy was it to learn the material they provided? I'm thinking about buying there current package. Thanks.