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    SFML 2 - Tutorial - Pong

    Tutorial 03 - Basic Game Structure - Break Out! In this tutorial, we will cover refresh rate, a basic game structure, a custom game loop and the game of Break Out!. http://riseagain.wordpress.com/2012/07/19/sfml-2-tutorial-break-out/
  2. gorgoroth666

    SFML 2 - Tutorial - Pong

    C++ Game Development Tutorials using SFML 2. http://riseagain.wor...l-introduction/ In this tutorial we learn the basics through simple examples. http://riseagain.wor...-tutorial-pong/ In this tutorial we cover animations, collisions and the game of pong.
  3. Game AI Weekly Magazine nouvelle édition http://bit.ly/e33Llk ? Aujourd'hui à la UNE: @weirdsal @miyayou2
  4. Game Design Weekly Magazine is out! http://bit.ly/g0nRcl ? Top stories today via @ingrid_kiki @the_42games @1software @philchecinski
  5. Direct Trade Coffee and Espresso Methodolgy - Count the scientific errors, I counted 1 each 4 minutes #video http://youtu.be/kpRhV25v33U
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