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  1. Sprite-based RPG game design

    I wrote my interactive comic in HTML5/Javascript. (http://wrecksector.com). While it's not really an RPG, it has sprites, animations, user input, sound effects. You're more than welcome to look at the source code for inspiration. I don't know how I would do any kind of fancy distribution through an app store, since my comic is just on a website. Maybe someone else can assist with that question! I wish you luck and hope you have some success. How much progress have you made toward your goal?
  2. HTML5 vs. Flash vs. Silverlight

    I developed my little interactive comics in HTML5/Javascript. There were some frustrating parts (which I'm sure you'd encounter no matter which route you took), but ultimately, I really enjoyed working in this environment. I love that users don't need to have flash installed, or silverlight. For me, I think there's just something really cool about writing some javascript and immediately seeing results in a web browser. Just seems a little more direct than Flash and Silverlight (in my opinion!).
  3. Evaluating "conditions" in a game

    In my game (much simpler than yours it sounds), I have conditions that determine whether a character says X or Y when you click on them. My implementation was very simple. The main character has a set of string tokens, and in a script file, my condition looks like "(PersonName).HasToken(SomeTokenString)". During runtime, when I check this condition, I parse that condition string, find the person, and see whether they have the token listed in the condition. How come you are finding you have so many condition classes? Other than checking inventory items, are you finding you want to check many other things as well?
  4. Rise of the mummies

    Thumbs up to the darkness/lighting effects. Nice work on the fire effects as well!
  5. The old-school 2d character sprites are adorable.
  6. Xna metroidvania WIP

    I checked out the YouTube video. Looking forward to seeing further development. How are you enjoying XNA/C# programming?
  7. Zombie Area! a survival shooter hits the App Store

    The main character design is nice. I like the zombies just flying around in the air.
  8. Unnamed Fantasy RPG

    I checked out your latest YouTube video. I, too, wish you luck =) What kind of programming is involved with this neoaxis engine? Do you program in a particular language?
  9. DimensionZ Reveal

    I really like the particle and laser effects!
  10. WreckSector.com Update (Online mini-adventure game)

    Just posted another 5-10 minute skit on-line! skit: [url="http://wrecksector.com"]http://wrecksector.com[/url] video: [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eOqEKd_Ab4"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eOqEKd_Ab4[/url] It's still rough, and I'm probably going to replace both my skits once I get a firmer handle on the direction i want to go, but I still want to share =)
  11. Game project and blog

    I wish you a lot of luck. I imagine creating an MMO must be absurdly difficult compared to a single-player game. If that is where your passion directs you, I hope you have a lot of success!
  12. Do you have a Youtube channel with any videos? I loved MOO and MOO2. A video of what's possible with your game would really be exciting, don't you think? =)
  13. n00b to this forum, introducing myself

    [quote name='gog-bgbrendle' timestamp='1300843860' post='4789356'] Probably my favorite game of all time is x-com: ufo defense [/quote] GREAT game =) i cheated the last time I played. I gave myself one soldier with a psi amp and max psi strength. (I love Mind Control, but it takes MONTHS to kidnap the ethereal/sectoid leader, research the tech, build the psi lab, and actually train your soldiers!)
  14. The Aaarghmageddon Demo

    This is so professional looking. WELL DONE! The art & atmosphere are great! I just can't get enough zombies =)
  15. Level Editor - for 2d games

    I checked out your site---I couldn't find your YouTube channel, although i see you clearly have a video posted from YouTube. I noticed your last post is in February. I hope you're still working on it, or something else creative & fun =) Looks nice!