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  1. Adding a picture file to a drawn rectangle

    Thank you very much for your help. I have added: //****************************************CAVE IMAGE TO LOAD****************************************************// final BitmapTextureAtlas caveTopTexture= new BitmapTextureAtlas(60, 180, TextureOptions.BILINEAR_PREMULTIPLYALPHA); caveTopRegion= MyTextureRegionFactory.createFromAsset(caveTopTexture, context, "caveTop.png", 0, 0); //**************************************************************************************************************//  This is the command which loads the image of "caveTop." I also added: //****************************Cave Variable Images*******************************// public static TextureRegion caveTopRegion; //*******************************************************************************// This command sets up the variable used to initiate TextureRegion and naming it caveTopRegion. From here I believe I can start tinkering with the code:  rect.setColor(colorRed/255f, colorGreen/255f, colorBlue/255f); and trying to add in the picture. Am I on the right track?
  2. Hello all,   I did research before I decided to post this so at least I know I can read and follow directions. The code I have draws rectangles, which is awesome, but I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to replace the rectangles with a picture I made instead of just filling them in with the color brown. I will attach some pictures so this isn't as crazy sounding as I type it here.   Current rectangles: https://db.tt/Nq72xGm8 New rectangles after picture added: https://db.tt/ny9rD2ye   After doing a search on your site I found some references but not sure if they exactly answer the question I am asking. Here is the code chunk I would like help with: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Add rectangles at top increasing height at start and decreasing // at the end. These rectangles will move from right to left side // of the screen and increase in height with time to make game herder. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// float upX= 0; float heightUp= 30; heightPlus= 5; for(int i= 0; i<30; i++){ final int num= i; final Rectangle rect= new Rectangle(upX, 0, 60, heightUp){ protected void onManagedUpdate(float pSecondsElapsed){ if(state== 50){ heightPlus= 0; } if(this.getX()+ this.getWidth()<0){ this.setHeight(this.getHeight()+ heightPlus); if(num==0){ this.setPosition(rectsUp.get(29).getX()+ rectsUp.get(29).getWidth(), this.getY()); }else{ this.setPosition(rectsUp.get(num-1).getX()+ rectsUp.get(num-1).getWidth(), this.getY()); } } if(this.collidesWith(copterCollider) && !gameOver){ gameOver= true; } super.onManagedUpdate(pSecondsElapsed); } }; rect.setColor(colorRed/255f, colorGreen/255f, colorBlue/255f); scene.attachChild(rect); rectsUp.add(rect); final PhysicsHandler rectHandler= new PhysicsHandler(rect); rect.registerUpdateHandler(rectHandler); rect.setUserData(rectHandler); rectHandlers.add(rectHandler); if(num<15){ heightUp+= 3; }else{ heightUp-= 3; } upX+= 60; } I understand that the picture has to be called and inserted but I suppose I assumed it would be a lot easier than what it is turning out to be because the rectangles are already drawn.   My thought on the subject is that at the point where the code reads: rect.setColor(colorRed/255f, colorGreen/255f, colorBlue/255f); I would keep the code the way it is basically but change setColor to call the picture or even change the variables in a way to show the picture instead of colors. After looking on Google I found a few posts that were in the ball park that talked about using a specific code, but it is slightly confusing to me how to implement it. The main article I found is located  here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15247971/fill-rectangle-with-image-in-java and in that same article is a second link which takes me to a website with a tutorial: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/2d/images/drawimage.html.   Could someone explain to me in a more simplified English what exactly to do? I'm not looking for step by step just a better idea on how to accomplish my goal. Any help on the subject would be fantastic, thank you in advance. ~Michael
  3. Android game ad spamming to gain money...

    1) you make a point, I guess they probably would be able to pick up if user 3213 has clicked on the ads hundreds of times.  2) what if you have an ocd which causes you to click on every ad you see......I'm just saying haha
  4. So I was thinking about this for a little bit now and am curious if this is possible. Some developers tend to add ads into their games, some ads are full screen and some are just the little banner ones. The way I understand them is that if an ad pops up, depending on the type that is used, and the player clicks on it the developer gains money, if i am incorrect please inform me. Anyway if I were the developer of a mobile game couldn't I just click on my games ads all day and gain an easy $50 bucks?
  5. question regarding game developer

      This is correct by 100%. I am new to game design and development but I have emailed quite a few companies looking for shadowing opportunities and intern positions s well as tips. The biggest suggestion I always here is to build a portfolio with whatever I can do or any piece that I have done on my own that related to game design. I made a mistake and went to school for game programming, it has been a waste of time from the experience aspect of learning. I would say read, as did everyone else, and create your portfolio with whatever you can, even little designs or your own quick game ideas. 
  6. Game in 7 Days, Day 7: DONE!...ish

    Well done sir and congratulations in regards to your child. I wish I had the ability you had. I instead am going the RPG Maker route. 
  7. *hypothetical* If Nintendo had to sell...

      honestly I never thought about that. I would think Nintendo would take their plummer to the grave with them before licensing him out but the world is a business I assume.  7 billion huh, I wonder what all the fuss is then. I understand a loss in business but with that kind of money they could lose out for a couple of years and still be wonderful. 
  8. I've been a huge Nintendo fan since I was a kid. I’m also not much for understanding how the business industry works, but my friend Nate and I were having this conversation at work about who Nintendo would sell too if they had to. My thought is Nintendo would sell to PlayStation since they are old competitors. Nate believes they would sell to Microsoft because they offer that “whole system experience”…apparently (I don’t agree). Anywho so I was curious what others think? If Nintendo had to stop making home consoles what do you think they would do with their mascots (Mario, Zelda, etc.)?
  9. April 17, 1629 - 1st commercial fishery established.
  10. Survival of the Fittest

    Very cool. I love these types of games, there are not enough of them. I will definitely follow the progress of this game. I guess I have a few questions just to pick your brain. Is this a game like lost in blue for the ds (more of the collecting the resources to survive) or more like tribes for the computer (more of a puzzle game)? Can you create buildings or items that make living easier? What I mean by that is, I can kill a Dino that gives 1 meat but if I use a knife it will give me 5 meat? Last thing off the top of my head involves the people you find. When you find the people that need help of what have you, if they join you can they help you build and get food?
  11. Dungeon/ Maze generator

    That is really cool. I commend you on your ability to create that. Do you have a plan on what your going to use that for? Maybe like a top view dungeon crawler or a maze game?
  12. Looking to beta testers for android game

    [quote name='Enders' timestamp='1301599637' post='4792723'] ahh i see what you are saying. I actually have uploaded the game to the android market now. You can download it by searching Orbital Launch Demo. You may need to uninstall the test package. The controls are on the bottom already in that version, and a bit bigger. Glad you like it. I am working on a new game for android right now. I think i learned as much as I can from Orbital Launch, so it is going on the shelf for now. [/quote] Oh hell yes that is exactly what I mean. I Love it great work Whats the new game you are working on, I wouldn't mind helping with the beta or whatever if you need anything.
  13. Just bought a Wii

    Super Smash bros and Zelda. If you give me your wii id we can battle lol
  14. Looking to beta testers for android game

    [quote name='Enders' timestamp='1299027631' post='4780782'] Another day, another update. This time, I added some code for sprite animation. My custom sprite class is coming along well. Going to be using that a lot in my next game It was seriously difficult to do in opengl. Had to create an arraylist of integer arrays to handle the number of images. It will take a source file, with the height and width you specify, then will chop it up and make new textures out of it. Animations are for explosions. I feel the [s]game[/s] Level 1 is almost complete. I need to add a menu/end game screen and sound. Feel free to download the game at the top and let me know -Brian [/quote] Amazing, its a bazillion times better *thumbs up* I love the beginning how to play and play button as well as the end victory you won screen. I FINALLY BEAT THE MOON!! lol Do you think it would be better to have the left and right arrows maybe bigger and in the bottom left instead of left center? aswell as the fire button maybe in the bottom right instead of right center? or do you not think that would be better?
  15. Looking to beta testers for android game

    [quote name='Enders' timestamp='1298794337' post='4779572'] Yay! Finally something that works. Yeah, this has been a really fun project for me. My next revision will be scaling the controls for different screen sizes, just like how I scale the game objects for different screen sizes. And thank you for your kind and inspiring words. [/quote] Sweet I cant wait maybe I will be able to beat that dang moon........*drops to knees MOOOOOOOOOOON*
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