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  1. I wanna write my own game engine , OR , learn how to make games with some good game engine , and (maybe) quit DirectX programming. Currently , I wanna find some game engine , and make some games with it . but I wanna have direct access to C++ code and low level shaders ofcourse . Unity is not so hard , but I can not have direct access to source code. shaders are accessible.but Unity uses C# and I am worried about performance . UDK seems to be good I don't know anything about it ,
  2. Hi I have worked on C++ for about 11 years and DirectX for about 6 years. What graphics engine is good for me to learn ? Can I use my C++ and DirectX experience in any game engine ? Thank you friends.  
  3. Hi I have not studied computer or graphics ACADEMICALLY . I have studied Physics !!! Now I work as a C++ programmer . I love DirectX and C++ . No one can take what you love from you. If you love something , just dive in it.   Ask God whatever you want and just try !!!
  4. I have implemented directional and perspective SINGLE shadow maps. But now I wanna learn cascaded shadow maps or parallel split shadow maps. I want to start with a simple (compared with DirectX SDK , june sample)  tutorial or sample.
  5. hi can any one help me with shadow mapping in large scenes please? is there a tutorial on parallel shadow mapping , or cascaded shadow mapping ? What is the SIMPLEST way ? (!!!!) thanks in advance.  
  6. hi excuse me if this is a very basic question. but I really need to know . thanks.
  7. [quote name='Dynamo_Maestro' timestamp='1344727015' post='4968552'] Another option is to take advantage of DX10/11 which may seem like a bad idea at first since you lose your helper methods from DX9, but it means you can directly make use of theoretical books which in my opinion are so much more easier to work with when you are designing your own animation library [/quote][quote name='Dynamo_Maestro' timestamp='1344727015' post='4968552'] PS. I personally did not like the helper methods in DX9 and found it harder to understand animation, things just seemed to make more sense when I worked with the mathematical theory and DX10 [/quote] thanks. you are right. I think DX9 helper functions were not so useful.
  8. excuse me. but 'bump!'
  9. hi can any one help me to find some eBooks or tutorials on advanced animation techniques? headers like Layered animation , blending , mixing , procedural animation , morphing , and ... thanks. something like Advanced animation with directx 8 (Jim Adams).
  10. [quote name='saejox' timestamp='1342357237' post='4959249'] [url="http://assimp.sourceforge.net/"]http://assimp.sourceforge.net/[/url] [/quote] assimp imports COLLADA . I think assimp is excellent. (assimp doesnt import FBX DIRECTLY). but it removes Mesh Subsets.it creates independent meshes from subsets. I dont know if its good or bad.but I think there is no choice for programmers who use assimp. secondly , if we cant use our own importer , we rely on others. like assimp or FBX SDK. years ago I just worked with XFiles.directly. Like what L. Spiro said , [quote name='L. Spiro' timestamp='1342354728' post='4959242'] My solution is to use FBX for model data and then create a secondary file with the same name but different extension which contains custom data. [/quote] If I needed extra data beside my models , I had to create another file. but as we know , Microsoft stopped supporting it.(and indirectly suggests using FBX. ) the best choice , I think , is to create my own data format . but I should first import from other formats . I choose FBX or COLLADA .this is the story.
  11. hi I want to import models into my game or game engine. it should support animation. which one is better? FBX or COLLADA? why?
  12. thank you so much. here , in my company , there are too many people who don't like what I do. But I would like to continue. I'm so glad to see there are some people who think like me. thank you guys.
  13. [quote name='SimonForsman' timestamp='1341997291' post='4957943'] If you are doing it to learn then you should experiment with a lot of things, write some tech demos with DirectX and/or OpenGL, Write a few games using various third party engines (Even if your goal is to become an engine programmer it helps a lot to have seen how the popular commercial engines work), Try to integrate a scripting language in your own from scratch game, etc. [/quote] thank you guys. so condition is not too bad. just I should change some views. I think I can continue LIVING!!