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  1. During this process you write down what everything is doing and what is going on in each location during the design phase. There is no right or wrong way of doing a design document. Search the one that fits your needs in your game story and game mechanics.
  2. Sure that would help greatfully. Thanks.
    The design doc is pretty much what your doing now. Fleshing out all of the details for your game. Its like constructing a book in chapters. Title, chapters, walkthroughs, characters and stats, enemy stats, maps, weapons, items, accessories, armor, and other tid bits.
  3. Ah it was an microsoft office 2007 word document you want it in notepad form. I will send you a variety of different formats. also waht is this Design Spec Document TheJoeCooper talks about, is that like what console it would go on?
  4. Ash. I found the email you sent me, but when you sent it and when I opened it up. You had saved it to docx. My notepad nor word pad won't open this doucment up. Could you adjust the text into normal word please. Thanks. The text when opened was jumbled text.
  5. kingofswing94

    Egyptian Desert Description

    [font="Times New Roman"] [/font][font="Calibri"]The sun shone high in the Egyptian sky, like a giant fiery ball. You could tell by the positionof the sun that it was twelve noon; heat waves reverberated of the sand dunes,rocks and small destroyed outposts that littered the vast wasteland that is theLibyan Desert. Mount Jebel Uweinat loomed in the near distance protruding upinto the sky as far as the eye can see. Along the foothills of the mountainsmall sandstorms spiralled around like miniature vortexes, in and among themany destroyed nomadic buildings and rocks. Old tattered flags of green and thetraditional striped Egyptian ones flapped in the harsh wind reminiscing thetimes of the Libyan-Egyptian War. Despite the harsh conditions the derelictruins were abuzz with life, vehicles, suited for the desert environment, ofdifferent statures where parked around the ruins life feasting hounds aroundmeat, tiny black specks were patrolling the area like sentinels. The area athand was a gradual incline which paved its way around the base of the mountainand then flattened out to a plateau of the sorts. Near the back of the plateaua small gully lead further into the rock outcrop, up and around the entrance tonatures stronghold, were men holding a variety of guns and wearing ballisticvests stood around as if waiting for something to happen. A few small sandtracks lead of around the edge of the gully like veins in the rock face. Thegully leads around in a slight curve to the right and then opened up back intothe great sandy expanse, like the estuary of a river. Further out a distance asmall cluster of two or three broken stone buildings, had a variety of carsparked among it, but these contrasted to the other vehicles by the way theylooked. They looked more posh and sleek; they were black limousines and sedansof varying sizes. A faint pair of tyre tracks rolled off into the distance. Ahuddle of what looked around nine people was stood around the ruins. Up aboveat the exit to the gully were two vantage points, probably were the sandytracks lead to, each with a sniper positioned on both ledges. The guards werein constant radio contact with each so if anything looked suspicious the otherwould know. Whoever is at that meeting must be pretty important for all of thiscover, even though it is in the middle of nowhere.[/font] [font="Times New Roman"] [/font][font="Calibri"] Suddenly, a manstarted to climb out of one of the limos, you could only just see his feet andhis dapper suit, when a shot rang out and one of the vehicles exploded, causingthe huddle of people to dissipate as shrapnel flew in all directions. A coupleof the people took quite an impact from the explosion, one more than theothers, who was laid out on the sandy ground. The people started rushing aroundlike a swarm of angry bees, a couple of people picked up the out cold man andlugged him into a vehicle, as soon as it had started the commotion had stoppedas the only thing to been seen[/font][font="Calibri"] was the plume of dustbillowing in the distance, from the cars escaping the chaos.[/font] [font="Times New Roman"] [/font]What do you think of this? It is only a first draft, just for the tutorial i can't draw so you will have to imagine from my descriptions.
  6. Sure. Turbodragon76@yahoo.com
  7. I sent you a email but no option. Couldn't you just PM me your actual email address so i can email properly not via Gamedev
  8. For email contact, just go to my profile and click on contact information for email. For the files, I have not used them at all. Sorry I wish I could help you on that part.
  9. Couldn't i add it under the Files section, how do i do that though? Not very aware of how gamedev works.
  10. Started a journal!!!
  11. kingofswing94

    Starting an idea

    Just finished my quick design document for The Target. It features the storyline, characters involved, locations involved and things unique to the game. What type of games do people prefer of the two, Third Person Shooters or First Person Shooters?
  12. How? I click on journal and it says you have no new messages.
  13. Also start a journal in game dev. Just click on journal and we can put details in there as well.
  14. Dropping a line saying that the email did work. Thanks for the email test.
  15. I will i am quite new to the gamedev. Depends, coz at the moment i don't have my own laptop, but i am getting one soon.
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