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  1. Seriema

    Star Trek movie funness

    hehe we thought about Bones too but felt we were stretching the idea a bit too thin ^^ Oh yeah, feedback would be great!
  2. Seriema

    Star Trek movie funness

    Hi guys, It's been a while since I've posted anything here. :) A friend and I watched some trailers for the new Star Trek movie, and couldn't help but laugh at how Captain Kirk has become such a typical Hollywood bad-ass. Both him and Spock exchanging one-liners and punching in every other scene. So we started wondering, what one-liners will we hear in the movie? "Set phasers to kick-ass!"? So we created a website for it! It's kinda like but for Kirk and Spock one-liners! You can easily submit quotes and vote for others. It would be a lot of fun to hear which one-liners you guys can come up with. :) Have fun! JP
  3. Seriema

    Morning's Wrath on GameTap

    Congrats dude!
  4. Seriema

    Growing my e-penis

    Yeah I love the whole concept. Last night I completed Overtime Mode in Dead Rising, for the True Ending (got the Unbreakable Achievement too!). So now I'm just hunting the other 27 Achievements (out of 50), instead of just letting the game be. That really lifts the replay value! What I would like though is some standardised meters, such as "finished" and how many of the endings you got ("1 of 1" if there's only one). Also, it should differ the demo from the real game and if you finished that., for example, counts a game as "completed" when you've got all the Achievements. An overview in It doesn't reflect the fact that I've completed Dead Rising. Twice.
  5. I've been playing some Xbox 360 where I'm doing my thesis project, since I don't have a console of my own. Some of the games I've been playing are Guitar Hero 2, Burnout: Revenge and Dead Rising. Oh how I love Dead Rising! I've gone out of my way to take pictures of large zombie groups and even put funny hats on them. You know; the extra stuff you often do in games but no one will ever know, until now. Remember getting Samus in the swimsuit on Metroid for NES? Got any proof? No? Now games actually measure your e-penis and add an inch or two for every nerd thing you do! Auto-upload to your profile, online! Wish you had proof of this moment, huh? Since the word "e-penis" doesn't have a good ESRB rating Microsoft calls this Gamerscore. They even got a nifty feature to measure yourself against your friends! Gamerscore is enlarged.. err I mean gained, by obtaining Achievement points in games. Those are challenges that you can take in games, like completing them (like the 3 Day Survivor Achievement in Dead Rising) or doing really hard stuff (like the Millionaire Pair Achievement in Guitar Hero 2; Get 1,000,000 points on a song in Cooperative). His e-penis in Guitar Hero 2 is larger than mine =( So now I'm hooked on doing all the weird stuff the developers have thought out as challenges. I.e. growing my e-penis. I'm hooked on Dead Rising, it's the most entertaining game I've played for years. Here's why: All the cool stuff you can do, it's incredible!! The blender, the clothes, the camera, the skills, the weapons... oh the weapons! It's like a giant sandbox of stuff you can do, to kill zombies. Then they couple that with a nice and intriguing story worthy of movie by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell(!). On top of that Capcom adds time pressure through your clock (be at the helipad in 72 hours) and a whole bunch of quests; both for the main story and to rescue survivors. They also give you seven different endings. I got the F ending first, but managed to get the A ending last night. Except that's not the end! There are 48 more hours! The awesomeness never ends... The story continues and now I'm battling for the ture ending (I like how they misspelled that).
  6. Seriema

    A survey on game match broadcasts

    I've closed the survey now, thanks for the input! And here's some weird trivia as an reward. ^^ (just a proof of how missleading statistics can be) * The oldest person on is 31, the youngest is 16. * 95% of are male, but with uncertainty (lies, miss-clicks, etc) the conclusion is that there are no women here or everyone's a bunch of liars. * There is someone from a ubscure country that's not listed. * No one really, really likes watching trailers and teasers. * There's such a word as "entertainful". * There's a correlation between young people and Denmark.
  7. Seriema

    A survey on game match broadcasts

    Thanks for the answers! Keep them coming! (Closed!) JSoftware: I've updated the question. Thank you for the help! I've added a description to the page about pro-gaming where you found that question. Would this description helped? "Because you have experience from clan competitive leagues there are some specific questions about your experience." oliii: Yes, as with any sport I prefer playing than watching but the entertainment value for other people is undeniable. Guild Wars huh? Haven't even thought about that as a spectator game. Have you had any experience with WoW in that aspect? I'm a bit reluctant to add it into the games I've listed as it could create a whole new scope of games. Have you tried out HLTV in CS:S? You just browse broadcasted matches as you would browse any other game to join. The observer chat in GW seems like something to look into though. Ravya: I've added both Tribes and Team Fortress now. I tried to keep the list concentrated on FPS team games but added a few outside of that due to popular demand. Have I forgotten any other game that might be interesting? I suspect you meant Tribes 2 when you mentioned Tribes? [Edited by - Seriema on June 11, 2007 4:34:54 AM]
  8. Seriema

    A survey on game match broadcasts

    Thank you for answering! That question is very important but also the one I've had most problems with... What I'm trying to find out is: if there's some specific action (like headshot or knifing a enemy squad leader) that the audience (online chat or live) seemed to enjoy the most. Possible rephrase: "Is there an action that you enjoy performing for anyone watching the match?" How's that?
  9. Hi guys! I've made a survey on game match broadcasts to find out more about what gamers want to see when spectating a match in computer games. Click Here to take survey (Edit: Closed!) Also, if it's possible, please answer any of these questions about the survey: 1) How much time did it take to finish the questionnaire? 2) Are the instructions clear and easy to understand? 3) Are there any questions that are hard to understand or could be interpreted in several ways? 4) Where there any questions you didn't want to answer? 5) Do you feel an important question was left out? 6) How did you feel about the layout? 7) Other comments and opinions. I'll post some trivia from the answers later this weekend. ;) Thanks guys! [Edited by - Seriema on June 11, 2007 4:40:56 AM]
  10. Seriema

    Two Things, about events

    that means I'm right! :O
  11. Seriema

    Mass email program?

    Maega, I'm cured from NIH. :P Ravuya, yes - as those are local to his home machine and not something on a server or anywhere else we can access it from. Anyone know of a windows app for this that works? I've tried MailList and another one called MassMail or something (can't remember! gah). No luck.
  12. Seriema

    Getting in shape (again)?

    What I've learned about higher reps is that they build strenght, while lower (heavier) reps build mass. I'm more into strenght building right now so I'll be going with higher reps, as that has worked for me before. I understand what you said about doing more olympic moves to work out the whole body at a time, it's a good suggestion. But as I mentioned, I don't have access to that kind of equipment (like a barbell); only dumbells, a bike, a threadmill, and a universal gym. I'm looking into CrossFit right now, thanks for the tip. Anyone with a nice training schedule app? Or do I have to make one myself? hehe
  13. Seriema

    Getting in shape (again)?

    Hi, With the sun coming back from it's winter-vacation I'm getting the urge to train. Again. About 7 years ago I did a lot of body-building and when I was getting a nice body I quit (because of university?.. hmm). Where I'm working now there's a small gym. I.e. a small room with some dumbells, a bike, a threadmill, and one of those deathtrap multi-machines. I remember that during the first months I had to do boring training to get the body into shape, so I could move on to muscle-isolating sessions. But I hate that. So I thought about setting up a simple workweek-schedule, without forgetting to rest. Something like: Monday - A) Chest, biceps, legs or B) Chest, biceps Tuesday - A) Back, triceps, shoulders, lower arms or B) Shoulders, triceps Wednesday - Relax or cardio? Thursday - A) (repeat) Chest, biceps, legs or B) Back, lower arms Friday - A) (repeat) Back, triceps, shoulders, lower arms or B) Relax or cardio? Saturday - Relax Sunday - Relax For each muscle group I was thinking about 2 sets, with 12-10 reps each (light weights). Some people recommend going for a program with fixed exercises, and change program once a month or so. Others recommend "shocking" your muscles by changing exercises every training. I noticed that I flat-out pretty fast; if I do the same exercise for a few trainings I stop progressing untill I change exercise. I liked one flexible quote from a friend: "do what you feel like doing". Kinda like trusting your muscles/body? Abs is something I haven't mentioned but you can always do abs. [grin] Diet is a whole other issue. It's important but I'm not going to get into that in this post. Any comments so far? Also, I'm looking for a progress-tracking software. It could very well be a good sheet for Excel, but preferably something specialized. Especially with a print-todays-training-feature with the previous weights for those excercises pre-filled. Any tips on that? Let me hear your thoughts and let's see if we can set up a nice and simple start-up program. [smile] edit: yes the chocolate peanuts recipe in my sig is kinda ironic... [Edited by - Seriema on April 22, 2007 3:58:10 AM]
  14. Seriema

    Mass email program?

    Hi, We've got a big mailinglist for our organisation members; about 1000 people. So far it's been ouar system admin doing the bulk emailing with his magical shell scripts in Unix. But as he's going to leave the organisation we Windows users need to pick up the magick wand somehow. Have you guys used any good mass email programs? Either local or run on a server? The ideal would be connecting to a mysql server and pulling e-mails from a db table through a SQL query (either pure SQL or generated by the app).
  15. Seriema

    Anyone partaking in the Joost Beta?

    I got an invitation! yay!
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