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  1.   Yeah, there is. I pay 3.95 to it every month. So, no, I don't mean GDNet+   See thread here.     That thread is ages old... well, then, I don't know. I know there were some problems in the past with GDNet+ members becoming Crossbones and having their GDNet+ title overridden by Crossbones or something, maybe that's what happened to you. As far as I have always known Crossbones is not a paying title, you just need to have 1000 rep points basically. Let's see what Kevin says.
  2. There is no crossbones monthly membership.. are you thinking of GDNet+? If so then yeah you definitely should be if you're paying the monthly subscription...
  3. Bacterius

    Fast Approximation to memcpy()

      Technically the memory pointed to by the src and dest pointers can't overlap, so a compiler could technically optimize "dest == src" to "size == 0" making your function very fast by virtue of accepting only zero-length inputs :lol:
  4. Bacterius

    GDNet+ ads

      I think that would be a cool thing. It would allow people that are interested in seeing what  GDNet+ Developers are working on.     Which is sort of what the old IOTD was.
  5. It's honestly very hard to mess up while assembling a computer these days. Parts that aren't meant to go together won't fit, and you would have to try very hard (as in furiously rubbing your feet against carpet during assembly) to damage them with static electricity. Just be careful to not press on the motherboard like a madman; sometimes it takes a little work to plug components into it and lock them, and in some cases you will need to push fairly hard to insert them, but do not apply excessive force, take it slow and check what the issue is. The most intimidating part for a newbie is probably putting the CPU in its socket, just work slowly, read the instructions, think twice before doing and don't break anything and you'll be fine.   Just make sure to buy components that are actually compatible, e.g. don't buy a motherboard with an AMD socket and an Intel CPU, because that simply will not work.   It really isn't that hard :)
  6. Bacterius

    Faster Sin and Cos

    I feel like this is the kind of optimization problem that just screams out "genetic algorithm! genetic algorithm!" as the search space seems very smooth and well-behaved.
  7. Bacterius

    Weitght vs speed when considering damage output

    Yes, a punch from a really thin, pointy piece of light metal would be extremely destructive.   Actually the metric you are looking for is not force, but force over surface area (also known as pressure). An extremely strong punch distributed over a large surface area is going to do far less damage than a weak punch concentrated into a tiny surface area. Also see beanbags vs bullets. Similarly, a fast-moving object has a lot of energy, because kinetic energy scales with the square of velocity; so all things equal, the faster object will probably do more damage than the heavier one.   The actual damage imparted to the target depends on the consistency of the weapon and the consistency of the impacted area, as you correctly identified a plastic punch won't do much to an iron target, because the plastic will crumple on the iron and absorb the force of its own impact. If you can't penetrate the iron armor, you can still try and hit it really hard, which will set up a shockwave through the iron (because it's not completely rigid) which can damage whatever is behind (this is the basis for weapons). Sufficiently loud sounds can be very damaging because of the amplitude of the sound waves generated; that's why for instance water was being poured onto the launch pad for space shuttle launches to dissipate acoustic energy, so that the sound waves wouldn't shake the shuttle to pieces; if you were standing next to that your internal organs would be instantly turned to mush.   How accurate do you want to be?
  8. Bacterius

    WoA IV Judging Feedback

      I wasn't expecting anyone to have to decompile things to get it working but thanks for the info. I'll look into correcting that.     You know how it is with us engineering types, when something doesn't work we just gotta figure out why :)
  9. Bacterius

    Simple opencl question

    First of all, CL_MEM_COPY_HOST_PTR will only copy the initial data given to the host-allocated backing store (allocated by OpenCL). Secondly, when you map the buffer to get a pointer you can write to it, yes (assuming you set the flags correctly) but you need to unmap it when you're done for OpenCL to transfer all that back to the GPU. And you need to get your flags right.   Also consider that for small variables that change all the time you might be better off with a constant variable rather than a global buffer, but you can do that later, first get it working.
  10. Bacterius

    WoA IV Judging Feedback

      Can you give any more details on this? What was the problem and how did you get around it? Someone else had a similar issue and I thought I had fixed it. The game should include the two fonts it uses and if there is an issue, it should fall back to any installed font the system has so something else must be going wrong and I'd really like to fix it.   Thanks again for the feedback!   Basically the system did not understand how to load OTF fonts, and it did try to fall back, but the font it chose to fall back to (in my case Aharoni) did not support the "regular" style requested by the application, so the game crashed on startup. After going through your code with a decompiler, I eventually tried converting the OTF font to TTF and renaming it and it worked correctly afterwards.
  11. Bacterius

    WoA IV Judging Feedback

    WoA IV Scoresheet. ---- Team: 7 day masochists Game: nameless Download: Members: IYP, newt Tech: - Gameplay: 13/25 Graphics: 12/20 Theme: 8/20 Audio: 6/10 FTUE: 6/10 Particiption: -/10 Judges: 3/5 Thoughts: ---- The game is obviously severely unfinished, and I really only saw one theme in it (I think which one is obvious). Nevertheless it was in 3D and while the animations were missing and the game was pretty limited I thought it was a worthwhile attempt. I found it hard to play at first until IYP explained to me that the death animations were missing, which is why it seemed the zombies weren't dying; the game made far more sense after that, but again not much to do besides killing as many zombies as you can and running in circles. Chat Participation: Heavy Comment Responses: 1 Blog entries: ---- ---- Team: Aletheia Game Studio Game: Resurrex Download: Members: cefleet, Rick Tech: Godot game engine Gameplay: 16/25 Graphics: 16/20 Theme: 16/20 Audio: 7/10 FTUE: 7/10 Particiption: -/10 Judges: 4/5 Thoughts: ---- I liked it. The graphics compositing of the dino was really well done. The controls were a bit wonky and several times I thought the game was frozen when the dino was just not moving when I expected it to move since without zombies around the game appears completely still; some idle dino animation could have helped. The connection to the themes of undead and evolution was clear. Chat Participation: Comment Responses: 7 Blog entries: ---- ---- Team: Bytetroll Game: runic Download: Members: Bytetroll Tech: self built, java, libgdx Gameplay: 6/25 Graphics: 10/20 Theme: 5/20 Audio: 5/10 FTUE: 8/10 Particiption: -/10 Judges: 3/5 Thoughts: ---- This entry did not try very hard to meet the themes of the competition; it's not enough to use the themes in the game's art, there also has to be a distinguishing game mechanic that makes use of those themes in my opinion. The gameplay was mediocre; the player has very little control due to the choice of game (slots) but most of all the game was not correctly balanced, it's too easy to make money and never lose. Chat Participation: Mild Comment Responses: 0 Blog entries: ---- ---- Team: dmatter Game: Gamut of Blob Download: Members: dmatter Tech: Gameplay: 23/25 Graphics: 17/20 Theme: 16/20 Audio: 5/10 FTUE: 9/10 Particiption: -/10 Judges: 5/5 Thoughts: ---- Great game, the puzzle elements reminded me a bit of Subterra (though far less elaborate of course). I thought the integration of the shadow theme was clever, although the evolution aspect was a little weak in my opinion. Still it was fun to play, and the puzzles were entertaining, not too easy but not too hard either. Chat Participation: Comment Responses: 4 Blog entries: ---- ---- Team: Frango Digital Game: Labrat Download: Members: devn00b Tech: - Instructions: Gameplay: 12/25 Graphics: 13/20 Theme: 17/20 Audio: 5/10 FTUE: 8/10 Particiption: -/10 Judges: 2/5 Thoughts: ---- I found the game too hard to play (although there is an exploit where you can just walk around the edges of the map as there are never any obstacles there). It would have been interesting for the player to be able to turn the light on and off at will, with a total finite duration per battery pack. The fixed duration as implemented was annoying to me personally, I would have preferred using it in small bursts. The themes were respected and the graphics were okay. Chat Participation: Comment Responses: Blog entries: ---- ---- Team: Grey Army Game: Sepulchre Download: Members: Servant of the Lord, Celesol Tech: C++, SFML, self built engine. Gameplay: 15/25 Graphics: 15/20 Theme: 14/20 Audio: 6/10 FTUE: 9/10 Particiption: -/10 Judges: 3/5 Thoughts: ---- Fun game. A little too easy, and it kind of runs on a little too long in my opinion. The art was very nice, my only complaint was that it wasn't obvious where the horizontal corridors were at first as they looked just like walls. It took me a while to discover that there were more than two animals I could summon; for some reason I was convinced that the "switch" option meant I could give one animal's turn to the other (which I never needed to do) until I clicked on it by accident near the boss fight. Chat Participation: Heavy Comment Responses: 5 Blog entries: ---- ---- Team: KodingNights Game: Ruins Of The Risen Download: Members: DKoding Tech: Java, own engine Gameplay: 22/25 Graphics: 19/20 Theme: 18/20 Audio: 8/10 FTUE: 9/10 Particiption: -/10 Judges: 3/5 Thoughts: ---- Very fun shooter. Back story felt a little forced, it would have been fine arcade-style. Nice graphics, many weapons and sweet SFX, a nice shoot'em up all around. Death was kind of unforgiving. The themes were clearly represented in the game. Chat Participation: Moderate Comment Responses: 1 Blog entries: ---- ---- Team: Kseh Game: Doom in the Shadows Download: Members: Kseh Tech: C/C++, SFML, self built engine. Gameplay: 19/25 Graphics: 14/20 Theme: 16/20 Audio: 5/10 FTUE: 9/10 Particiption: -/10 Judges: 2/5 Thoughts: ---- The gameplay was creative, as it gets harder and harder to avoid the black holes you end up placing. Other than that not much else to say, decent cohesive graphics but of course not incredibly deep or varied gameplay. NOTE: I accidentally put a score of 19 for the graphics category on the scoring sheet for this submission. Chat Participation: Comment Responses: 2 Blog entries: ---- ---- Team: mousetail Game: Undead Evolution Download:§ion=attach&attach_id=32967 Members: mousetail Tech: (not stated, speculated self built.) Gameplay: 20/25 Graphics: 11/20 Theme: 16/20 Audio: 3/10 FTUE: 8/10 Particiption: -/10 Judges: 4/5 Thoughts: ---- This is an interesting and I confess somewhat addictive game. I found some UI and gameplay defects such as the difficulty of placing buildings on the rightmost column, and I couldn't make villagers move close together so placing a few spikes severely limited the placement of my troops; of course you don't need do that anyway to as fully upgraded spikes are overpowered and will cripple all the zombies coming your way. The evolution mechanic was creative, and the undead theme is of course clear throughout the game (the hordes of invading zombies give it away). Chat Participation: Comment Responses: Blog entries: ---- ---- Team: Neon Light Games Game: Relic Hunter Download: Members: slicer4ever Tech: C++, self built engine Gameplay: 23/25 Graphics: 18/20 Theme: 15/20 Audio: 8/10 FTUE: 10/10 Particiption: -/10 Judges: 3/5 Thoughts: ---- The flashlight effect was well done graphically and made the game very tense to play, encountering the monster was frightening (thanks to the nice sound effect). The key mechanic was fairly standard and not very original but it gave a purpose to exploring the map. I can't help but notice that Relic Hunter is very similar graphically to Forbidden City, they have somewhat different gameplay (although both centering around the theme of shadows) but quite similar layouts and environments. Chat Participation: Heavy Comment Responses: 7 Blog entries: ---- ---- Team: New New Things Game: Forbidden City Download: Members: Endurion Tech: Self built, based on DirectX8, DirectInput, DirectSound (the "Xtreme" engine) Gameplay: 21/25 Graphics: 15/20 Theme: 15/20 Audio: 6/10 FTUE: 10/10 Particiption: -/10 Judges: 4/5 Thoughts: ---- A fun game, the light mechanic was creative and the maps were pretty interesting. The controls were a bit problematic, which is why I had to take some points out of the gameplay category; my character turned quite slowly, which made it a pain when I needed to hit a light to refuel my torch and then sloooooowly and awkwardly make a half-turn to continue exploring, wasting valuable time. I found the spikes had a little too big of a hitbox which was frustrating as they killed me once or twice where I felt they shouldn't have. I did like that the spikes were pretty hidden until you were right on top of them, so you had to tread carefully. One thing that really freaked me out at some point is I seemed to be stuck at some point, so I started wandering around and suddenly when I came back a path had appeared where there was originally a wall. I assume I triggered it by walking on something but it really confused me (in a good way) as who knows, maybe the map is subtly changing while you're playing (actually that could be a fun game mechanic to explore too). Chat Participation: Comment Responses: Blog entries: ---- ---- Team: SilviuShader Game: Snake Undead Download:!AjPyTC_8mu6ciNk1rVDhGayymPhfiA Members: SilviuShader Tech: C++, self built engine Gameplay: 16/25 Graphics: 14/20 Theme: 12/20 Audio: 4/10 FTUE: 9/10 Particiption: -/10 Judges: 4/5 Thoughts: ---- The camera being locked forward was a irritating but the game is straightforward. I steered my skulls mostly via the minimap as it was easier, and I liked the atmosphere of the game and the backdrop was nice. Not sure about the themes, the undead theme was visible of course but I did not see clear signs of any other theme being present in the game. Maybe there was more content as I did not play it very long as it got a bit dull after a while. Chat Participation: Moderate Comment Responses: 1 Blog entries: ---- ---- Team: Slaughterhouse Gaming Corp Game: Light of Felin Download: Members: Riuthamus, Jaden, MasterKG, iCompose Tech: UE4 Gameplay: 23/25 Graphics: 18/20 Theme: 15/20 Audio: 7/10 FTUE: 6/10 Particiption: -/10 Judges: 4/5 Thoughts: Fun and interesting game, a large map to explore with lots of content. The controls were not always responsive (sometimes the fires wouldn't light up even if I was directly in front of them, maybe the cooldown is random?). Great art as always from Riuthamus. It would have been nice to introduce the basic controls in an in-game tutorial (or even a help screen) as it is completely non-obvious how to play when you first start the game. I found Riuthamus' Youtube video and kind of followed along, would probably have been lost and frustrated without it. ---- Chat Participation: Heavy Comment Responses: 6 Blog entries: ---- ---- Team: Something Fun Game: Shadow raider of Ruins Download: Members: ryan20fun Tech: UE4 Gameplay: 21/25 Graphics: 15/20 Theme: 16/20 Audio: 5/10 FTUE: 9/10 Particiption: -/10 Judges: 3/5 Thoughts: ---- Very cool gameplay, although I didn't really know how to "finish" a stage? After collecting what seemed like all the chests there was no clear victory condition so I just exited the stage, perhaps I didn't find all of them. Clever use of the shadow and ruin themes. Chat Participation: Comment Responses: 0 Blog entries: ---- ---- Team: Stout Walrus Game: Stellar Salvager Download: Members: ArThor Tech: C#, self built engine Gameplay: 18/25 Graphics: 14/20 Theme: 13/20 Audio: 6/10 FTUE: 7/10 Particiption: -/10 Judges: 2/5 Thoughts: ---- Imaginative use of the shadow theme, I did not find any clear evidence of the other theme though (maybe "ruins" but pretty weak in my opinion). I understand that the game was going for 2D newtonian physics but the spacecraft's movement was hard to control, and the camera was a little glitchy making it hard to see the ship sometimes. Making the rotation speed slightly slower might have helped. It was hard to judge the distance of your ship to the asteroids. The gameplay is somewhat self-limiting as you burn up faster and faster as you get closer to the sun, so you have to be very careful in planning your jump from asteroid to asteroid; near the end, even the slightest miscalculation can burn your spaceship to a crisp. Graphics were pretty good but not exceptional. The game would not run at first (Windows 7) because of some font incompatibility issue. It took me a while to track down and resolve the issue, so I have to penalize the FTUE score a little bit. Chat Participation: Comment Responses: 2 Blog entries: ---- ---- Team: Thaumaturge Game: The Shadows Twisted Download: Members: Thaumaturge Tech: Panda3D, python. Gameplay: 19/25 Graphics: 16/20 Theme: 16/20 Audio: 10/10 FTUE: 8/10 Particiption: -/10 Judges: 5/5 Thoughts: ---- This game SERIOUSLY gave me the chills while playing; the combination of audio, lighting, and the difficulty of locating those ghosts was just right for me, hence the judge and audio points awarded. The fighting was interesting as the enemies actually had interesting movement patterns and didn't just hurl themselves against you; this contributed to the tense atmosphere and constantly watching your back. All around one of the best submissions this year in my opinion. Chat Participation: Comment Responses: know what, a crap ton, he's good for his 10, i promise. Blog entries:,-Day-1-Fighting-for-a-World-of-Undeath.html,-Day-2-Combat!.html,-Day-3-The-Undead-World.html,-Day-4-Shadows-and-a-Moving-World.html,-Day-5-Crash,-Boom,-Bang!.html#prettyPhoto,-Day-6-The-Final-Boss!.html ---- ---- Team: Unicore Game: Prometheus Download: Members: Orymus3 Instructions: Tech: Unity Gameplay: 23/25 Graphics: 17/20 Theme: 18/20 Audio: 6/10 FTUE: 9/10 Particiption: -/10 Judges: 4/5 Thoughts: ---- Great gameplay, lends itself to fairly complex strategies. I still thought it was a little too hard, the start could have used being a little slower so that Prometheus would have time to build up the defenses before the onslaught, but you could still get pretty far if you were quick to set up. Clean graphics make this game fun and engaging to play, I can see this being pretty close to marketable with a little bit more polish and some extra gameplay; kudos doing all this in a week! The game managed to meaningfully integrate three out of the four themes which is quite an achievement. Chat Participation: Comment Responses: 7 Blog entries: ----
  12. A user on a rooted device can do anything. Storing this file on the client's device is a mistake; you should be storing it server-side, which is the only way to ensure a client can never write to it. You can then modify it server-side whenever a player successfully completes a microtransaction... another advantage of doing this is that if the user accidentally deletes his stats file (perhaps by resetting to factory settings) you don't get a call from an angry customer asking you where the coins he bought with real money are :wink:   There should be frameworks that help you with doing this.
  13.   Or just full platinum. It's an electrical conductor, after all.
  14. Bacterius

    Lua with CML

    I would try defining the proper function type you need, and assigning &Vector3::operator+= to a temporary of that type, to use in addFunction().
  15. Bacterius

    It's Time to Start

      Yes.       Maybe worry about that later? It doesn't really matter where you start (within reason). Realistically a lot of engine-specific knowledge you learn with Godot today will be well obsolete in four or five years. But that could be said of any technology you use. Don't worry about whether what you started with will "be enough" for the rest of your career; you'll probably need/want to expand later on anyway. Just get started now, and you'll figure out the rest later. I promise you will  :)   There is nothing worse than not doing something because you could never decide on how to get started.
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