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  1. KanonBaum

    Re-Lease the Kraken Beta

    Game is still unfinished, but reaching a closing point. Mac Demo here. Windows, Linux, and iPad ports when it's finished. (Sorry! Just takes time, ya know.) Read the text files. Finished product soon!
  2. KanonBaum

    Re-Lease the Kraken -> Implemented Title Screen

    [quote name='Gaiiden' timestamp='1339886233'] Yep we have vimeo embed codes too [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] [/quote] Today I Learned. Thanks!
  3. Made a video to show the menu in action and not just a photoshopped concept: [media]http://vimeo.com/43863721[/media] [color=#71767A][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Things seen: Fully functional menu Normal mode Particle effects Player Kraken Level-reset on death Temporary(?) In-game tune Things to do: Decide on the musical direction for the game Write and design the levels for easy and hard Write AI for easy and hard predators Add an Options screen (?) Cleanup Credits Windows Port[/font][/color]
  4. KanonBaum

    Re-Lease the Kraken

    There was a Kraken-related comp here on the 'ol GDnet Lounge to which I figured I should join. Initially I knew I wouldn't have time to make a full game, but I could at least make something playable since I started much later into the comp. Then my release app didn't work. Then the comp ended. So I never technically had anything to submit. Dang. Anyway, here I am a week or so later (I'm terrible at determining the passing of time) and I have three game modes and a flashy title screen in the works. My goal now is to complete it as a full-fledged simpleton-of-a-game that people can play, enjoy, while I gloat about it among my friends with some sense of false superiority. Here's an old video (but still close to the current game play) to watch. I can't help but push my limits in competitions regarding themes. In this case, it's a play on words "Re-Lease the Kraken": the Kraken needs a new lease on yet another car, that greedy bastard, but his credit is bad and he should feel bad. Play as the car to avoid the wrath of the Kraken all the while collecting money so the Kraken can straight-up afford it. Giving the Kraken the car is the only way thousands of lives can be saved by this slimy, self-centered, salt-squid. The things left to do are: Finish coding the flashy menu (Objects slide in and move around on selection) Lengthen the levels. This will give players the feeling of time worth spent since there are only three modes (three levels) Game State where the Kraken is approved for a re-lease on the car and one where it is not. Make sound, music, and place it in the game. More updates on the way.
  5. OpenGL is good and all. But I wish it would hurry up and get with the OO world.
  6. KanonBaum

    The Core Mechanics of Influence Mapping

    This is really awesome! I wouldn't even have thought about using it as an implementation of "history" either.
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