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  1. If this morning was a carrot, it'd be a good carrot.
  2. Steve Jobs is not dead. He is now obsolete. Watch out for the new Steve Job 3GS this WInter.
  3. Now America REALLY has no Jobs. :'(
  4. Vegetarians, please stop eating my food's food.
  5. Today. Suuuuuuucks. Meanwhile, in Africa-
  6. I. Love. Irish Blend Java Monster Energy Drinks. Must buy five.
  7. Weeeee~ This status is flowing through the GDev update's waterfall!
  8. EUREKA! So take a bath. :|
  9. Finally got one portion of of my program done that I've been working on for a solid week straight. I have 12 hours to go to finish. Screw you recursive algorithms. Definition of recursion: See recursion.
  10. I had a weird dream last night. I wrote it out this morning as a note. You guys should read whenever you get the time. The ending is just WTF.
  11. You know when you're dorks when you're having a discussion with your roommate on what's the best font to use.
  12. It's 4:51 pm and I have not heard from my Brit. Lit. group. I skipped a day of hiking with friends to prepare for the meeting and did my research and the group project is to be presented tomorrow in class. No es bueno.
  13. FATALITY. (Toasty!)
  14. There once was a man from Peru Who had a lot of growing up to do, He'd ring a doorbell, then run like hell, Until the owner shot him with a .22
  15. I'm awake but my body is having a hard time catching up. Every time I blink, I seem to be going 5 minutes into the future according to my clock.
  16. Been studying some old old video games. It's interesting to see how far we've come, but it's also enlightening to see how programmers designed the game on such a basic level yet gave us memorable experiences. Also, graphics data manipulation is fascinating.
  17. Shadowgate. Hard has hell.
  18. Do you think it’s just a COINCIDENCE that EVERY conspiracy theory is ultimately INACCURATE? Or is REALITY pulling the strings!?
  19. Look at mah horse. Mah horse is amazin'.
  20. I need more time in the day for programming my games. Feels bad man.
  21. If a momma cat eats a ball of yarn... Will she have mittens?
  22. I cut down a tree once. I didn't mean to say those things, but it hasn't talked to me since.
  23. Today is a very emotional day for all of us. Years ago this day changed the very course of most of our lives and lives of our friends and family. I know my birthday is a huge thing to a lot of you and I didn't invite you all. It's not really not that big of a deal. You don't need to keep telling everyone "You Remember". I'm honored, really. Just don't go overboard for me. I just don't want things to go out of control like it did ten years ago when someone bought me a plane.
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