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  1. sweep a 2D shape into 3D

    Thanks in advance, and see if I can try it out.
  2. sweep a 2D shape into 3D

    As I said, the very simple example is enough like drawing a cube and cylinder by using translation and rotation. Of course, opengl support them as basic 3D objects, but I just want to know how the path defined and if we move 2D shape along the path, how to connect two adjacent shapes?
  3. sweep a 2D shape into 3D

    Yes, I also tried those terms, but only found some advice to implement it. Could you give me some pseudo-code about what I should do step by step?
  4. Hello, Does anyone know where I can find examples about how to use sweep method to draw objects? I have spent a couple of hours to search online, but I did not find any example code for this. (There are some about sweep-selection, but I do not think this is what I want.) Could anyone give me some simple examples like drawing a cube by translating a square along the line and a cylinder by rotating a line along the circle? I really know the idea, but it is difficult for me to figure out all the details. Hopefully, the example also includes how to map texture to this kind of complicate objects. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hello, Does anyone have an example how to create a more complicated 3D object by using translational or rotational sweep method? I know the basic idea, but I cannot figure out how it is implemented. Thanks!