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  1. GhostXoP

    Game Development Langauge

    I find it hilarious java got nothing. Has my point been proven yet.
  2. GhostXoP

    Best Physics engine to use

    &amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt; Im fine with that, its alot better then me having to compile the source myself, of which ive had problems with. I may actually use PhysX. The amount of CUDA cores needed have been put into thought however. <edit, dont mind the html...>
  3. GhostXoP

    Best Physics engine to use

    Not a bad idea. Will look at havok, if you have any others do tell as i will look at those too. If you suggest PhysX over havok in anyway however speak up, because i have 2.8.4 on my machine and will read the documentation if necessary.
  4. Does anyone know what would be the best choice of Physics engine based on Quality of tutorials provided by others on the engine and quality of the engine it self? Would like to find one worth learning.
  5. GhostXoP

    PhysX Tutorials

    Would anyone happen to know where i could learn all i need to know about PhysX? Other than the developer website. Ive found gputoaster but ive only found 2 tutorials. (Edit: Why did it double post?)
  6. GhostXoP

    how can I restart a loop: c++

    ..stay away from goto statements. Ive never had to use it, ever. It enforces the idea or the disease of spaghetti code to the programmers mind in my opinion. If you've done your homework, you should already know how to restart the loop hundreds of different ways. Its also bad to respond to a question like this with code. That teaches nothing but the will to ask more questions later on possibly about the same thing. Learn it, get it out of the way so you can do the same, possibly in a more complex way later. With never having to ask a question about it, in turn wasting your own time. Using creativity, you can answer your question yourself I also teach it online, id be happy to spread my programming religion ;)
  7. GhostXoP

    Newbie - Need any advice

    Go ahead and pm me on why C# should be prefered please. Id appreciate it.
  8. GhostXoP

    Newbie - Need any advice Keep repeating. No one has had any problems using the language except the guy who didnt know how to use the installer (i would hope that isnt you) I see alot of C++ and C used in those advanced projects Hell, even Call of Duty is written in C++ (possibly except consoles). I went ahead and learned C++ after i had self taught assembly. Ive got no problems with it, logically it works fine. Sure it takes a while to make a game with it (but the first person to say it shouldnt, has never done it), many are using it, why go an learn something like Rexx, when no ones going to have tutorials on their software using it? More then likely they will have a tutorial (it being their main one) for their software that uses C++ or C. Unless with the right person or sources to teach all that is needed to know, and then teach or read how to use the language, then ull be fine. Sure ull see results faster with python, but python cannot perform faster then C++ can. Look it up and prove me wrong. Sometimes its worth the wait for results. No one ever said building a tower was easy. Working on it is fun though. I know its a bandwagon thing, but many of your bosses know it too ;)
  9. GhostXoP

    Newbie - Need any advice

    Id be more then happy to teach anyone C++, if you are interested send me a message at ghostxop You just have to be dedicated to learning it, and id be more then happy to take 2 hours out of every day to teach you it. C++ to me is a very common language, ofcourse i could be wrong but when you look at tutorials for ogre and irrlicht, they are in C++. (mainly that is) If your in it just to make a game, and not interested in how it works, and not have a passion and interest for programming. Then dont bother to message me, ud just be wasting my time. To me, i believe the fun part, is the programming. This goes for anyone else interested. I like spreading my C++ religion.
  10. GhostXoP

    Finding Irrlicht Tutorials

    Alright, glad to say my search is over then. Thank you
  11. Ive come to only find the uncompleted Documentation (what i actually was wanting) I know theres Which as you can see in red, isnt completed. And, The tutorials But is that all i need? Surely theres more To anyone who has used irrlicht for their projects, can you please point to me what uve used to learn this, or is what i have now good enough?
  12. As bad as it sounds, be very prepared before jumping into the battle. Or ull spend most of it, learning, and not battling. Its worth it however, a couple more months to a year or two or preparing. Then when getting into the development, ull already have an idea of how you want half of it to work.
  13. Unless you have good experience with a programming language (The one you are using for development) AND have worked on a similar game for single player, and have background in developing applications that interact network wise. I believe a MMORPG isnt your project of choice just yet.. Object orientation has no problem, Get better at programming practices, code readability, and the indent button ;) "LOL, is that profile pic a joke or something?" Atleast i know now, im not the only one who shows an interest in body building.
  14. GhostXoP

    SDL Creation and sudden destruction

    A more straightforward and to the point description of the problem is The SDL window is created and is then suddenly destroyed but the program stays in memory The executable calling this function from its dll has a system("PAUSE") before and after the function call. Press any key to continue. . . * Window creation, window destruction * Press any key to continue. . . Is all that is seen
  15. GhostXoP

    SDL Creation and sudden destruction

    It hasnt worked anyway. :/
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