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  1. Ok new transmission and suspension or new car....?
  2. My daughter is here! Just under 8 pounds and beautiful as they come.
  3. Holy shit someone else actually watched that show. RT @MattGKaplan: "Who's driving? Oh my God, bear is driving! How can that be?!"
  4. #nintendo conference hit all the righ buttons. Best conference of the 3.
  5. Well the pre #E3 madness was interesting. Still looking for a better look at #Skyrim #tombraider #Batman
  6. The #Sony presentation is really starting to drag..... #E3
  7. Yup... RT @PatrickB_runic: Some of these Microsoft Demos are painful to watch... :$
  8. Yeet! 25 minutes to go. Time to cook up some corned beef hash andbrew sme coffee.
  9. Pumped for #E3 thinking about doing a 'from the couch' write up.
  10. Ouch! RT @mrArtessaDesign: you know what the only good part of New Vegas was? Ron Perlman and even that was recycled.
  11. Wow that looks incredible. RT @blijack: Tomb Raider trailer, bitch! -- http://bit.ly/jyV2bu
  12. Hmmm whats up echofone, i have a 12 hour gap in my twitter feed
  13. The designers/writters added a nice touch having Ezio's first assassination be so poorly executed.
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