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  1. question about GDC

    Hi, I'm the guy from the other thread. My business card now reads "Mostly just makes sandwiches" under my name if that helps any. Listing all that stuff is boring, and just looks bad on the card. I figure even if someone doesn't get the joke, they might tell me they need someone to make sandwiches at the studio.
  2. Hey everybody, so I'm getting my act together for GDC this year, and I'm having trouble figuring out how to handle the issue of my business cards. First a little background: I'm a student, I'll be volunteering at GDC, and I am not currently looking for a job, just hoping to meet some people. I do not have a portfolio per se, but am part of a group of student developers that I'd liken more to a garage band, than a real-deal company. In the group I handle production, sound and music, some of the coding, some of the level design, and some of the writing. I eventually want to work as a level designer, or programmer, or at an indie studio where I can do a bit of both (somewhat interested in the more specialized stuff like gameplay scripter). On to my questions: - Should I reference my game company, logo. and website, or just have it be MY card? - Should I list what I do, what I want to do, that I'm a student, or just leave it blank? I understand there's no hard set rules on this sort of thing, just trying to get some perspective on if you were handed a business card what would you rather see? Thanks for reading.
  3. Getting ready for GDC - Business Cards?

    Thanks everyone, that's exactly the type of insight I was looking for.
  4. So I'm working in a team of 5 students (4 + myself) and we just finished our first project using Game Maker, with storage being handled in Drop Box and project management handled through a Facebook group. While it worked fairly well (reliable for sure) merging changes between all of us, especially during the last few week, got pretty hectic. As our next planned project is going to be an XNA/ FlatRedBall/Glue project I thought we would looking into using something like Beanstalk, or it's competitor to handle source control, project management, and asset storage. Unfortunately, in researching our options it seems that most these services offer very little storage unless you get the super-awesome-kick-ass-premium-400-user packages. Are there any options out there anyone is aware of that offers Git or Subverion support for 5 users with 10GB of storage for $20 a month or less? If not, are people using multiple solutions to handle this sort of thing? any suggestions?
  5. Ok new transmission and suspension or new car....?
  6. My daughter is here! Just under 8 pounds and beautiful as they come.
  7. Holy shit someone else actually watched that show. RT @MattGKaplan: "Who's driving? Oh my God, bear is driving! How can that be?!"
  8. #nintendo conference hit all the righ buttons. Best conference of the 3.
  9. Well the pre #E3 madness was interesting. Still looking for a better look at #Skyrim #tombraider #Batman
  10. The #Sony presentation is really starting to drag..... #E3
  11. Yup... RT @PatrickB_runic: Some of these Microsoft Demos are painful to watch... :$
  12. Yeet! 25 minutes to go. Time to cook up some corned beef hash andbrew sme coffee.
  13. Pumped for #E3 thinking about doing a 'from the couch' write up.
  14. Ouch! RT @mrArtessaDesign: you know what the only good part of New Vegas was? Ron Perlman and even that was recycled.
  15. Wow that looks incredible. RT @blijack: Tomb Raider trailer, bitch! -- http://bit.ly/jyV2bu
  16. Hmmm whats up echofone, i have a 12 hour gap in my twitter feed
  17. The designers/writters added a nice touch having Ezio's first assassination be so poorly executed.
  18. Right on man thanks RT @AdamSessler: @JakeGilla 12:00 noon PST on Monday
  19. EDGe is a damn good publication. Really digging it.
  20. The 34GB sample collection I've been working on since I was 15 years old is finally gone. Time to start working on a new one.
  21. Damn. The Steam transfer isnt going as smooth as it should have.
  22. Still trying to decide between Maya and 3DS Max
  23. Wow. Elmatic. Wow.
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