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  1. Ok new transmission and suspension or new car....?
  2. My daughter is here! Just under 8 pounds and beautiful as they come.
  3. Holy shit someone else actually watched that show. RT @MattGKaplan: "Who's driving? Oh my God, bear is driving! How can that be?!"
  4. #nintendo conference hit all the righ buttons. Best conference of the 3.
  5. Well the pre #E3 madness was interesting. Still looking for a better look at #Skyrim #tombraider #Batman
  6. The #Sony presentation is really starting to drag..... #E3
  7. Yup... RT @PatrickB_runic: Some of these Microsoft Demos are painful to watch... :$
  8. Yeet! 25 minutes to go. Time to cook up some corned beef hash andbrew sme coffee.
  9. Pumped for #E3 thinking about doing a 'from the couch' write up.
  10. Ouch! RT @mrArtessaDesign: you know what the only good part of New Vegas was? Ron Perlman and even that was recycled.
  11. Wow that looks incredible. RT @blijack: Tomb Raider trailer, bitch! -- http://bit.ly/jyV2bu
  12. Hmmm whats up echofone, i have a 12 hour gap in my twitter feed
  13. The designers/writters added a nice touch having Ezio's first assassination be so poorly executed.
  14. Right on man thanks RT @AdamSessler: @JakeGilla 12:00 noon PST on Monday
  15. EDGe is a damn good publication. Really digging it.
  16. The 34GB sample collection I've been working on since I was 15 years old is finally gone. Time to start working on a new one.
  17. Damn. The Steam transfer isnt going as smooth as it should have.
  18. Still trying to decide between Maya and 3DS Max
  19. Wow. Elmatic. Wow.
  20. Get it while its hotbRT @steam_games: Ubisoft Week - Assassin's Creed: http://bit.ly/jpD9dc
  21. Retweet if you remember freestyles with Big Tigger on #RapCityThaBasement
  22. Alan Wake allready back in the mailbox... Great concept, looks good, but Alan is the biggest douche I've had to play as since Dante in DMC
  23. Holy shit just finished Brick. Best movie I've seen in as long as i can remember.
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