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  1. Seemingly random number based on coordinates

    [quote name='alvaro' timestamp='1311126623' post='4837743'] Can you post exactly what you did? I see how Perlin noise and your situation both can benefit from a hash function, but I don't know how you would apply Perlin noise directly to your situation. [/quote] I used a 2d Simplex Perlin noise, that is a modified version of the original: What I use is a javascript port of: [color="#999988"][url="http://staffwww.itn.liu.se/~stegu/simplexnoise/simplexnoise.pdf"]http://staffwww.itn....implexnoise.pdf[/url][/color] Wich works somewhat faster than the classic method, and for now, in a grid of (150,150) I can't really see any change in performance in comparison to just making a normal random number between -1 and 1 :-) /Kristoffer
  2. Seemingly random number based on coordinates

    Thanks a bunch for all the replies ! Got it working with the Perlin Noise, super smart method :-)
  3. Hi gamedevs! I'm making a little game, where I need an almost infinite world. The game is 2d, and to make it less memory consuming I want the entire map to be generated based on a seed. The same way minecraft is randomly generated based on a seed. So in short, what I need is a number based on each x and y coordinate that seems random, but is the same everytime the map is loaded. For instance, x = 3, y = 5 gives 42 and (63,15) gives 23 Right now i use this equation: Math.round(((y) * (x+1) + (y/20) + (x/32)) % 20) (javascript) But it repeats every 32 block or something like that. Anybody who can come up with a fix ? :-) Regards Kristoffer
  4. Hi guys! I'm currently working on a travian, ogame, browser based game. The genre is sci-fi, and every user has one or more cities on the world map. My problem is this: I would like to use hexagons, for the map tiles, for two reasons: 1. Not used very often 2. Maybe suits the sci-fi genre better than rhombus's My problem with using hexagons comparet to rhombus's, is that I don't have an easy way to show the users where on the map they are located with coordinates. (could be fixed with throwing the coordinates away from the UI, and display a minimap in the corner of the real map) I also want all the players to be able to see the position of theirs and other players cities by looking at the player's profile. But I don't really know how to do this without the use of coordinates? Maybe a very small map illustrating the rough position, or direction from the center of the map? What do you think? or do you have any ideas to my huuugee problem? :-) /Dorphern
  5. The basic idea

    Yeeeaaahhh! Yet another browser game! :-) Whuh! Yup, but actually I haven't seen any one with this theme and style yet (also the reason why I'm making it). I am tired of all those fancy browser RTS's out there, where the graphics is the main part of the game, and it takes away all the focus of the game play, and so does the "lets milk the players for money" things. I know! Payment, we need it, and so do I. Sorry to say it, but we can't just take away that part, but we can make it less important to buy, so that you can still get a great experience without using money. On the other hand, you will have an advantage if you do. So! the gamee, the gammeee! yeah, I know. Get to the point they say :-) It is an sci-fi RTS, in some universe, maybe on the earth, I don't know for sure yet. If you know Travian, og OGame you know wich type of game I'm making. There will be some resources: Crystals, Metal aaaaaaannd, yup, that's it. NO WAIT! There's power or energy, wich name you'd prefer, to run your civilisation, you need it to build, and to run your shit! :-) And a final resource (well I think it is) ... citizens! To work for you, and go to war for you ;-) That's it for now! :-) I will post some more details in the future, and some screens as well ;-) - Dorph
  6. Online MMORTS guidlines and help

    [quote name='Bigdeadbug' timestamp='1299956235' post='4784917'] I'm not sure if [size="2"]anyone’s [/size]mentioned it and it may not be any help but i noticed on the Paradox interactive site that "[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRgEVEnmZ4w"]Dreamlords: Resurrection[/url]" has launched. It's meant to be a Free to Play MMORTS, have not tried it yet so can't say if it's any good. The trailer does look a bit iffy but i guess i shouldn't judge a book by its cover:P. Anyway hope it helps, even if it just shows you how not to do it. [/quote] Thanks for linking :-) Yeah, your right about it looking a bit iffy, but I definitely think the concept is great :-)
  7. Online MMORTS guidlines and help

    [quote name='Edtharan' timestamp='1299856277' post='4784394'] Part of the problem of RTS games being converted into MMO is that RTS games generally have a strong Positive Feedback loop in them. In RTS games, this is important because it brings a swift conclusion to the game when one player gets the upper hand. However, in an MMO, there is no "swift conclusion" as the world is persistent and just because one player does well, it should cause the end of the game. What is needed is a Negative Feedback loop that makes good players have to work harder and harder the more of a lead they want. This kind of change would completely change the dynamic of the game and the risk here is that it changes it beyond what RTS gamers want from their game. The Positive Feedback Loop in RTS games is the: "Build Units -> Take over Resource Points using units -> Use resources to make more units" loop. This means that the better someone does, the easier it is for them to keep getting better. One idea here is to have a limit the number of units the player can have. This can be a hard limit, or a soft limit. Hard limits have an (arbitrary) number of population points and each unit costs population points to field. Soft limits have an ongoing cost (upkeep) associated with each unit and the upkeep vs income values determine the unit limit. The soft limit has a problem, that the player can still gain resources to increase their income and thus get around the soft limit restriction. The only way the soft limit works is to also limit the players ability to gain income. So although I am more for a soft limit solution, it is harder to implement and you can usually get a similar end effect with a hard limit (so the hard limit is usually more practical, but I find the soft limit more aesthetically pleasing). [/quote] So say, if I choose to put food into the game, it will make a soft limit, in the way that you have to use time (building farms) to generate more food for your warriors? And then having the price for farms go up as you level them up, it would cost more and more to keep a bigger army. But, because it's an online rts it also takes more and more of the players time the bigger his army and empire grow, so that is a kind og soft limit as well you could say?
  8. Online MMORTS guidlines and help

    [quote name='Zethariel' timestamp='1299704925' post='4783720'] This is your game. It is the furute. People could generate power from thin air as far as I'm concerned. Let the crystals emit a magnetic field, and lets say that two crystals that constantly orbit around each other generate power. Or that these crystals inherently have a charge, and melt away as they are used. Use your imagination and don't let stereotypes strangle you [/quote] Thanks! :-) haven't really thought of it that way, even though it's just straight forward and obvious
  9. Online MMORTS guidlines and help

    Hi Guys, I need a second answer on a thing I ran into. :-) I'm thinking about resources for the game, don't know why I'm starting there, but I am. It's a sci-fi "theme" so I've come up with these 2 resources: Metal and Food. The buildings will use power, so I was thinking a third resource could be Crystal wich could be one way to gain power, besides solarpower. The problem is, that in real life it's impossible to create power from crystals, so I thought of Deuterium wich is used to generate power in fussion powerplants. But is it okay to use Crystals or what is your opinion?
  10. Online MMORTS guidlines and help

    [quote name='Zethariel' timestamp='1299697031' post='4783667'] Always happy to help In return, sign me up for any beta! [/quote] Hehe, i sure will! :-)
  11. Online MMORTS guidlines and help

    [quote name='Zethariel' timestamp='1299667128' post='4783487'] Okay then, referring to the OP - play those games for some time and decide what features are fun. What makes player want to log in after being logged off for one minute. It's the same thing with forums, from my experience - there is always a chance someone did something significant while you were gone, and you would like to hear it as fast as possible. PvP might be your best bet - you could also use some tangible PvE elements, such as when you log off, there is a chance monsters attack your territory - making each log in a thriling sensation "did anything happen? Do I still own that great castle or is it just rubble now?". Time is important as well. Don't let the players use superior bandwidth/refresh rate/bots to their advantage - force the flow of time to, for example, one action point per 5 minutes. The player will stay logged to use that point as fast as he can to finish that one temple he has been constructing for the past week. Allow some other stuff while they wait - a small text based quest/dungeon like in Red Dragon? (not sure if red dragon was international or not, but it was a big hit of it's time in Poland) Crafting new recipes? Anything to keep the player logged till the next turn arrives. As a player I can also say that some mechanics are brutal and can make the game less of a fun experience - personally I hated O-Game for it's use of real time. I mean, I started building stuff, and the end of it would be well past midnight, when I could play no more. Time was being wasted and it caused frustration. Also, some players will always have an advantage over the other - that being the resource of time. MMORTS has to battle that issue to the same extent as any other MMO - how to allow friends to play with eachother despite different playtimes. Will allowing stronger players attack noobs be good for the player base? There is a really lot to think through when making an MMO really. An alternative, let's call it compromise, is having something Star Cowboy pulled off (hope i got the title right). It was a RTS that had turns (Galactic Conquest like) instead of real time flowing, and each game could incorporate a few players battling out in a system. Almost like Starcraft, but over a longer peroid of time, that being even a week or so. That way friends can host their own games and play when and as they please. [/quote] Thanks a lot for the detailed response, I've started playing some different games now to check them out and see wich features I like the most, as you suggested. I will also look at the other ideas on gameplay you've given me, thanks a lot for those :-)
  12. Online MMORTS guidlines and help

    [quote name='Zethariel' timestamp='1299665389' post='4783477'] RTS stands for Real Time Strategy - as long as there are at least two parties doing something at the same time, it can be considered an RTS. Now the question is, are you going GA style with 3D/2D live action or browser based like Travian or Galactic Conquest. Each is different and implements different ideas. Travian/Galactic Conquest is a game that can be played anywhere, given internet connection, and players visit it often to monitor the activity. GA on the other hand has a schedule of AvA fights, allowing for planning, and making the players sit at the location where the game is located. It boils down to how much you want the players to spend time with your game, the plot/lore of it - everything else is details that will emerge on their own as you go. Just my opinion on the subject of massive strategy games. [/quote] Yup, the plan was to create a Travian or Galactic Conquest like game, browserbased.
  13. Online MMORTS guidlines and help

    [quote name='Iron Chef Carnage' timestamp='1299624263' post='4783311'] I might not be reading that right, but I never really thought of Travian as an RTS. An RTS, in my mind, is a fairly intense experience, involving a brief playtime, a multi-phase strategy and a series of gambits to gain and exploit advantage on the playing field. In an MMO context, a lot of that doesn't work well, due to the longer timeline, the playstyle of your players and the sheer inertia of gained assets and capabilities, making shifts in power slow and cumbersome. [/quote] Can be me who's mistaking, what would you classify it as ? :-) [quote name='Edtharan' timestamp='1299639245' post='4783384'] [quote name='sunandshadow' timestamp='1299627771' post='4783331'] You could have an MMO where there were pvp and maybe also pve battles comparable to a warcraft or starcraft battle - that would be a functional MMORTS. [/quote] Although not RTS, the MMO Global Agenda has PvP and PvE. It has strategy elements as part of the PvP (Called Agency vs Agency) is a battle to control a strategic map. Each Agency vs Agency match has players competing over a map like most FPS games. The winning team give control over that map to the Agency they represent. Now, think of this in terms of RTS. Each Map represents a part of the larger strategic map. At regular intervals players compete on each map as representatives of another player (or group of players) for control and the winners give control over that map to the Player they represent. Any uncontrolled region would act as a PvE match vs bots. Also occasionally you could have AI make attacks against regions. This would also act as as a way to limit players from getting too big as they would have more chance (having more regions under their control) of getting attacked by the random AI raid. IT would mean they would have to spend more resources on defence or risk loosing control to an AI raid for a region. The idea I had for such a game sort of reduced the importance of base building on any particular map. Basically these bases that you built are temporary structures that would decay over time (in terms of strategic map time). However, the player could spend more resources to build more permanent structures (that would take a long time to build in terms of strategic map time - several tactical battle rounds). It would be these structures that built the units and such used in the tactical battles. Units could only be moved from adjacent regions into the current region. These units outside are reserve units, and they would take time to move into the area (however some units would be able to move more quickly - such as scouts - and these would act as the vanguard of the attacker and start the battle already on the map). Units already on the map (eg: owned by the player who controls the region), would of course start the mission already on the map at the start of the battle. [/quote] Thanks a lot for these inputs ! :-) really got me thinking about the way of designing the game.
  14. Cute games?

    Hmm, I wouldn't say that it's all about dark and violent games. But yeah, a majority of known games are, because (remember my opinion) it's far more easy to create and make fun, you just give your character a big hammer, some opponents, a lot of blood, one ore more goals and there you have it!. The violent is somehow our nature :-) But violent games can be cute as well IMO, it's a matter of mixing.
  15. Hi Guys, I've been thinking some time now about making a online MMORTS game like travian, in a style similar to an old game I used to play. But as time has gone by, the game is gone and I can't seem to remember all the really nice things about the game. So, here the point of my topic comes! :-) I would like to hear if you've gotten some nice guidelines on what's essential for an online MMORTS, books games or anything you think would be suitable for me to read/view in my quest to create this game :-) Essentially anything relevant to create a nice MMORTS. I'm looking forward to hear from you :-) Regards [twitter]Dorphern[/twitter]
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