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    Yeeeaaahhh! Yet another browser game! :-) Whuh! Yup, but actually I haven't seen any one with this theme and style yet (also the reason why I'm making it). I am tired of all those fancy browser RTS's out there, where the graphics is the main part of the game, and it takes away all the focus of the game play, and so does the "lets milk the players for money" things. I know! Payment, we need it, and so do I. Sorry to say it, but we can't just take away that part, but we can make it less important to buy, so that you can still get a great experience without using money. On the other hand, you will have an advantage if you do. So! the gamee, the gammeee! yeah, I know. Get to the point they say :-) It is an sci-fi RTS, in some universe, maybe on the earth, I don't know for sure yet. If you know Travian, og OGame you know wich type of game I'm making. There will be some resources: Crystals, Metal aaaaaaannd, yup, that's it. NO WAIT! There's power or energy, wich name you'd prefer, to run your civilisation, you need it to build, and to run your shit! :-) And a final resource (well I think it is) ... citizens! To work for you, and go to war for you ;-) That's it for now! :-) I will post some more details in the future, and some screens as well ;-) - Dorph
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