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  1. you can negative rep me but it wont change the fact that your game will fail cause you dont care about truth
  2. wolf9891

    Why You Shouldn't Be Making an MMO

    Ok for starters i'd like to say being in a company and yet being ignorant must be terrible.Not a flame just a opinion i find myself having to say alot as i read your post.You do not and i repeat you do not need 250 people to design a game or to even come close to making a game like company quality. "[color=#1C2837][size=2]I will bet you a beer (or suitable beverage of your choice) that you can't find an MMO with over a million players with a development team of less than 100 people."[/size][/color] [color="#1c2837"][size="2"]You sir owe me a beer actually a life time of beer since you gotta swallow your words hardcore.Nexon a company is hosting a game called maplestory.Wizet started with less then 100 people,around 20~40 people just to design the pixels.Not many coders needed since they coded it in java. Now i can keep going saying there is more games that have more then 1million players active but i rather not take the time out of my day to make you feel more dumb then you already are feeling. I'll get straight to the point of what ill say now. Anyone is capable designing a AAA game,does not matter on how many people you need for your game but just the knowledge of how to work with the engine and the programs.Its time consuming with 1 person thats a no brainer but to say you need dozens and dozens of people is just plainly ignorant and grosses me out that you even posted that knowing full well that the engines do MAJORLY all the work.UDK can have a player v.s player of 128 so to say that you can only have up to 16 people playing against each other is just dumb you can have plenty more.Look up your facts please before you post a blog that will make people just put you in your place.Your not all knowing and i really dont understand how you got a job at any company with that mindset.[/size][/color]
  3. wolf9891

    Indie by Default - Part II

    making a blog does not count as indie just saying. Put some sh*t out there and get your dime.
  4. Pre Alpha Coming Soon ! Pics and Brief info on the game coming soon
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