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    Best way to use LUA in Java?

    Hi! I think it would be really nice to use Lua in my Java game for some stuff like the interface and some stuff I want to extend on the fly without recompiling (items for example). Maybe I'll use it for scripts in maps as well. I found 3 ways to use Lua in Java. LuaJ, LuaJava and Kahlua2. Kahlua2 was the only project I could build on my system but the tests, which Kahlua2 does after compiling, failed. LuaJ couldn't find something called "Sun wireless <can't remember the rest>" and LuaJava couldn't find the jni.h and I wasn't able to create a new one. I'm really pissed at the moment because I've got to use Java. Normally, I wouldn't use it because I'm a huge fan of Objective-C but I've got some people who help me and they don't own a Mac and GNUstep is a little bit scary because you don't hear anything new about it and they have some conditions you need to follow (you can't use every library and stuff like that. But I don't know how much I need there libraries). Additionally, I had some very weird errors while compiling some projects but this is another topic. But the point is: Objective-C = C and it was pretty easy to use Lua and extend is like I want (I built a small networking library) and it just works without any "Q.Q you need to use third party stuff because you can't just call native stuff out of Java even if you know what the hell you are doing!". I also think about the idea to write my own wrapper for Lua. Maybe this would solve all my problems but I think this will consume a lot of time and it would be easier to use another scripting language. But I don't want to use another language. I like Lua and actually, Lua is the only scripting language I really know and I really like. I could vomit every time I've got to deal with PHP and JS. I never used Ruby and Python. Maybe I could switch the language but this should be the last option. I want Lua! thanks for reading P.
  2. Pennywise1911

    Setting up a Linux Server

    I prefer Debian for severs. Ubuntu based on Debian. You can use a lot of beginner friendly ressources for Ubuntu on a Debian server but there are also a lot of Debian tutorials about mailserver, Apache, MySQL, DNS, DHCP and other things. Oh yes... Install the base system. Don't install a GUI or the Web Server and Database Server things you get offered at the installation. Do it yourself or you will learn nothing.Oh and don't listen to the Linux Pro's they try to tell you, that you should compile your own Linux to get a good OS... This times are over... Debian is good enough and you don't have to f**k around with source codes and compiling and upgrading software manually... sudo apt-get upgrade and watch the packets flow...^^
  3. Pennywise1911

    Is a framework a good idea?

    Okay great. Looks like a good thing for me. More time to focus on the game. Maybe I should give it a try. Thank you very much
  4. Hi! I started programming OpenGL with C/C++ or Objective-C (Same like C but with Objects and only good on a Mac) and I saw the framework GLFW sometimes. I think it is some kind of jogl for Java but I don't know if it is a good idea to use. I have to problems now: I like to know what's going on. I don't want to use some functions like "renderCube(points[]);" and be happy because I have a nice cube. I want to know how the framework did stuff like that. Well... I think it is a bad idea for me to use stuff like this at the beginning, isn't it? But maybe it's enough to know the theory because you always use stuff like glfw if you made some experience with OpenGl? And thats my second question: Is it a good idea to use framework like GLFW? I don't want to be dependent on the framework developer because I saw a lot of nice projects that died. But if I can save A LOT OF time, it can be an option. I hope you guys can help me with this question because I want to start quickly with my own small 2D games =D faithfully P.
  5. Pennywise1911

    LWJGL tutorials?

    Thanks a lot. Are there any lessons from NeHe, that are still up to date?
  6. Pennywise1911

    LWJGL tutorials?

    Hi! I'm looking for a LWJGL tutorial. The only one i found was nehe but the example code für lwjgl was written in 2003 and i think, that a lot has changed since then. Are there any alternate tutorials or is nehe still the best? One problem i noticed right now is, that I can't find "org.lwjgl.devil.IL" in the newest LWJGL... Asyx
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