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  1. TIL: That if you want to serialize a floating point value like a double then save it in the doubleToLongBits format: http://bit.ly/f6Srll
  2. Use http://opensignalmaps.com to find out what phone company you should be with to get great reception! Free and comprehensive.
  3. My floating point knowledge has improved immensely as a result of this continued study. So much to consider just to 'Get It Right'.
  4. Samsung's Improved Galaxy Tabs Are Thinner and Lighter Than the iPad 2 [Tablets] http://pulsene.ws/161mr
  5. Samsung's new Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 get some competitive price tags, starts at $469 http://tinyurl.com/4a7qpme
  6. How Java’s Floating-Point Hurts Everyone Everywhere: http://bit.ly/dHiZ4S
  7. Getting me to buy new clothes is not the problem. It's making me stop wearing my old ones that's the trick. I love my old clothes.
  8. "The upshot of all this is that functional programming is of paramount importance for parallelism." http://bit.ly/h29TS3
  9. Have not touched a code base in six months -> Code has some payment gateway problem -> Do some merge and pull magic -> reaffirm love #dvcs
  10. My #haskeline patch has finally come out and you can see the function it enables here: http://bit.ly/huHWgR #exciting
  11. Both #apple and #google charge 30% for the benefit of publishing through their app stores. (http://bit.ly/hUjXjZ and http://bit.ly/gOzBvT)
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