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  1. One Game World, Multiple Interfaces...

    Hy Techlord, i have been thinking about such a multi-genre game as u describe it for a long time. I placed my idea in the sci-fi genre and thought of joinig RTS/FPS/Simulation. In short it would happen like raiding in wow. a group of people specialized in different areas would meet to achieve a common goal. in my case it would go a little bit like this. a battleship, carrying all players would enter a hostile solar-system to raid a planet. the Space-Admiral (RTS) would launch the fighters and protect the dropships heading for the planet. Arriving on the planet again a RTS player would start his normal routine with building his base/units to achieve his goal of e.g. protecting a digging site. The FPS player would actually choose what to do. either help the RTS as a hero unit, by his free will and only accepting orders if he wants to or go on his own mission. This missions would be e.g. infiltrate a underground compound and destroy generators which will slow down the response of the planets garrison by a big deal. I also have come to believe that the two following points , imho, would be very important to be kept at anytime - Players should be rewarded for playing together and helping each other. If the dont cooperate then the mission should still be fun for them individually. - Even if all players but one drop the common game, it would still have to be possible for him to "go home" safely. hope that this thread keeps fresh
  2. hey mindworx, maybe it would help you to gather those professions if you knew a bit more about the cause for the wreking of the world. i think a rich backgroundstory would help alot. what i want to say by that is, profession actually follow the need of a society, no matter how f'ed up it would be. its going to be a totally different society if aliens destroyed earth as we know it or a solar flare burned nearly all of the earth to a crisp. if you look at the cause most professions will jump up at you just by clarifying the dearest needs and most valuable ressources. For example compare waterworld (movie) with fallout (game) . In waterworld "dirt/soil" is one of the most valuable ressources, even drinking water is cheaper. In Fallout there are many things that are desirable but dirt surely isnt one of them. hope this was helpfull cheers and good luck with the project
  3. hy dvdmandt, first of all, i like the idea and the mood it puts me in when i think about it. but i recommend a bit of an ease in when introducing your technology to the native species. i do understand that the goal in the end is to transfer all your knowlegde to the natives and to make them your underlings, in a nice or a ruthless way, or to leave the planet. But, imho i would make this process more gradual. think about it like this. You crash on the planet.No one saw you crash. Your technology is partially functioning, so you are able to survive on your own for some time, e.g. your replicator can generate food/warmth/clothing/tools from energy. so you are able to build a small base at the beginning, but you know very well that your energy will run out eventually. The question is now, how will the player transition? there's an individual choice hes got to make. Either use the energy to build stuff that will help him transfer the knowledge easier, e.g. through the production and usage of precice tools/cranes/heavy duty machines) or build weapons to opress and controll the natives. Of course there are many more ways of using up the energy. After the energy is used up you will have many players with very different setups for the following trials and tasks. hope this was helpfull. cheers and best of luck with this project
  4. Designing for a non-traditional RPG

    hm...there are a few things that jump to my mind, dont know if it helps but.... Fantasy-Setting: You’re a member of a slave race who is used to keep treadmills working, so running is what you really are good at. In times of wars your kind is used as runners on the battlefields. For special accomplishments you/your family is released from slavery. Sports-Setting/Sci-fi : All your life you were fond of running. You became a very successful runner in the popular free-running tournaments of the glorious cities made of glass and steel. Your success made you arrogant and foolish. Drugs and bad company had their effect on you. You have been banned from the sports, left by sponsors and exiled from the good parts of town. Your bionic implants need repair so you choose to participate in the dangerous lowlife version to make your living. Will it be a Cinderella-story or another page in the book of fallen stars? of course there is the also the setting of a story with you being a messenger, but that was mentioned already ^^ hope it helps to spark something
  5. Hit a road block

    Thought of implementing something like : Player a "kills" player b ingame, but it is only considered as a prisoner of war = the company of player b pays a ransom and the player is transferred back to his government/company.
  6. I would also stick to the idea of not implementing too much macro management (building/managing outposts/colonies). You ‘ll loose the pace in the game very fast if your player has to start to pay too much attention on stuff he probably doesn’t wanted in the first place. Make the game fun to play and focus on the game mechanics during fights. I would love to have the time to tend to my ship and crew as much as possible. Try to follow me on this. Imaging a game where you can hire/save specialists for fighting (canons/mellee) navigation, cooking, repairing, customizing, bribing, healing etc. The player would be drawn to perfect his crew and ship. In that way he would be motivated to engage in certain missions. e.g. - Save artillery specialist from prison (improve naval fighting capability) - Wrestle for control over a port were they have lemons (improve health of crew) If you ship “grows” as does your crew you get much more attached to it as in comparison if you buy/steal a new “better” one. Ever played Homeworld, specially Cataclism? It was awesome to see how your mining spaceship evolved to a battleship. Even more, your players might want to paint their ships and attach stuff to it so it suits their personality better, which will make them to commit even more. You choosing your crew could also be used to express your ingame-morality (good/evil). You could gather a cutthroat crew that is awesome in battle but very unwanted in any port (high prices for supply) or have high rewards on their head (government/military trying to catch you). In comparison a “nice” crew might gather allies or might buy stuff others can’t. Reputation would also be a very important gameplay feature, imho.
  7. Medieval MMO, stuck in design

    hi Acharis, first of all, nice basic idea. as much as i understand and like the medieval ground rules you layed down as much i think that you are limiting and getting yourself stuck with these rules. if you want player-progression than its not a good start by giving them the highest "jobs" right away. i understand that players will not be able to build their own cities, but why not giving them a bit of a smaller task at the beginning. let them start as a say rich salesman in a harbor district, in that way you could implement classes: e.g. class-advantages/disadvantages : merchant-skills + 2 / behaviour -2. the player going for the salesman could say : "hey i dont like what the current king is doing and thats why i have to extend my popularity/influence so i can become the spokesman for the district. After that i can further increase my influence and be the head of a council that administers a big part of the city, etc." in that way players can start gathering experience on how to play well, if you make a mistake on that level you want be punished by a revolution of the whole city but just by some angry neighbours. i also like what arxor said. let them be rivals with the other players inhabiting the city. so in one legislation term you have to get your district to be the most influencial of all and then when you have been elected, you have to choose between beeing a good king and doing what is best for the whole city, maybe even to the disadvantage of you own district, or beeing selfish and only securing your own & allies interests....both of the choices must of course have different but equal rewards. hope my jibberish makes sense ^^ cheers
  8. Character Death, Etc.

    hey guys, im quite new here but this specific topic caught my eye and made me want to participate. i really enjoy the back and forth of your opinions. i have to agree to acharis reply that killing of partymembers is quite a nosedive to the players confidence that he is playing the game correctly. even more if you have spent some time with that npc and get attached to it. in my opinion it also implicates that i, as a player, am going to miss some of the gamefeatures that were originally inplemented. Nevertheless i think that killing npc's is a very powerfull tool to narrate storys and can be integrated so that the players neither reload nor continue to play with a bad feeling. In my opinion its not about softening the blow of the loss of a partymember, on the contrary...the more it hurts the better, because the triggered emotion is vital for a successfull gameplay / mood. Its about compensating for the loss. As a gamedeveloper you have to reward the player for moving on by making things avaialbe (items/plots/skills) that make up for the loss. e.g. you have a pet dragon whos really awesome, but he has a broken wing, so there wont be any flying around on him. the story progresses, you get really attached to him. at some point in the story he dies heroicly but it could be avoided. now you get presented with the situation that your buddy is dead (classic moment for a reload) , but on the otherhand you find a dragon egg, which you can protect and after it hatches you can even mount the dragon and fly. i know that this i a fairly standart "replace one character with an other"- move but nevertheless i think that such a concept, in more elaborated ways, could keep the player happy even if you kill of the whole party. hope this gibberish makes sense to you guys ^^