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    Get New point from a 3D Vector

    right now im still building my code, i still need to compile it to give me a good value. hopefully by tomorrow i will get the code up and running. But i took a look at some other code of a similar project and my equation and that one i just need to check it out. will get back to you ASAP. thanks for all the help EDIT: Sorry for the late reply, it works well.
  2. EdwardVella

    Get New point from a 3D Vector

    Let me expand on what i am doing, to make sure we are on par. I'm working with steering behaviours, and i need to check how far a "vehicle" is away from a wall. I need to get the 3 points in the green circles in terms of Vectors. Each line green, orange and blue are all direction vectors of type Vector 3D. the point of origin is a vector 3D point as well, the distance is a normal decimal number that i had retrieved using ray calculations.
  3. EdwardVella

    Get New point from a 3D Vector

    Hello, i want to make sure the equation i am using is correct. Scenario: I made a ray cast to retrieve the distance from a point of origin, with a given direction vector and with those two i have the new distance. In order to calculate the new distance. is this equation correct. New Vector = Origin + direction * distance
  4. EdwardVella

    Pathfinding animation question

    Thanks, Will take a look at these
  5. i have implemented my path finding algorithm and now it works using without collision detection without multiple agents. I am going to implement the steering behaviours for the agents so that they can steer away from other agents, but during the planning stages i have run into the problem to see how i can make my agents "stick" to my navigation mesh. Does anyone have any suggestions or know about some papers which can help me solve this problem? Thanks
  6. EdwardVella

    Navmesh A* path finding

    hi sorry for the late reply, i am going to try out the octree method, and if it fails, then i am going to resort to going through all the triangles, to find the selected polygon.
  7. EdwardVella

    Navmesh A* path finding

    The problem with what you said is that i have to discuss this with my lectuer, since this is going to be for my thesis, i am doing pathfinding in a 3d environment using multiple agents. so i have to check about these open source things. thanks for the help
  8. EdwardVella

    Navmesh A* path finding

    Hello, i am using a navmesh for pathfinding in my 3d environment, but i encountered a problem, when it comes to the actual path finding. my navmesh is composed of multiple triangles all enclosing a 3d space. in order to start path finding i have to give a starting point, but i dont know how i will be able to find the polygon(triangle) that point. I was thinking if i were to use the naieve way of checking every possible triangle in my mesh that i have, but that would take alot of processing power if i were to use multiple agents. Any one has better suggestions? Thanks in advance
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