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    Thoughts on Selling/Buying Source Code

    I've seen people try to make money off engines and it never goes anywhere. They never get any interest because there's no way to offer enough, cheap enough, and there's still no way people can tell if it's any good. There's already a ton of free stuff programmers can look up anyways, so you have to offer something that they can't find in Google. "Comes pre-assembled" doesn't cut it. Anyone who wants to learn how to do something can find out online, those who don't want to learn need GameMaker, not source code. Most game programmers don't have any budget at all, if they did they'd purchase something with real support. People complain enough on forums for free no-warranty systems anyways, if you had to support it would be a nightmare. Plus free & open source stuff has documentation, examples, and tutorials made over a long time by lots of motivated programmers. That's something you won't get from some two-bit developer trying to make money off some junky code he was never able to make a profitable game with. Because if he could, he'd be making those games instead of shilling his source code. I get what you're trying to do but it'd be hard as the middleman. Who supports the code if there's a problem, you or the person selling it? What if something works, but is just so badly written it's a huge pain to change around? Can you be responsible if a developer finds a pirated copy of their engine floating around? What happens if you sell something a guy stole from another license? Or there's a virus hidden in the code? And are there any guarantees for the buyer, because after one bad sale either you or the customer is getting screwed, period. Nobody wants to buy a mystery bag that might not even do what they want it to, and anyone who's ever programmed with "some guy's code" can say it usually breaks the minute you change something. I don't know what it's like with other languages but the ones I'm working with have plenty of people donating useful libraries for others to use. Some have already been re-released in other games with no royalties or payment required. I don't think programmers for other languages are any different, and you can't compete with that.
  2. zero interest

    Do white people lack culture and confidence?

    When did black become a nationality? [/quote] But, particularly in the United States, (black) also refers to people with all possible kinds of skin pigmentation from the darkest through to the very lightest skin colors... if they are believed by others to have African ancestry and exhibit cultural traits associated with being "African-American". Therefore, the term 'black people' is not an indicator of skin color but of racial classification. [/quote] We could debate the semantics of "black and white" vs "African and European" as American parlance hasn't nailed down the vague usage of each, but we'd be getting way off course for the sake of a minor point of syntax which is beyond our control in the first place.
  3. zero interest

    Do white people lack culture and confidence?

    That's not the case, because "white" isn't a nationality. What you do hear is "I love my Irish heritage and ancestry. I love being an Irish person. I love Irish culture" "I love my Scottish heritage and ancestry. I love being a Scottish person. I love Scottish culture" "I love my Norweigan heritage and ancestry. I love being a Norweigan person. I love Norweigan culture" Yes, you even hear "I love my American heritage and ancestry. I love being an American person. I love American culture." And that's not necessarily politically incorrect either. FYI? My local television carries an Eastern Indian channel as well as an Italian one. Are you saying that television stations aren't allowed to create special interest channels to cater to a cultural demographic? I sincerely doubt it was, as you said, "those same people." I don't recall Dr. King having anything to do with the creation of BET, and you also realize that not "all black people" rose up to create and endorse it either? I missed the part where we have to sanitize or democratically elect the content that's carried over cable. Nobody better tell this guy about the existence of Al-Jazeera or the British Broadcasting Corporation....
  4. zero interest

    Do white people lack culture and confidence?

    There's a difference between "popular culture" and ancestral. Which are you referring to? I think you also need to define "white." As Khaiy pointed out, it's a very broad label, and I'd say it's a safe assumption that whites that originate from the source Eurasian countries feel a part of their own culture. Are you referring just to the North American "white" population though? Part of that may be the melting pot metaphor, where origin and race is not seen as a deciding factor of one's national identity, and part of it from the relatively young age of their countries. Breaking ties with the European powers no doubt resulted in a partial or total rejection of the "mother culture" for some people, and the establishment of a new identity. While I've had conversations with Europeans where they believed America doesn't have a culture because it doesn't have a "real" history yet, I disagree. It may be shorter, but it's still there. Part of it may also be the perception when parts of a nation might romanticize other cultures, but that's not an outright rejection of their core culture nor is it exclusive to whites. North Americans might seem easily infatuated with Eastern-themed pop culture, such as India and Africa starting in the 60s and 70s, and the Asian cultures since, but parts of Asia and the Middle East have a similar appetite for the novelty of American-themed pop culture and you could probably find more. It probably has to do with the dissatisfied finding pieces of other cultures that seem fresh and exotic, and contain ideas relevant to the time. During the era of antiwar protest, themes of Indian spirituality and nonviolence flourished in American youth culture. The Civil Rights movement relayed the message of African culture to educate, rally and inspire. Buddhism has an exotic appeal for young adults that are having trouble satisfying their spirituality by the observances of the conventional religeons of their upbringing. I'll speculate that Canadians have a culture. It may not be prominent and they're quiet about it, but there is something to be said about a lot of what makes Canadians feel like Canadians, and that too pays little attention to race as a qualifier. French Canadians in particular, feel a lot closer with their own culture, probably because of upbringing and the community ties brought by their language. Maybe that's the missing factor you could explore? Is the presence of such a dominant yet homogenized language, English, the reason your "whites" are perceived as having less culture, because they seem at first glance to be so easily interchangeable? That to an outsider, there isn't a visible difference between an English speaker of Germanic origin with one of Scandinavian or Anglo-Saxon descent?
  5. zero interest

    So THAT'S who stole my Mazda...

    Hey, owl, why you gotta assume the goat was all-black! [sub]...I'm going to be banned for this, huh...[/sub]
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