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  1. CaptainVG

    Story feedback

    Thank you for your feedback. Its complicated because this is not really a novel or anything that I'm trying to do. At best, it will just be a webcomic.
  2. CaptainVG

    Story feedback

    Thank you for your feedback. I am right now changing chapter 1 and am now making it so that the gods become humans but have memory loss as to how they became human and since they live on Earth for so long, they decide whether they want to go back to being gods or stay as mortals. Furthermore, while they cannot be harmed easily, they cannot use their super powers unless they receive prayers from followers or those who believe in them. I believe this should make them more relatable.
  3. CaptainVG

    Clueless on what to do?

    So then how about the idea of hiring someone to run a business? Can that work too? And besides even if I am fine with dealing people, my skills are very low to the point that it is outright impossible.
  4. CaptainVG

    Clueless on what to do?

    I can see where you're getting at. Maybe I will seek help in this matter. Because from my first year of work, I worked as a game designer for two years and then my position just got into game testing so I have overall broken into the game industry atleast 4 years. But despite that, it did not get me anywhere as such. I have tried this with game maker studio. While the coding is simple, I know only so little of the basics and I constantly break my head figuring out what to do to execute something complex. Even when I end up making games, they still need good quality art which I can't do and am not able to get resources on finding the art as I have tried so many times and it did not work. So as a result of low esteem, I put game maker on hold. Still know a thing or two about it though.... And I get that. But the thing is, unless I am fine with building someone's idea to reality or consantly reporting bugs that are either minor or major, establishing my own company seems to be the only way that I feel I can achieve something because I have worked on this industry for four years and I cannot seem to get anywhere. I get that time is of essence but at this rate...I'm 27 and I am having difficulty understanding coding and understanding art or life initself. Forming a company would make my vision work. I am currently taking a break and am spending time with my brother on some vacation for who knows how long it will last.
  5. CaptainVG

    Clueless on what to do?

    I am suffering from autism and based on that, I cannot do the skills that many normal would consider doing. As such, this causes me to constantly be depressed and wanting to live low. The dream I want to achieve is to form my own company. I'm not saying this just because I want to but because I feel that to accomplish something that I am looking for, forming my own business seems to be the only real option. I also have a story that I want to make a project out of. If it is not possible to do it as a game, then atleast it should be possible to do it as a tv show. But this disability is causing me to not be skilled in this and many others. I generally don't like people because everyone whom I talk to is annoying and it often does not get along very well even if I try to be nice. I can't draw well so I can't create immersive sprite works for the games that I have made in game maker. Programming is to complex and I can't seem to understand the skill very well regardless of how hard I try. Currently, I have to go to US with my brother as means of figuring out what is best suited for me but I am too low at this point that I cannot have any hope left despite the encouragement that the whole family is offering to me. I don't get how courses will help in what I want to do in life or anything of that matter and the company name that I have in mind is called Happy games which has a motto that says "Happy times, Happy life". So any advice on what to do?
  6. CaptainVG

    Story feedback

    Ok. I have a rough draft here that just explains the summary. I'm not a writer and I do not claim that I know everything better. But I thought of this idea and for once in my life, I have some faith in the concept and I would like to write and finish my creativity of the idea and maybe someday make it into a reality. If there is lack of depth, I plan to let someone in mind develop the characters further while still keeping the concept intact for as much as possible. I would just like opinions from you all of what do you think of the concept and the plotholes and questions that it leads to. I have just written the summary of the chapter and what the main objective is for the chapter. If you have a better format in mind, let me know so I can improve. 1. Prologue Summary: This is the beginning of the story which introduces the origins of the three gods, Jemmeous, Bruce Young and Kares. The Sky Realm is a world where only gods live. People have worshipped them for generations as they are responsible for answering people’s prayers and giving them blessings for their happiness and wellbeing. However, there are some of them who are either selfish or are not interested in people and are since then being forgotten. The council of the gods has yet to respond on what fate holds for these forgotten gods… In the present day at the Sky Realm, Jemmeous and Bruce were fighting in the arena. While fighting, Jemmeous constantly teases Bruce who got furious and ran towards him only to end up getting kicked back by Jemmeous winning the match as well as earning the Olympus trophy. On their way out of the arena, Jemmeous cheers Bruce up insisting to even let Bruce take the trophy as he considers it just an empty cup to which, Bruce denies. The two decide to find out what Kares is upto as they head to his lab. While Jemmeous is amazed by the inventions done by Kares, Bruce mocks at them for being rather useless in the realm. They encounter Kares who was busy inventing a device that has the ability to teleport to places without the need of electricity. As it was tested, it works as expected. Bruce mocks at the concept stating that it is practically useless in the realm, to which Kares sadly admits the fact. Jemmeous however cheers him up saying that it may help gods who are injured and cannot either fly or move which makes Kares smile. The three go outside and develop conversations about how life on Earth must be. Jemmeous deeply wishes that he can one day live on Earth much to Kares and Bruce’s shock. Bruce becomes furious with the statement as he wants to settle with Jemmeous on who is best in the arena once and for all to which he replies that he can’t wait for that to happen. Kares states that he is curious on how life on Earth must be considering that the world around Earth is vastly different than that of the Sky Realm but has no intention of settling life on Earth unlike Jemmeous. Meanwhile in the council, a silhouette person looks at the three from the outside. Jemiah asks if he is to send the three in the council to which the shadowed man replies yes. The next day, the three are given a message to attend to the council. They are ordered by Xander to enter the black portal outside of the coliseum as there appears to be someone stuck at the portal. When the three enter the portal, they get sucked right into a dimension. As they look around, they observe water which Karel says that it only exists on Earth. Bruce looked for the portal but it suddenly disappeared. Both Bruce and Karel panicked but Jemmeous on the other hand screamed with joy. Suddenly humans began to watch them and the three realized that they look terrifying due to their looks being deceiving and so they left to find a church. Kares manages to find the church and so the three enter it only to find an old man in there alongside a young woman. Both of them were terrified with Brian holding the crucifix in fear that the gods could harm them but Jemmeous calmed them down by simply ordering Brian to chant the mantra that Kares has written down while Bruce draws the Wicca. After Brian and his assistant chanted the words as ordered, Jemiah is summoned. Bruce demands to know of why they were over here as they didn’t find anyone stuck in the portal. Jemiah replies by saying that they are banished from the Sky realm and are to remain in Earth for the next 15 years after which they are forgotten. When asked of what he meant by this, he answered that they will be wiped out of existence which to the three of them sounded more like facing death. Jemiah further states that to prevent them from being forgotten, they have to perform any one of the two choices. 1. Helping the people in exchange for them to value the god’s existence so they can by a miracle return to the realm. 2. Becoming a mortal by marrying a mortal who can provide everlasting love to the god and the god in turn must do the same. Before Jemiah leaves, Jemmeous cleverly manages to say that these options are impossible to meet unless they get certain conditions granted otherwise they can file a complaint to the council since this is an experiment and that they can make it go public to the realm. Jemiah reluctantly agrees. The conditions that Kares has asked for are as follows 1. They must look exactly like humans and have the ability to understand the human world while keeping their powers intact which has been granted except for Bruce who is still big in size. 2. They need all of Bruce’s treasure that he has obtained in all the 10 million years of his life which has been granted. 3. They cannot be killed by legendary weapons that were built to kill gods. While this cannot be granted, they are granted the ability to sense such weapons even in far off places which can be granted. Before Jemiah leaves, he warns them that humans or other creatures that have life and move cannot be killed otherwise, they will be completely erased and forgotten and disappears. The first thing that Jemmeous suggests is to change their names inorder for the humans to accept them. Jemmeous refers himself as Jimmy, Bruce Young is remained as Bruce and Kares is named as Karel. Jimmy then says that they first should head to high school as means of not just an activity but also as means of their first spot to find their true love. Kares asks Jimmy as to what they plan to do for residence. Brian interrupts and says that they can stay here in the church for as long as they want. The gang(except Bruce) thanks Brian for his kindness. The next day, the gang enter the Orchard High School and because of how well they did in the entrance exams, they are in the 12th grade of high school meaning that they remain to stay there for the next one year. This ends the prologue. The objectives that the player must complete in the Prologue: 1. Defeat Bruce at the arena. This introduces the battle combat system. 2. Meet Kares from his lab. This teaches the basic movement of the game. 3. Enter the council. 4. Enter the portal. Optional things that can be done: 1. Talk to various NPCs from the realm if interested.
  7. CaptainVG

    What do game testers learn?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but the way the programmers do that is how they can do it in the best possible manner or how they can learn that specific codes are not suitable for specific actions and that is almost limitless. But game testers, where can you learn further? Bugs are just bugs and there will never be a game that is bug free. You just point the bugs that are very major and then move on to the next game.
  8. CaptainVG

    What do game testers learn?

    Something is bothering me and I just don't get it. What exactly do game testers learn from the job? All they are ever going to do is report bugs, test the games for bugs and then just walk away so what exactly are game testers learning here?
  9. CaptainVG

    Should I work in HCL?

    To be honest, I can't really figure it out myself. I thought breaking to the game industry would be the best thing to happen to me but the tedious amounts of work crunch for no reasons and the fact that testing games almost is something that you can't learn anything out of means that its something that wasn't meant to be for me. My family is hellbent on me working and they don't want me to stay idle and yet that is what I want to do because I don't see the point of continuously working late hours if every job is going to involve working late because of how managers are excused for not managing things properly unless if I'm mistaken.
  10. CaptainVG

    Should I work in HCL?

    They won't disown me but they will be extremely upset because they think HCL is a good company and since its large, not only will it be stress free but it has more benefits than what company I'm dealing with.but I'm not buying it because in the appointment order, it says that I may have to work in shifts and may have to go abroad which I don't want to do if its going to happen very often. My parents are hellbent on HCL and so are the relatives around because they all think its a large company which has many benefits but again, I'm not buying that since even large companies have unethical actions like EA.
  11. CaptainVG

    Should I work in HCL?

    I have been working in a small game company for three years now and my family wants me to work at HCL which isn't a game company but has instead offered game testers to test games that are being outsourced. Ok so my family is hellbent on me getting into HCL(Hindustan Computers Limited) and they are trying to force me to work there because of three reasons. 1. A family member is working there. 2. Its a large company so it means less stress and more compensations. 3. It gets to give me more opportunities. I worked as a game tester for nearly two years now but the problem is that HCL appointed me as a test engineer and I don't know automation testing. I also don't feel like I can fit in there because of it not exactly being a game company but rather an outsource company. And I believe that its a scam that they are offering as they say that you get paid by simply playing games. It also is disrupting my comfort zone as I'm used to this company that is a 30 minute distance compared to the other one which is more than 1 hour distance and I'm not sure of the timings. I am also very doubtful about it because once I start working there, I cannot leave there until after two years. I have yet to ask my cousin regarding work ethics and how exactly less stressful it is there compared to what I am dealing with here but I would like to get advise from you guys. Should I work at HCL?
  12. CaptainVG

    Relocating to start my career

    But that's assuming the companies themselves can afford such a budget just for an interview and that is assuming that OP is within his expectations. To me, my advice would be to look for a corporate that recruits freshers. From there, you can make it on your own. It so far worked for me. The other alternative..is to make games at your pace, release them to the game market and use that for your resume. It worked for the dev behind Downfall.
  13. CaptainVG

    Questions about QA (was: General FAQ)

    Ok so then in the case of testers, until they get the build, what else are they suppose to do? Are they allowed to do activities until a build is ready for them? Exactly how long do testers take to test games and what is the general work hour? When can they leave exactly and do programmers generally rely on the testers for their bugs in their coding? The programmers I work with are neither aware of automation testing nor unit testing. How can I teach them such a thing exists to begin with since they only know Unity? If the one I report to is rather shady or exploits me, what should I do being in a lower position than him/her?
  14. So I just got a couple of questions and while I'm not sure if they fit in this thread, I want to know anyways. 1. Is it true that a full time game tester is rare to recruit these days? If so, how are testers normally recruited? Are they called at a specific day or are they given a contract to sign up for a part time job? 2. If a programmer is absent for a day, can the project that he/she has been assigned be shifted to someone else or is that programmer only responsible for the project and does it affect productivity in the long run? 3. What exactly is automation testing? Is it useful in games and if so, how? And how can it apply in unity and should programmers learn it? 4. Is getting a supervisor an important aspect in any company?
  15. CaptainVG

    Problem with sleep

    Do you by any chance watch the screen late nights at around 10.00 PM onwards? If so, then that maybe the cause for the lack of sleep because according to an article(which my mom claims it and not me btw), The rays that hit your eyes from the monitor can cause your brain to grow hyperactive causing the inability to sleep. If you are in a company that forces you to work double shifts or triple shifts for that matter, then why not quit it and go to those that have anti-crunch policies?
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