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  1. Problem with sleep

    Do you by any chance watch the screen late nights at around 10.00 PM onwards? If so, then that maybe the cause for the lack of sleep because according to an article(which my mom claims it and not me btw), The rays that hit your eyes from the monitor can cause your brain to grow hyperactive causing the inability to sleep. If you are in a company that forces you to work double shifts or triple shifts for that matter, then why not quit it and go to those that have anti-crunch policies?
  2. Advice on forming my own company...

    Well, the first time I joined, I was hired as a junior game designer. My job at the time was to pitch concepts to my boss and once its approved, it starts to be worked on. This went on while I was also doing testing and some small games that I also made on Game Maker, where both for my level were extremely hard to program as well as to develop it for android until after the second year where that point on, I was now being called as a game tester instead. But thanks for the advice. It didn't strike me that if I form my own company, I can't make games but instead make paychecks!
  3. Advice on forming my own company...

    The thing that I liked about the idea of game designing is to act as a director. Brainstorming ideas and documenting them and the other staff members would like the idea or something like that kinda like the role of a film director. Learning the flaws of one game and improving those flaws in the next game is what I like because designing games is like solving a puzzle to me. You won't find the ultimate solution to fix the issues that the game has but you always keep thinking of what works in this scenario, does my game need so much of story depth, why have this game element for the game? All of this is in the thinking process and I guess I wanted to do this because seeing as how I love playing games, I thought to myself, wouldn't this be cool if I could make a game that everyone else would love? But yeah eventually, I realised that the role of a game designer kinda depends in the end. So I guess I kinda screwed up myself for that. I'll try the book like you suggested. I'm only worried if I'll be able to understand what the book is trying to say because well...i'm not so smart in general.
  4. Advice on forming my own company...

    I'm the only tester the company has and I haven't done testing whole of three years but just spent one year instead for testing. And I have designed games but only occasionally. But other than that, I got your point. Maybe I should try doing something else although I don't know what that is.
  5. My main dream was to make games for Nintendo consoles and this was a long dream that I have. But of course I have obstacles in the way that make it impossible to form my own company and start making games for Nintendo systems. First of all, let me just say that I have atleast 3 years of work experience as a game designer/tester. I am not an artist, can't do any coding whatsoever and don't know much of business operations. I have used game maker to make simple games but the problem is just that. I can only do simple games. The game Ideas that I have are too complicated to execute and even then, I need an artist to reflect on the effort spent on programming those games on game maker since my art is bad and I can't draw very well. I want to try to make board games but then they are also difficult to make because of them requiring drawing art and thick boards which are costly in my place for some reason. After having long thoughts after recently going to therapy, I'm quite sad that I'm not able to achieve or attempt those dream steps and while its still too early to even think of it now, I don't have many friends who are into what I'm into. So I'd like some advice on how something like this is possible for me to achieve even if it takes time and dedication. Also of note is that I'm currently staying with my parents because financial wise, I'm not doing that great as of now.
  6. General questions about Testing

    What do you mean by that? Believe me I do want to quit but my parents just want me to keep working on this so that they think that I can learn a lot of things here when in reality, its the opposite. I already found other companies but my dad wants to investigate on those companies that I found and until then, I'm suppose to wait.
  7. General questions about Testing

    Ok so I am currently been doing testing where I strain like 8 hours a day testing about 50 mini games. Thing is, its not very effective or even efficient because I'm doing testing without any testing tools or any debug tools to make testing easier for me. When some bugs occur, programmers and the producer and the manager that I'm stuck with are blaming at me for not checking the games properly even though they know that one tester isn't adequate to get the job done. I'm trying to lecture the programmers to give a debug mode to make the testing process easier so that things can go as smooth as possible but they keep refusing or say that doing that is difficult for them. The other issue is that whenever I finish the thing on time, these programmers and the producer and manager all of a sudden give me a build and force me to check it before I leave kinda like a blackmail. Everytime I report bugs, they are not updated on the report because these programmers don't check their mails and their reports as often as they should for some reason. It also doesn't help that even basic discipline isn't working here as well because nobody shows up to office on time. The office time is 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM but these programmers and others come as late as 12:00 AM or 1:00 PM and I have to often sit with them working extra. I get no respect around me, whatever advice I give to make things more effective are not being practised and I'm trying to be as lenient as possible but Its just not working out as it should. Its a startup company and I get that but at some point, the company has to end up doing things effectively and efficiently like adding debug modes. The games that I have tested have three modes in them and all have to be played to ensure quality. All I have done is to check if it is playable at the very least because fixing minor bugs isn't possible due to interest of time or that they don't feel like doing such minor things. Because I live with my parents, Its not possible for me to do double shifts or even work extremely late like 12 night or something because if that happens often, I have no choice but to quit the job and move elsewhere. So what can I tell the programmers so that they can avoid blaming me often and just make it so that we can both work effectively and efficiently?
  8. General questions about Testing

    Ok so just one last question. If a tester fails to see a bug that he/she did not notice in the end, should the tester be blamed for that?
  9. General questions about Testing

    Ok so in the case of playing AAA games. How can it be doable for testers to play/test the overall game in one sitting? Like how can testers test saving, game progressing, data checking etc separately if there is no debug mode? Ok so then how is a game testing job in demand if its not a well paid one? And how does it not work like that for a programmer's job? Didn't you once say in your lessons that nothing is ever enough?
  10. I have general questions about Testing. 1. Do testers test in debug mode to test for the games? If not, then do testers have to test the overall game quality in just one sitting? 2. If a certain bug is hard to trigger, should testers be skilled enough to trigger said hard bugs? 3. Is there a difference between Quality Assurance and testing or are they both the same thing? 4. I heard of tales that testers are generally treated badly. Is this true or false interms of working conditions? Is it also true that testers are paid poorly? 5. Besides testing for the overall quality of the game and reporting them via use of verbal/social communication skills, what else are testers suppose to do? 6. Are programmers in general very dependent on game testers for their work in programming the overall game?
  11. So recently, I noticed that some Japanese devs are starting to use licensed game engines rather than custom game engines such as how Nintendo is using Havok for Botw, or how Shenmue 3 is using Unreal 4 engine I think.... I always had this belief that custom engines are better than licensed engines simply because said engines don't require royalty fees and can be reused and modified over again saving a lot of time and effort and a good way to port games to newer systems unlike licensed engines which not only does the opposite but just makes devs like Epic games less reason to develop games since the engines they give for rent make more money than the games themselves.... Idk..I guess I have to accept that custom engines will start to become irrelevant or something of sort.
  12. Thank you all for the advises! I managed to find it and hopefully, it got fixed.
  13. So I'm doing game testing and there is a bug that I encountered it once and even when doing the exact same thing, I still can't get that bug to come. I have spent hours trying to get the same bug to happen and even if it did, the programmer who is suppose to fix it asked me to do it again which is annoying because again, this bug that I did took so long to even cause it. The worst part is that it is a very rare bug and a major one as well. So how to get bugs if you don't know how it happened? What's the best way to figure out how that bug happened?
  14. So a lot of my friends watch movies and claim that its as important as playing games in the game industry...and how so?  
  15. Before you ask your teammates what they want, I recommend you get Tap Titans and play it.     I did that and I still don't understand the point of it....   but never mind, somehow my teammate made me understand it.
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