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  1. DirectX 11 C++ Game Camera

    Personally, if the text is perfectly understandable I consider correct grammar to be unimportant. GuardianX has put great effort into writing an article that will help a lot of peple, and picking on his language skills seems, to me, a bit counterproductive if you want to him invest more time into helping people learn.   GuardianX: Great job!
  2. I started learning programming by making games, and I know a lot of people who has aswell. Sure, this was back in the days when games were A LOT simpler (middle of the 80s), but there's absolutely nothing bad about learning by making games.
  3. HLSL debugger appears confused

    No, they're always 0. I'm starting to suspect this is an issue with Win8...
  4. HLSL debugger appears confused

    I compiled the shader with Debug and SkipOptimizations, are there any other flags I need to set?
  5. As I'm getting back into coding again after a break since before DX10, I'm currently struggling to get the most fundamental things working. One of my problem is that a quad I'm rendering refuses to render in anything but black. I've tried using the HLSL debugger to see what my very simple vertex shader does, but it's kind of useless... Please see the attached picture. Can someone explain why the left pane shows the correct data, but the watches in the debugger shows everything as 0 ? Is there a fix for this?   [attachment=14456:Untitled.png]
  6.   I was going to write something, but I'm still in a very happy place after reading the above, so... I'll bbl :)
  7. Why do we Mask?

    On a PC it's kind of pointless really, as we have the hardware to use an alpha channel. On handhelds masking is still a must, but in a year or two it'll probably be useless there as well.
  8. Hi all, I've been away from coding for a long, long time. Or well, I haven't been away really, I've just focused more on enterprise apps and other boring junk, but the effect is the same; I don't remember where to find anything anymore. I've decided to get back into real-time rendering, and I have a very basic renderer up and running. I want to find out what's been going on in the years I've been away, so can someone tell me where to find good papers and articles on rendering?