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    Reflective surface

    Planar Reflections was a great read and I learned plenty from it. I found the easiest way to achieve what I wanted ( I'm using Unity so this was much simpler ) was to draw the objects I wanted reflected to a second texture ( in this case a RenderTexture in Unity ) and the camera drawing to this texture was inverted while doing so. I just simply positioned this second texture below the first one and applied a basic fading shader to get the results I wanted! thanks for the suggestions everyone!
  2. stayed up all night reading creepy pasta and now I can't sleep :( SOMEONE COMFORT ME
  3. the fark just drunk dialed me?
  4. ZackHeckman

    Reflective surface

    I need it to be discernible that the image below the object is a reflection, so not 100% crystal clear but anything resembling it will be perfecto
  5. ZackHeckman

    Reflective surface

    I'm trying to think of / find a way to write a shader that reproduces this effect where an object passed to said shader has a reflection of itself below itself like in the picture below. My best idea so far is to do a second inverted pass and then have some sort of function to determine how alpha'd out that particular part of the image needed to be. My problem is mainly that while I can easily just do a second pass and tell all the verts "Hey man, do a 180" that would only result in a second image being right on top of my first, upside-down. If I posted this in the wrong section or this post has been discussed before please forgive me I don't want to annoy anyone. Thank you for any and all tips / advice!
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